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For more on this, see the vita of Dr. Articles related to Charles Nathan. Unfortunately, as the documentary also noted, this is sadly far from unique. Couple alleges hotel scam after bill arrives. See SFN release on marijuana-like compounds , October 26, It produces lasting, detectable physical changes in our brain, much as learning does.

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US industrial production rose a solid 0. US industrial production rose a healthy 0. US retail sales up just 0. US retail sales rise 0. Stocks continue to rise on hopes for trade war cease-fire Global stock markets are up again on hopes that the United States and China will call time-out in their escalating trade feud.

Asian shares continue rally after Wall Street gains Asian shares are mostly higher Friday, continuing their rally after gains on Wall Street and hopes that regional trade tensions may ease. Fed member sees more interest rates hikes A central banker says he believes growth remains strong despite increasing uncertainty over trade tensions, saying he expects interest rates to Sears sales decline improved in latest quarter; shares soar Sears Holdings Corp.

VW to stop making iconic Beetle next summer Volkswagen says it will stop making its iconic Beetle in July of next year. How major US stock indexes fared Thursday U. Target to hire , for holidays; UPS, FedEx beefing up Target plans to hire more than , people for the busy holiday shopping season, and UPS and FedEx say they're adding workers to handle all that Technology companies lead indexes higher Stocks are closing higher on Wall Street as technology companies rose following a recent bout of weakness.

Average US mortgage rates climb; year at 4. Global oil production hits a new record, led by US and OPEC The world's supply of oil hits a record million barrels a day, another sign of oil's dominance in the energy market. For homebuyers, mortgages are safer but tougher to come by Now and then: Banks dropped their easy lending ways after racking up billions in losses from mortgages gone bad after the housing bubble burst, What's changed in US financial system since '08, at a glance What has changed in the US financial system since , at a glance.

Safer financial system yet much hasn't changed A decade later: A safer financial system emerged from crisis, yet much hasn't changed. Genetically modified mosquitoes could eradicate malaria.

Amazing advancements against cancer, but not everyone benefits. FDA calls e-cigarettes 'an epidemic' among minors. Barbara Feder Ostrov on her Prudence Hall story.

How one mom changed an organ transplant policy to save her dying daughter. Can you give up added sugar for a whole month? Doctors providing opioids without proper documentation: Olivia Newton-John reveals that her breast cancer has returned. Why Jennifer Garner's nutritionist starts every day with a smoothie. Latest Health Headlines Sep Family of Smart's kidnapper won't take her in: Niece Days before het release from prison, fears about whether a woman who helped in the kidnapping of then-teenager Elizabeth Smart remains a threat and Infection, electrocution and injury: Florence's floodwaters may carry hidden dangers Floodwaters carry hidden risks that cause electrocution, injury and infection.

Kids, teen, college student mental health problems on the rise A new WHO report adds to a wave of studies about teen mental health problems. Las Vegas shooting survivors, health care providers reunite Survivors of the mass shooting in Las Vegas have reunited with the doctors and nurses who cared for them at an area hospital after the massacre.

New US survey shows some progress against opioid crisis A U. Lawsuit aims to block Trump 'short-term' health plans Patient advocates sue to block Trump administration's 'short-term' health insurance plans.

FDA plans meeting to discuss safety data on breast implants U. Zimbabwe's government criticized over cholera outbreak Zimbabwe's government criticized over cholera outbreak that has killed 25, spread from capital. Some Bob Evans sausage links recalled, may contain plastic The Agriculture Department says Bob Evans Farms is recalling nearly 47, pounds of pork sausage links because they might contain pieces of plastic.

No progress as US, Cuba meet on mysterious 'health attacks' Cuba said Thursday the United States is continuing to withhold important information that could help in the investigation into mysterious incidents Funds for Florida health insurance helpers cut by millions The Trump administration has slashed funding for the second year in a row for counselors who help consumers sign up for health insurance through the Disappointingly, the article does not come to terms with the high stress atmosphere that characterizes schools every where today.

That has led to a rash of student depression and even sporadic outbreaks of suicide. In the most recent test, which focused on science, Finland's students placed first in science and near the top in math and reading, according to results released late last year. Parents of newborns receive a government-paid gift pack that includes a picture book. Some libraries are attached to shopping malls, and a book bus travels to more remote neighborhoods like a Good Humor truck.

There are fewer disparities in education and income levels among Finns. All year-old students took the PISA test. Even with the potential risks that inhibitors may pose, researchers are moving forward a host of drugs that may slow and stop amyloid development: High doses of gamma-secretase inhibitors cause severe toxic effects in mice as a consequence of disrupting the Notch signal, raising serious concerns about this potential therapy.

Nevertheless, a drug candidate developed by pharmaceutical maker Eli Lilly has passed safety tests in volunteers. This kind of test is called a phase I clinical trial. Moreover, researchers have identified molecules that modulate gamma-secretase so that A-beta production is blocked without affecting the cleavage of Notch. In Dale B. Schenk and his colleagues at Elan Corporation in South San Francisco made a groundbreaking discovery: Other researchers are pursuing nonimmunological strategies to stop the aggregation of A-beta.

Several companies have identified compounds that interact directly with A-beta to keep the peptide dissolved in the fluid outside brain neurons, preventing the formation of harmful clumps. Neurochem in Quebec is developing Alzhemed, a small molecule that apparently mimics heparin, the natural anticoagulant. In blood, heparin prevents platelets from gathering into clots, but when this polysaccharide binds to A-beta, it makes the peptide more likely to form deposits.

Of course, less physical and social activity on the part of the aged, and the less challenging environments oldsters live in, impair production of neurons and maintenance of neural circuitry. The evidence seems to point to the fact that older brains can be retrained through pertinent exercises to retain their functionality. When the ear is attentive and working hard, it funnels clearer information to brain centers that handle memory and perception.

Merzenich claims his software enables the brain, according to cognitive testing, to perform as if it were ten years younger. There is a host of research on plasticity, but this whole area of exploration is still quite controversial, and investigators still do not know how long the effects of brain training, even when effective, endure. Also, she notes that challenged people tend to have better sustained brain function than people who have cashed in their chips and become too laid back.

We remember well a chap we knew in the early 80s who, nearing retirement, got a grant from the Ford Foundation and became the oldest freshman at Harvard. He thought, wrongly we think, that you cannot do much about the body, but that you can recharge the brain. He, incidentally, had never gotten a college education, but had paid for his kids to go to the best universities in the land, so he thought he deserved his chance at bat.

It was a bizarre experience, since the grad students and teachers were fixated on getting ahead, and his fellow students were fastened on getting grades. Only he had the luxury of trying to get an education. For the Ford Foundation, he only had to write a paper about the experience. In the early stages the honorees were involved with basic research that tried to describe the disease mechanism. With the turn of the century, researchers are looking more closely at treatments, trying to do something to at least stall the dementia progress.

We have been impressed at the wide swathe of institutions represented by the winners: Flexing Your Brain The literature is now littered with hypotheses that say the brain can be stretched and be rewired, overcoming the deterioration of age and other mental defects, even surging beyond the capabilities that were apparent there at birth.

But we think the Japanese are really onto something. Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day. Having studied test subjects in his lab, Nintendo programmers have devised a hand-held game that includes drills that stimulate the brain most. Nintendo has definitely penetrated older segments of its home market, well beyond teen age enthusiasts.

The revive-your-brain market is open for the taking. But the company has turned things on end. People are clamoring for it not just for games, but also to keep a household budget, play the guitar, and study the Buddhist scripture Heart Sutra.

Since its introduction in , the DS, which responds in writing and speech, has spurred software makers to fill the Japanese market with an eclectic array of reference guides, digital books and study tools. See The Boston Globe , March 10, No less than students are enrolled. But with such an enormous course enrollment, Tal D. Their studies show that rewiring of the brain involves the formation and elimination of synapses, the connections between neurons.

The technique offers a new way to examine how learning can spur changes in the organization of neuronal connections in the brain. To study those kinds of changes in a living animal, Svoboda and his colleagues started with transgenic mice that were engineered to produce green fluorescent protein within neurons in a portion of the brain that processes tactile sensory inputs from the whiskers. To observe changes in these neurons at high resolution, the scientists constructed a 2-photon laser scanning microscope.

Importantly, it helps us understand that the brain is constantly remaking itself, often due to external stimulus. In back-to-back papers published online, Rockefeller University scientists established possible new targets for drugs. First, PLD1 regulates the shuttling of beta-amyloid precursor protein beta-APP , a large molecule produced naturally in the body and found in many different cells, including brain cells.

It covers a variety of needs and interests. In general they now suspect that the affliction is really a host of conditions that tend to look alike at the macro level. But it probably stems from a host of causes, the brain having taken multiple assaults from external forces.

And the wiring foul ups that cause it vary so widely that scans and other technical devices may show circuitry in far different parts of the brain are amiss from patient to patient. The brain works as a unit. Everything is connected to everything else, and what we really need to be looking at more is abnormality in the circuitry level. As much as anybody, he can be credited as well with the creation of the modern computer. He worked with the great theoretical physicist John von Neumann and the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein, an Austrian star at Cambridge.

As we are discovering now in our neurological investigations, it is researchers such as Turing who can cross over many disciplines that best illuminate the complexities of the brain.

The chemical connections between neurons, called synapses, are thought to be critical to the formation of those networks and hence the laying down of memories.

In a group led by Thomas Arendt of the University of Leipzig in Germany showed that the number of synapses in the hippocampus, a brain structure crucial for learning and memory, falls during hibernation. At the end of hibernation this protein clears away, and it is possible that the understanding of its comings and goings in the human brain would be helpful to understanding various disease mechanisms.

This site, and the sites it links to, also provide a reasonable picture of the organization of the brain. Is Singularity Upon Us? In Ubiquity , Ray Kursweil speculates that a better brain is close at hand: A thousand dollars of computation will equal the 10, trillion calculations per second that I estimate is necessary to emulate the human brain by The software side will take a little longer.

In order to achieve the algorithms of human intelligence, we need to actually reverse-engineer the human brain, understand its principles of operation. And there again, not surprisingly, we see exponential growth where we are doubling the spatial resolution of brain scanning every year, and doubling the information that we're gathering about the brain every year. Most objective observers realize that we really do not have a clue as to how anti-depressants work, that they do not work very well, and that they are very crude drugs that are used promiscuously.

The side effects are uncharted, and we have long been puzzled as to why it takes so long for them to kick in beneficially, although negative side effects often show up quickly.

Now we are finally getting some hints as to how serotonin really gets activated:. The energy levels of the fields were six times smaller than that of conventional cell phones and unlikely to harm healthy cells, the researchers say.

The fibrils subsequently dissolved and remained dissolved for at least one week after being irradiated, indicating that the treatment was not only effective at breaking up the fibrils but also resulted in a lower tendency of the proteins to re-aggregate, according to the researchers. Autopsies, however, show an amazing reduction in plaque. Schneider began to get her life back.

Electrodes were surgically inserted in her brain and attached by wires to two pacemakers implanted in her chest…. Within eight weeks Ms. Movement disorders can result from a variety of stimuli, ranging from diseases to oxygen starvation to drug side effects. Perceptions here can be manipulated by expectations suggestions. Hypnosis has a long history, to include its uses for medical problems, but nobody quite ever has known how it works.

The subjects are primarily Dominicans, many from the Washington Heights neighborhood where the Taub is located. Late-onset is complex, stemming from a combination of genes, only one of which has been identified. Mayeux is involved with a host of neurological activities at Columbia as well.

Such genius has long been associated with serious mental illness, especially schizophrenia and drug abuse. Drugs and Brain Rot To some extent, Nancy Andreasen works hard at telling us what we already sort of know. Last Fall in the Times September 16, , p. That is, many conditions in the brain and elsewhere are due to accelerated deterioration. And drugs, by implication, are given out much too promiscuously. Andreasen had told us that she had moved her focus to creativity, but it is clear that she still has a hand in the schizophrenia game.

Airport screeners may miss target items when they are surrounded by other very similar items. As well, they also easily miss targets with slight variances from what they have in mind: Sadly, the site does not provide information on current research nor on how a lay person should evaluate the several medications being ladled out rather freely for such problems.

More restraint in their use seems to be indicated. Born Dualists Yale has many Blooms, but not many Roses. Paul Bloom is a Yale cognitive psychologist who believes that we come into this world making with a epistemological structure that distinguishes between body and soul from the get-go. Even if, in his own belief, they are just a continuum, not separate and alien parts of the human make-up. Says Bloom in Edge:. In the domain of bodies, most of us accept that common sense is wrong.

We concede that apparently solid objects are actually mostly empty space, consisting of tiny particles and fields of energy. Perhaps the same sort of reconciliation will happen in the domain of souls, and it will come to be broadly recognized that our dualist belief system, though intuitively appealing, is factually mistaken.

But I am skeptical. The notion that our souls are flesh is profoundly troubling to many, as it clashes with religion. Dualism and religion are not the same: You can be dualist without holding any other religious beliefs, and you can hold religious beliefs without being dualist. But they almost always go together.

And some very popular religious views rest on a dualist foundation, such as the belief that people survive the destruction of their bodies. If you give up on dualism, this is what you lose. The Anti-Depressants Not one peer-reviewed article really can link serotonin deficiency to any mental disorder.

When you witness the hit and miss ways pharma-psychiatrists administer these drugs, you become aware that we are plagued with questions about drug effectiveness, side effects, and long term impact.

Xia Zhang at the University of Saskatchewan notes, however, that more research would be needed to see whether it could someday be used to treat depression in human beings. See SFN release on marijuana-like compounds , October 26, Nicotine may, in some instance, improve memory and counter certain diseases.

In some experiments with rats, those treated with nicotine perform better on certain functions than a control group. His research established that hormones secreted from the brain's pituitary gland promote growth. Walter Dandy, who succeeded Cushing, figured out in that air could be used to enable X-rays of the brain.

His technique remained the best way to see into the skull to identify brain tumors and other problems until the invention of computer aided tomography CAT in Another 78 Hopkins faculty have secondary or joint appointments in neuroscience, including two dozen or so whose primary appointments are in the departments of Neurology, Neurosurgery or Psychiatry. In the Department of Neurology, there are roughly 75 primary faculty, in the Department of Neurosurgery, The Department of Psychiatry, founded almost years ago, boasts full-time faculty with primary appointments.

Participants conduct simple mathematical calculations and read aloud passages from novels—activities that stimulate their frontal cortex and can prevent dementia.

There are several efforts to test the efficacy of such elder age projects. Many people from ARF have moved over to this new endeavor. Somehow it seems ironic to read about a Schizophrenia social at a recent meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in Washington, but, one when gets over chuckling, one can only rejoice that this young group has a clear sense of community that will serve as a catalyst for the researchers it is abetting.

We are looking forward to getting on top of schizophrenia research trends. The researchers knew this because they had introduced a radioactive tracer that selectively binds to the same type of receptor in the brain, the mu-opioid variety, as the endorphins. More of the tracer was floating around unbound, suggesting the receptor sites were occupied by the endorphins. Mrazek, chairman of psychiatry at Mayo. Gualberto Ruaho, president of Genomas , a company working on genetic tests for drug use.

Some users of Paxil, for instance, have not been able to metabolize the drug satisfactorily, leading to toxic and sometimes fatal results. Mrazek of the Mayo Clinic said he used the tests to help choose antidepressants, particularly for children.

There has been concern that some children can turn suicidal or aggressive on antidepressants…. Few offer such genetic tests though the pharmacogenomics laboratory at the University of Louisville performed to in the last year. We propose a research strategy to achieve this goal, and discuss its potential impact.

The effects of developmental variations or abnormalities, traumatic brain injury, or neurodegenerative disease can all be captured as specific structural variants of the human connectome. As a physician and scientist, he had minutely researched the mechanical aspects of running and developed training procedures built around his knowledge of the body. Read about his training methods at Nevada Track Stats.

On the fiftieth anniversary of his run, the BBC asked him if the victory was the most significant event of his life. He withdrew from private practice and limited himself to research after a serious auto accident which also ended his running. This was in , the year in which Queen Elizabeth knighted him. His other books include Fair Play. Psychiatry and the Auto-Immune System Serguei Fetissov of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden has tied the auto-immune system to anorexia nervosa and bulimia.

There is the suspicion that a host of mental disorders can arise from autoantibodies, which have gone astray and attacked human tissue. Of course, it has become awfully popular to blame a host of ailments on wayward immunity systems, another trend that is a bit overdone. Fetissov suggests that melanocortins that carry messages between nerve cells in the brain suffer from the assault. Such fits can currently be controlled only by drugs. And, once bursting is suppressed this way, the neurons revert rapidly to normal behaviour.

See The Economist , February 5, , p. All sorts of electro-simulative therapies are gaining currency. Toys to Diagnose Autism?

In particular autistic children will gaze quite differently at robots than normal children. Robots for Stroke Victims MIT scientists have created a group of machines that help stroke victims regain mobility by retraining limbs and stimulating brain activity. Professors Hogan and Krebs first introduced a machine in to help arm and shoulder movement. Interactive Motion Technologies Inc. See the Wall Street Journal , August 21, , p. Asthma and Stress Richard J. Subjects under stress demonstrated greater inflammation when inhaling allergens; brain scans suggest the stimulus may come from a specific part of the brain.

See the New York Times , September 6, , p. T he Brain Marches on Two genes linked to brain size have evolved substantially over the last 60, years.

The finding is discussed by Bruce T. Lahn of the University of Chicago in Science. Apparently the report on these genes microcephalin and ASPM , known as alleles, also implies that their development has led to increased brain function, a claim generating much controversy.

In fact, it is not entirely clear that the genes relate either to brain size or cognitive function, and there may be other genes related to size in certain populations lacking these particular genes. See the New York Times , September 9, , p. Seeing, Hearing, and Smelling the World The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has cleverly put a simple little primer about the senses on its website www. Other foundations and government agencies should take note, particularly those involved with neuroscience.

This is an outstanding way to bring an out-of-the-way institution to the notice of the general public. See Biospectral Index technology at www. We are not entirely clear how well the Society for Neuroscience, created in to knit together neurologists in the States, meshes its activities with the global body.

Spices and Rotten Odors Kensaku Mori and colleagues at the University of Tokyo have deciphered how spices cover up the smell of spoiled foods with neural help from the brain. Apparently both the rotten foods and the spices activate the same olfactory bulb—at least amongst the rats with which they experimented. The average human nose can detect nearly 10, distinct scents, a feat that requires about 1, olfactory genes, or roughly 3 per cent of the human genome. If that works, they plan to use future, more powerful computers to link such simulated columns together into something that mimics a brain.

Pierce Laboratory, and University of Dresden … got 11 volunteers to lie inside magnetic brain scanners with separate straws leading to the fronts of their noses … and the back above the palate. Dana Small of the Yale team said it suggested that the brain changed smell perceptions based on eating…. See the New York Times , August 23, , p.

See The Economist , July 30, , p. Of course, now the thesis has to be proven. H eart and Mind The things you do to avoid heart disease and cancer also help keep your brain in high gear. Her nostrums include eating right, staying socially connected, and keeping mentally active: The close interrelationship between the two suggests that brain mood can strongly affect digestion, and, in turn, the digestive process has side effects in brain process.

Langley, a British physician who believed that it was one of three parts … of the automatic nervous system, which controls involuntary behaviors like breathing and circulation.

Gershon revived his thinking and was widely mocked at first. To learn about Langley and receptors, see www. In this case, it is too much serotonin rather than too little. Centralization in computerdom not only creates overload but it makes the system very vulnerable to attacks from outside agents. Essays in Cognitive Psychology. Basically data unconsciously imprinted on the brain at some point can make a scene or experience seem very familiar at a later date, even if one has not really encountered the scene or experience before.

McGregor styles the title of the hourlong production he has made for his Random Dance, a resident troupe at Sadlers Wells. McGregor and a handful of neuroscientists from the department of experimental psychology at Cambridge University. To learn about Ataxia, see www. A Drink a Day A study shows that a drink or day or less helps prevent cognitive decline in women. Moderate drinkers fared better than heavy drinkers, or those who did not drink at all.

See the Wall Street Journal , January 20, , p. The nurses had been tracked for a number of health issues since , though this particular study ran from with a follow-up two years later. BPA plastics are widely used in a variety of drinking liquid containers, some 6 billion pounds of BPA produced annually.

For further details on the research, see http: In this particular study, those who were brain damaged demonstrated an absence of fear, avoiding the risk averse behavior shown by the normal range of human beings Wall Street Journal , July 21, , pg.

This article expands on the growing body of theory in behavioral economics and neuroeconomics. Previously, in other risk and decision studies, psychologists have revealed that we tend to use different parts of our brain for near-term and long-term decisions, with emotion often coming more into play for matters involving some immediacy.

Of course, we always knew that bankers, hedge fund operators, and actuaries had too much ice water in their veins. All this seems to have been put together by an aggressive attorney at something called the Brain Injury Law Office.

You can learn more about Attorney Johnson and his sites at http: His glossary of terms is helpful to an initiate www.

For more Brain-Made-Simple type information, see http: We will feel fear, for instance, when we sense it in others, because of our empathy cells. This further raises the question of where one can feel and anticipate what others are thinking about. However, scientists in the Bay Area have an opposing view of how such diseases came about.

Askkenazi in the West e. Jews historically have been driven into high intelligence occupations, and they have suffered from inbreeding. Hormone Bolsters Trust Scientists have long known that oxytocin, present in the body during childbirth and lactation, creates close feelings and mating among sundry mammals. Ernest Fehr, an economist at the University of Zurich and lead author on a paper from a research team there, thinks the hormone may help those who are pathologically distrustful.

Using students, the researchers tested the inclination to make investments in an experimental game. Those inhaling oxytocin, on average, invested 17 percent more than those in a placebo group, and 45 percent of the inhalers invested all their money, as opposed to 21 percent in the control group. The practical implications in terms of future treatments is still unclear. See the New York Times , June 2, ; http: The drug, D-cycloserine, an antibiotic, does nothing to soothe panic or calm nerves.

Instead, it increases learning and memory, and may help people overcome their fears faster…. D-cycloserine is known to act on these receptors…. See the New York Times , March 22, , p. See Fortune Small Business , May , p. More on Nerve Regeneration Though all our biology tests say nerves cannot be regenerated, we keep finding examples to the contrary. Now the Schepens Eye Research Institute www. Next, it wants to see how much vision was restored as a consequence.

See Business Week , March 21, , p. That word is … stop. Dail and Robert W. The brain apparently requires a consolidation period to fasten connections between neurons in the brain where the exercise pattern becomes implanted. Mental Health Portal This portal of the National Institutes of Health provides numerous links to mental health resources as well as posting current bits of news in the mental health field www. You do have to know what you are looking for, though, because it is just a collection, and it does not highlight more significant developments.

All About Autism In our Letters section, we review the state of our knowledge about autism. Despite all the shouting, we still know extremely little about it. Further, we suspect the scientific community is not looking hard enough for the environmental factors that probably lie behind the surge in cases amongst newborns. The authors suggest using rather concrete biological instead of behavioral criteria for autism.

This suggests that there is something deficient in language perception. The Many Fathers of Neoroscience Just like good ideas, and the earthly children of the gods, neuroscience can claim a host of fathers, with nobody having an absolute claim on its paternity. We will cast our votes for a couple of fellows here.

He did considerable work with cholera, tetanus, and diphtheria, was a philosopher, and a poet as well. He won the Nobel Prize in http: But we could easily choose Santiago Ramon y Cajal. Starting off in artistic directions, he eventually made his way into science.

Using and improving on a silver nitrate staining technique from the Italian Golgi, he did conclusive studies in Barcelona that led to his definitive proof of neuron theory in Cajal and Golgi shared the Nobel Prize in Like Sherrington, he made a multitude of contributions to the field.

It is impressive that Sherrington and Cajal made so many discoveries in neuroscience but that their interests and contributions ranged well beyond neuroscience. Generalists seem to outdo specialists at every turn. See the Wall Street Journal , March 29, , pp. Increasingly, mental disability is becoming cultural grist for writers, dramatists, and others in the arts. Tony Shalhoub, the taxi driver in the show about Nantucket called Wings, which is now in rerun, has starred for several seasons in a very successful TV series featuring an insightful detective named Monk with obsessive compulsive behavior.

Neurological disorders are slowly moving to center stage in our society. R ewiring the Body Business Week March 7, , pp. Alan Brown at Columbia University is probing the connections between flu in pregnancy and subsequent schizophrenic offspring. Ian Lipkin and Norwegian researchers are looking at the relationship between viruses and autism, as well as looking for other autism causes. The use of botox botulinum toxin has temporarily frozen muscle groups associated with tics, the effect lasting several months.

Electrodes for Depression Deep-brain stimulation is also being used in other settings. Toronto Western Hospital in Canada has a pilot study going. The work is based on the discovery by Dr.

Of the million people worldwide taken to be depression afflicted, a quarter, give or take, do not respond to any treatment, the electrode and battery implant being a godsend.

See The Economist , March 5, , pp. Also see Neuron, www. In some children, OCD waxes and wanes with the onset or departure of strep infections. The term Pandas was coined by Dr. We have previously noted that there is a small but vocal fraternity that believes there is a direct connection between physical illnesses of various sorts and such disorders as autism and obsessive compulsive disorder in items and in the original entry above.

We ourselves believe there is much to be gained by much more research on the part bacterial and viral infections and environmental influences play in a host of conditions.

This line of thinking is slipping into the mainstream with the New York Times Magazine May 22, , pp. Swedo at the National Institute of Mental Health whom we mentioned previously. In general researchers are pretty well defended against theses that promote infectious or chemical bases of OCD and other conditions.

So far the biggest impetus for a broader national effort on autism has come from grassroots initiatives on the part of affected parents and relatives. Learn more about the autism specials in these webpages: Ashley Bush of Australia has pursued that line of investigation.

See more on Bush on Brain Stem. A fairly reasonable article on the debate can be found in the Seattle Times at www. Usually those who connect up autism with mercury believe the problem arises in vaccinations, especially spray type vaccines www0. Mainstream thinking generally is scornful of any linkage between mercury, metals, etc. By and large, most research is pursuing a genetic basis for both conditions, and yet that does not seem to offer a good enough explanation of the rising incidence of these diseases.

The chemical basis of many neurological conditions probably deserves greater funding and focus. Unfortunately neurological investigators generally lack any real grounding in biochemistry. For more on the connection between vaccines and autism, see Stitch in Time. In her thirties she began to find that her mind was just not clicking in the same way. Just before she turned 45, she realized that she had forgotten the title of a film plus more that she had just seen with her husband.

She went to see Dr. Enrolling in a study he was doing, she found out that she had average memory impairment for her age. After tests for deterioration and various attempts to sharpen the memory, she discovered in fact that her loss was not so much due to brain degeneration but to brain damage suffered much earlier in life.

Talking with her brother, she uncovered a number of early whacks she took on the head that probably accounted for her later impairment. It is more common than is realized for early concussive effects to show up in later brain impairment, so, signally, much breakdown we attribute to age is actually due to events that occurred much earlier in life. Adderall immediately brought new focus to her brain, but found that it simultaneously dulled some aspects of life, taking away some of the mental twists and turns she commonly enjoyed.

C holine Choline, a vitamin B-like compound, is found to be a critical ingredient in embryonic brain development. In high demand by the fetus during pregnancy, the mother may not have adequate supplies during that stage.

To this end, eggs, meat, milk are critical diet elements for pregnant women. It helps form a neurotransmitter as well as aiding in critical brain cell subdivision. Choline, along with folic acid, therefore, plays a key role in avoiding birth defects. Your Brain and the Neuroscience of Everyday Life. From a review in The Guardian , May 15, One joint study involves Kronos Science Laboratories www.

The joint study will examine blood and brain tissue from 1, known to have had the disease, comparing results to 1, who have not had disease. Focus on Brain Growth and Inflammation At an autism summit held in Malibu under auspices of Cure Autism Now Foundation, sundry neuroscientists claimed a more coherent picture of autism development is now emerging.

Infants and toddlers move their bodies differently. From 6 months to 2 years, their heads grow much too fast. Parts of their brain have too many connections, while other parts are underconnected…. Moreover, their brains show signs of chronic inflammation in the same areas that show excessive growth. The inflammation appears to last a lifetime. By 2 years, excessive white matter is found in the frontal lobes, the cerebellum and association areas, where higher-order processing occurs. In large part, the circuitry is just not working right, with local areas over-connected, and long-range networks under-connected.

A utism and Allergies Kaiser Permanente research looking at data on 88, children show mothers suffering from asthma, allergies, or certain types of skin disease notably psoriasis have a higher risk of giving birth to an autistic child. The study, published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, wonders if there is common genetic basis for allergy and autism which would explain the linkage.

In summer , it is expected to sell the first of five versions. Reputedly it will also publish research documenting results in early See Fortune Small Business , Dec.

First, he finds himself infatuated with the amygdala, not because it is the seat of fear and emotion named after the Greek word for almond, but simply because he likes the ring of the word. He is taken, too, with the idea of earworms which are tunes that lodge themselves in our heads and play over and over again:

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