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The breakfasts and some of the dinners for me were a little bit harder to finish. I am very excited for the results.. I didn't know this when I originally call to cancel my account. I just wanted to do the one-time delivery option. And you don't have to worry about what they might be ordering; save you a little bit of money too.

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Nutrisystem vs Personal Trainer Food: Review

It delivers long-lasting result and it is said to have no adverse side effects. Some of the common ingredients in Nutrisystem prepackaged meals include:. This plan comes with meals to be consumed during breakfast, lunchtime or during the supper, and it comes with directions. The manufacturer offers a return policy. The product shall be returned within 30 days of the product purchase. It also comes with a day money back guarantee. This is not for use by pregnant or lactating mothers. This plan is said to offer quick results and changes can be observed within a week, which is long-lasting.

Nutrisystem is a diet plan formulated to assists in weight management. It has food options for breakfast, lunchtime, and dinner. This plan has a money back guarantee and free shipping to people living in the USA.

However, the exact ration of ingredients contained in each meal is not provided on the official website. There are programs available in the market and that offer exact results.

Below you'll find some of the most effective weight loss supplements on the market today, in our opinion. If you are pregnant, nursing, have a serious medical condition, or have a history of heart conditions we suggest consulting with a physician before using any supplement. The information contained in this website is provided for general informational purposes only. Compare that to Nutrisystem… because I do like food and I am a little bit of a foodie when I was ordering the program I chatted to the Nutrisystem agents.

So first of all it made me really grateful for Personal Trainer Food and for them valuing our health and that I get to eat it. HE took this shirtless selfie and sent it to all our competitors, with a friendly challenge. By the way, the person telling me your questions, his name is Mike and sitting next to him is Niki. I really appreciate that. Keep the feedback coming, I love it. Oh so this is exactly like what I said. I talked about the food a little bit so this is what a day looks like for each company.

This is like I said: This is your dinner, and this is your snack. You are able to add a few items, like I said the milk or like if you get a bagel you can have cream cheese. And then you can add pretty much unlimited vegetables. Anyways so this is Personal Trainer Food meals. This is going to be our breakfast, you usually get an egg and a meat.

Basically you have a lot of items you can choose from that will make you feel full and satisfied. I did Nutrisystem for about a week straight and most of the things you can add are vegetables and to tell you the truth, towards the end I was a little bit sick of vegetables. Whereas with Personal Trainer Food we believe in eating the right foods and eliminating the wrong foods.

We want you to eat unlimited— like I said, meats, vegetables, eggs, cheese, nuts, things of that nature and avoid those processed sugars and carbs. Like the starches, the potatoes, the rice. Most people use our program for about two to three months and then they might order it for convenience but then they know how to eat.

There are many studies indeed. We talked about exercise…. One thing that I really liked about both programs is that they included like twenty to thirty minutes of gentle exercise. And you can still lose weight. With Nutrisystem, they give you a large list of things that you could do; cycling, yoga… but they believe you should do it for thirty minutes a day.

Versus Personal Trainer Food? We say that you have to do about twenty minutes a day. I love that both companies are pushing to build those healthy habits, getting out there and being active without me having to go to the gym and sweat for three hours, be sore the next day, and starve myself. I know I mentioned that the one-time order here was five hundred and fifteen base price.

And then there were upgrades that I was tempted to add and I did. One of the biggest differences with Nutrisystem versus Personal Trainer Food is the price. Personal Trainer Food has very clear cut pricing. The subscription is basically cut in half minus a little bit. We just launched an email this morning. So if you order any one of our twenty-eight day meal programs right now you get your second one completely half-off. Since filming this, we have created an even better deal for you than the expired deal mentioned above.

Are on a Nutrisystem subscription and want to try Personal Trainer Food instead? I told you that you can call and talk to our awesome Weight Loss Coaches sitting back there at any time.

What about my teammates back there? Do you have any ideas, have anything that I forgot that our awesome audience might be interested in hearing about? With Personal Trainer Food we deliver anywhere in the continental US within one to four business days. Typically one to two days. Free shipping here all the time. Free shipping with Nutrisystem if you sign up for a subscription.

Umm, a couple different things and thoughts there. What we do have is a new butter sauce. These are just a couple of them that we have but we have a new one that we call Cinnamon Explosion Buttersauce. That is going to have a very … a sweeter cinnamon flavor. You can also find Creative Food Ideas in our back office and one of them is an Apple pie type filling that can do the sweet tooth. Now, I say that with caution. Once you get to your weight loss goals, be careful but obviously you can have a bite or two of something here and there.

They have their chocolate cake in their kitchen, they take two bites, and then they put it away. So once you get to those goals, definitely talk to our Weight Loss Coaches and find out what works for you.

And this kind of ties in with that sweet tooth thing. And then you can also fast once a week if you want. Now the reason why I relate that to beverages was the fact that I would have hot tea and I would add some sugar-free imitation honey. That was sweet and it was satisfying so it kind of fits both. Or even just stop eating at like seven p. Have your dinner at seven p.

So talk to our Weight Loss Coaches about fasting, check out our blog. So I love sparkling water, I love adding lemon or lime to it. You can been do… this is my guilty pleasure right here— hiding back here a Diet Mountain Dew. You can do diet soda. So if that helps your sweet tooth or you need carbonation you go for it. You can do the tea like I was saying. Here in Texas they love their unsweet tea I actually have become a pretty big fan myself. You can do drink mixes like a Mio.

Would you say that the program— Nutrisystem compared to Personal Trainer Food— would you say they are both only for weight loss or could you do our program if you just kind of wanted the convenience of eating healthier? Some things might be convenient like the fast food maybe you could… maybe you could get this for lunch and do your own vegetables. But Nutrisystem has small portions. You could do it where if you were in maintenance mode and you want to run out the door in the morning because you have a bunch of kids to take care of and you just want a quick breakfast that you want to feed yourself.

Or you can bring your food, like your lunch to work or at the end of a long day you can have a dinner. You could also stay on this food for indefinitely if you wanted to. This is going to have everything that you need. I am a huge fan of the bacon and cheddar omelette for breakfast. I also like to do the egg patty with the maple sausage and I add salsa to my egg patties or avocado.

You can actually add avocado to the program, you can add salsa if you want some variety. You can add hot sauce, which also tops one of my lists. But if you want to, you can add bacon, you can add ranch, you can add cheese. You can put that on top of a salad. I also love… personally for myself today I ate the Zesty Chicken Tenders for lunch.

I like spicy food. Now these can be cooked by placing the entree into boiling water or you can put them into the microwave. So there are two options. Generally, I'd just go with the microwave because it's much, much faster, but I have tried the boiling method too and they seem to taste about the same to me either way they are prepared. All the breakfast entrees, for the most part, are really good. I haven't had a problem with any of those.

The bran cereal, I mean bran cereal is not really my thing, but I added some raisins to it, which are allowed as one of your options. And so the cereal's good, it tastes like raisin bread. So there's things you can do, you can add in your extras that you're allowed.

You know, your power fuels that you're given every month, to add to your meal to really make the difference. They have lots of great desserts like this thin mint crisp bar, carrot cake- this is a new one for me this month. I love real carrot cake so we'll see how the diet one tastes. And also if you've read my posts you'll know that I had some issues with cookies last month.

So I ordered quite a few different kinds of cookies to try. So yeah, there's my thoughts. I think that after using Nutrisystem for four weeks now, I've lost five and a half pounds. Yeah, the foods aren't the best ever.

The first few days are a bit of a shock as you're consistently eating microwaved foods, which might be different from what you're used to. But I definitely survived on the food, it's really not that bad. After the first few days you get used to it and I actually enjoy a lot of the food.

A lot of the food I had last month, I ordered again and ordered duplicates of, and I was able to pick the ones that I really liked. So there is a bit of a learning curve when you start finding the foods that you do like and that are good for you.

So check that post, see how I'm doing this week and I will see you again next month. Request Rejected is a gem for anyone looking to shed some pounds. Going out for a jog isn't complicated, but choosing the right diet to complement it can pose a bit of a challenge. The website takes out all the hassle by suggesting plans that suit your lifestyle and weight goals, as well as giving you an in-depth look at their delectable menu.

And to keep you motivated, there are numerous success stories highlighting the path of others in the quest of achieving their dream body. If you are an overweight teenager who needs to lose weight and are concerned about the Nutrisystem foods, how they taste and if you can stick to the plan, let me tell you: You will certainly have some that you like, but there will also be some you will not want to order again. You can stick to the ones you like. The menu is big enough and the variety of foods wide enough to cater to almost everybody's likes an dislikes.

Click here to learn more. You know that all the food that is not eaten immediately after cooking is not so tasty. The same thing happens here. One more thing is worth mentioning — frozen food.

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