Errors in Medical Claims Processing Cost Health Care System Billions Each Year

Chapter One: Katrina in Perspective

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Beyond the Affordable Care Act: A Physicians’ Proposal for Single-Payer Health Care Reform

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No one will say why. Severe typhoon hits Hong Kong, southern China after killing 64 in the Philippines. Perspective How Americans have come to see college as a requirement. Check your inbox for details. You might also like: Sign Up No Thanks. Read content from allstate. The Washington Post newsroom was not involved in the creation of this content. Learn more about WP BrandStudio. Either way this company needs to go out of business and go away.

ISI "We will beat any competitor's price on any product or service! You can copy the link below into your web-pages and emails so your customers can read your reviews.

InCorp provided great service with very competitive costs. This company is nothing but a horrible scam and the worst I've ever had the displeasure of knowing. InCorp has been great thank you, we have appreciated the professional handling of our account and the easy to use website and action reminders that help us keep our business running smooth. Do NOT use Incorp!

I engaged Incorp to be a registered agent in NJ many years ago since the business I was working with their required it. Always knowledgeable, professional, efficient and accurate. What a fraud this company is. Unfortunately this was a case of miscommunication. The online order form does not display processing times since CA Secretary of State processing times vary.

The two days the client mentioned is clearly displayed as a shipping option to ship the documents to the client once received from the state - it states: Your shipping selection determines how InCorp will deliver your final documents to you.

This selection does not affect the processing of your order. When we contacted the client to confirm the order and advise of the different processing times offered by the state we advised of the options that did include additional charges if the documents were needed sooner than the standard time ordered.

Horrible company to deal with. Last year, they charged me against my authorization, even though I had already changed my registered agent. Now, one year later, they are trying to charge me again, even though I went though this last year. It's very clear on the Maryland online search that they are not the registered agent, yet they keep asking me for more documentation. Seems like a scam to me. This account has been closed, which hopefully does resolve the situation favorably for the client.

They provided all of the servives that I was looking for, at a reasonable price. Responsive to email and telephone communicaions. They will Charge fees from you with different names and titles. You will end up doing all the work and they will just charge you fees for the one reason that you listed them as it was convinient. Infact it will end up being most inconvinient experience.

I wont recommend this company to anyone. With todays technology,with a little time and effort on the internet you can pretty do all the services they offer. They use a system not for your convinience but to charge you high and ridiculous fees for designing and them using the same system.

I was pleasantly surprised to be able to solve my situation with the help of Gayle Clauges at Incorp Client Services. After explaining what had happened we were able to find a mutually agreeable solution. As it turns out about 5 months later I was hired by the company I was consulting for as a full time employee.

I responded by mailing a letter back to Incorp stating that I did not want to have this renewal. I recently got a notice saying that Incorp was charging me for This appears I hope I am wrong to be a money making method based on giving applicants pages upon pages of legalise and then expecting them not to read the fine print.

I am hoping to get this resolved satisfactorily but I am not hopeful. I did not renew with them for my second year in business in switched to another registered agent and paid in full , now in they're trying to collect for a non-renewel.

Very bad records and poor business practices on their part. I paid both of these in good faith to stop them from sending bill after bill asking for late fee's etc. I did not use their services at all from Nov 1 through October 31, but wanted their continual phone calls, emails, and US Mail invoices to stop.

Is there anyway to get these invoices stopped, this account has been paid and overpaid in full. Please tell me what I can do to get this stopped. I don't want to change my email address so they still have this and my home address.

After a detailed review of Mr. Jamison's account, we found that we can now completely close his account. The problem is that the service was originally cancelled well after it had already renewed for the year, and there was no request to cancel the service at the end of this paid term.

We do work to always meet the needs of our clients and view all aspects of a situation when working to close an account. It appears that in this case, we could have done a better job. Our apologies to Mr. The company listed above was using incorp as a registered agent in the state of MD. I got a bill from incorp in july of , ignored it because my company is out of business. I figured no big deal i will just call them and clear it up and get a refund. At this point I am going to fiule a complaint with the Nevada Attorney General in the hopes of getting some action.

Needless to say I have other entities that i use incorp for, those will all be going elsewhere. It is very disappointing to hear that Mr. Cornelius did not have a pleasant experience when calling to discuss his billing. This will be researched and if necessary, addressed as we constantly work to improve our service.

Cornelius was welcome to draft these on his own. After that date a fee is added and they receive the physical mailed invoice. Cornelius' misconception seems to be that simply not paying the state taxes or fees on a business automatically closes it which is not true. This can be compared to the failure to pay personal taxes does not make a person cease to exist.

The situation was discussed with Mr. Cornelius and Maryland does give a definition of Forfeiture status that can be misconstrued. In light of the situation and our conversation with Mr. Cornelius we did provide him with a refund and the account has been closed.

I have read the reviews on this website and have concluded that INCORP is just fine as long as you are paying their fees. However, if they incorrectly bill you for services, you can either pay the bill or be subject to their rude street-punk collection efforts. Maybe they used to be a good company but new managers took over or economic problems have caused them to adopt a new get-the-money-at-all-costs approach.

I used them to incorporate a business several years ago. I sold and transferred the corporation to a new owner within the first year. I told them that I was no longer associated with the corporation. They told me they had a contract authorizing automatic renewals and planned to charge my credit card.

I told them that I gave no such authorization and specifically told them not to charge my account. I also pointed out that it would be inappropriate for me to authorize filing any state document for a corporation I have no association with.

Incredibly, they told me that my only option was to pay fees so that they could file annual statements for the corporation to bring it current and then I could pay another fee to have them file a substitution of the agent for service of process for the corporation. For a company that makes a living incorporating businesses, I thought their profound ignorance in this area to be astounding! I have no legal authority to act for any corporation with which I have no association whatsoever.

Even if I wanted to pay them to take those steps, it would be illegal for me to do so, in the same fashion that it would be illegal for me to have them notify the State of Nevada of a change of directors or agent for service of process for Coca-Cola. You can train a monkey to put mail in a box.

What you would expect out of a business such as INCORP is that they would understand that once you sell a corporation you cannot act on its behalf, period. INCORP is probably going through some tough economic times and is dusting off dormant accounts to try to bring in revenue. If a state does not get the necessary documents from a corporation, the state can suspend or revoke its corporate status.

It seems at the heart of the discrepancy here is lack of communication. Obviously we at InCorp are only aware of a change in company ownership if our client advises us of the change. Lord did advise us that the business had been sold, he provided this information 3 years after the alleged sale took place. During those years InCorp attempted to contact Mr. Lord by mail, email and phone with no response.

Lord finally did contact us, our representative requested contact information for the new owner since the officers on public record had not changed and indicated that Mr.

Lord was still the owner. Lord was unwilling or unable to provide that information and simply refused payment. What followed was a series of threats from Mr. Lord, but it is not our goal at all to give the perception of "street-punk collection efforts. Lord asked us to provide and agreed to the conditions of , or drafting new documents at the client's request, we unfortunately have to charge for those services.

The statement of "InCorp is just fine as long as you are paying their fees" is probably relevant for almost any business. If multiple car payments are missed and the car owner is sent to collection, I would imagine the car owner would be a bit upset.

What is a company expected to do when it has already provided the service and a refusal of payment is received along with a refusal to provide responsible party contact info? Lord does bring suit as he has threatened, he will in deposition finally explain why it is that if he is not the responsibile billing party, he has not provided that information.

A large number of those clients went out of business. Incorp Services is attempting to collect fees from me instead of the LLCs. All attorneys should avoid this company! We greatly value the special relationship we have with our attorney clients and certainly never attempt collection from someone who is not the responsible party.

We've been working with Mr. Colegrove to get in touch with the proper parties for the entities he brought to our service and are resolving his issues.

We contracted with these people back in to file a business registration and be our registered agent. They screwed up and the business was never properly registered.

They failed to notify us of this fact, by their own admission, but continued to charge us to be a registered agent.

We have argued this with them every year since to no avail. They keep charging us and we keep refusing to pay for services never provided.

Now, in , they have turned us over to a collection agency. Complete scammers - avoid them like the plague! Incorporation filing can be a confusing process. In this case two people on the customer's end were involved in instructing our office on the details of the company formation which caused massive miscommunication.

When our office was instructed to proceed, we did so and the LLC has been filed ever since and it was done so properly in accordance with the instructions of the client. As for the invoices they are receiving, their failure to meet their obligations with the state does not legally dissolve theirLLC or InCorp's legal obligation to provide the Registered Agent service the client contracted us to provide. We have been attempting to resolve this account and instruct them on cancelling our services since early but they have not stopped using our service, so they continue to be billed.

I just want to commend Alex Abelson for his fantastic customer service. He walked me through some paperwork that I know I would have messed up if I had tried it on my own. Truly a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend Alex and InCorp for anyone setting up a new entity. Thank you for the kind words, Mr. Sales pitch so good, that I fell for it. Their rate could be less compared to others, but at the end, their service are even more worse.

Its like you get much less for what you pay for. It's been over 3 months now and I still haven't received my corporate kit and compliance service information. No registered agent communication either. These guys are realllllly bad in communicating - they don't take any responsibility and are quick to blame. Every time I have to relate my story to a new person and after a few days, never hear from them again.

We are so sorry to hear this client's first experience with us was less than stellar. Our goal is to always respond to customers within 24 hours max, however it looks like we may have fallen short on that goal while investigating the corporate kit shipping issue. Our VP of Sales was in contact with Mr. Sharma and is working to correct a shipping error and restore his confidence in our service.

I did not receive notifications until well after the timely filing constantly resulting in late fees etc. The last time I spoke to a rep on the phone they were argumentative and rude. Was I unhappy absolutely. I was tired of being told that they had mailed something out in a timely manner when I had received nothing and then getting frantic calls to mail late fees etc.

Really disappointing after all the time and money I put into creating the corp in the first place. I didn't start out with incorp I inherited them.

Loved my original agent: While the amount past due to the state is close to accurate, the rest of this complaint is far from what our records show on the account. InCorp has a well documented and detailed note system which records each automated notice mailed as well as each call placed by one of our representatives. Unfortunately the tone, accusations and profanity used toward that representative nearly brought her to tears before the client hung up on her.

Although it was a year ago, I remember coaching this new rep through being treated horribly by a customer she was trying to help. I'm not sure exactly what is meant by InCorp being "inherited". We have a file stamped copy of the Registered Agent Change form filed voluntarily and signed by Ms. She was also free to change back to the "loved" agent at any time.

InCorp greatly values the feedback provided by clients whether positive or negative. I reviewed this entire account looking for areas where our service could have been improved or revised.

In the end it is each corporation's officers who are responsible for the status of the entity. As in this case, we can mail and call to assist multiple times a year, but if the forms and fees are not provided by the corporation, we have nothing to help them file.

We have been using Nevada Agents for 11 years and I've had one problem and one dissapointment after another. We have now been using InCorp Services for about 4 years and we qet quick, knowledgeable answers, none of the stories about not having the right membership or information to receive answers to our questions.

The one time I received a new representative on the phone, I requested an upgrade in reps. We are very pleased with their services and have no personal contacts or relatives involved in or with their company. These guys have a great price, with no hidden fees. Super fast processing got it back with the official stamp in less than 4 hours. Very responsive on the phone too. I am not sure how this company stays in business.

Their site never works. They absolutely do not track your account. They never do what they say they will etc, etc. We are so sorry to hear about your experience. We are going to review your account and will be in touch with you very soon. Again, our sincerest apologies if you were not completely satisfied. I have had a very positive experience with InCorp Services. Their customer service compliments the service they offer, which has exceeded my expectations and if this is any sign of performance, I believe they well be in business for quite some time.

We have utilized InCorp's services for years and have never encountered an issue. Typically, we are able to accomplish our needs online with no assistance; it's just that simple. However, the few times we have needed assistance, our questions were addressed and taken care of quickly and efficiently.

I highly recommend InCorp's serivces to anyone needing Registered Agent and other services. There was a glitch on the website when I paid and it duplicated my payment took it twice. They have still not resolved it. So, when the new year came around, I got a new Invoice and refused to pay until resolved and they automatically deducted the new payment from my account without my authorization.

InCorp is currently working with this client to resolve the unpleasant experience she had with our company. The duplicate charge resulting from the glitch in was refunded. We hope to regain Ms. My experience with setting up a corporation through Incorp has been excellent. All three agents that assisted me were helpful, timely, and knowledgeable. Emily Painter was articularly helpful in following up with questions, researching material for me, seeing areas that I had missed, etc.

She was very professional and responsive. I recommend Incorp without reservation. InCorp has been happy to serve as Registered Agent for Mr. Lett's company for many years and each year we have filed his Annual Report for him with the state following the same procedure. Unfortunately due to legislative changes made to the state filing requirements including the business license fee and possible exemptions, InCorp was forced to develop a new procedure which we advised our clients of.

We would never leave our clients hanging with no help though and have provided all clients with an excellent compliance calendar and filing tools in their online account. We send out reminders, and clients can file with literally only a few clicks from their account. Our goal is to work with Mr. Lett, help him utilize the tools provided in his account, and earn his business again. I have used Incorp for about thre years. They have always been very courteous and professional. Their prices are reasonable.

I trust them to get the job done. My new Account Exec. Alex is a great guy. I highly recoomend them to anyone who needs Registered Agent services. For the second year in a row I have had an absolutely abysmal experience with Incorp. They receive the annual billing from the State of Delaware and fail to forward on for payment. Delaware will not mail the billing directly to the LLC and we are therefore at the mercy of Incorp.

Their solution to the problem was to email the phone number of Delaware Secretary of State with the suggestion to take it up directly with them. The final example of their incompetence is the fact that the phone number is incorrect belongs to a law firm in Delaware. We are very sorry that Mr.

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