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Be sure to order a book prior to their points system, so to not include those newer analysis on the recipes and plan. In the pic above from the kit there are also 10 levels of allowed points. It is here on this same site. Hope you can help with providing the weightwatchers diet plan for the 90s. Liver was required once a week, although I never knew anyone who had it. I am excited about WW again. Now How do I order the new deluxe kit?

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My email is Sunshine yahoo. Please send me copies of the original plan. This was the only diet that worked for me. Please send me copies of the old WW plans. In the late 70's I lost a lot of weight and since then it's the plan the works the best. Do you have the food frackers too? I would like the WW food lists and any other information on the 90's program.

I can't find mine and need to do it again. Pls send to me! I wud SO appreciate it as my husband and I want to lose weight. Used it yrs ago and it worked grt. I wild really like if you provide me with a copy. Have been looking for it for a long time. Could you please send me a copy of the PDF file?

It would be greatly appreciated. I have been searching my cabinets and drawers for the 90's WW food list and plan since it worked well for me. I agree that the new plan is more complicated and I need to lose again! Can you please help me out by emailing any info you have from the old food plan? I would so appreciate the help!

Kristina, I would love a copy of the WW program. I just can lose weight anymore on any of these Point Plus programs. I want the original one where I felt so health and good about myself! So glad you still have your! If you could send be a copy I would be so great full.

Thank you so so much! I am looking for menues and food lists from the late 80s. Early 90s Can you help I am not very good on the computer and sometimes find it a bit confusing on how to get the food lists and don't know PHD anything will be a help Thankyou. Hello Kristina, I have been searching for a long time for this. Would you mind sending me a copy of the pictures and the PDF file. I would really appreciate this as my doctor has told me I need to loose 50 pounds for my health.

Thank you very much,. Please send me the old WW program. I have tried the new program and have gained weight. Thank you very much Janette. Ditto to all the comments listed. The points system just doesn't work for me and I haven't kept any of the good stuff. Please send me the pdf also!. Thank you, you're a life saver! Kristina - can you please email me any info you have on any of the 's WW plans. They worked best for me. Thanks for your time! Hope you can help with providing the weightwatchers diet plan for the 90s.

It was of great help to my husband and now he and I need to shift some gained weight. Thank you Christina for allowing me to have the list I made a request for the list and follow through with it. I have the old Weight Watchers cookbook and then the one that originally came after that. I lost 30 pounds back in 19 70 after I quit smoking. And I have tried talking on all my life I have followed the Weight Watchers idea.

But I now weigh and I haven't been able to lose the weight even though I've been training and working out. I've been going through a stressful time my husband has dementia. But I thought if I could get to something that I could really stick to that was familiar and gave me know the way I could get back down to 1: So thank you so much for having saved all this.

My sister and I joined I joined with her so she could lose weight back in about but I like this program better. I unfortunately lost mine. Hi Kristina could you please email me the original plan from the 's.

Kristina, I have been looking for the old WW program. Could I get a copy sent to my email of the food list. I believe I remember the portions correctly: Milk 2, fruit 3, brd 2 for wk 1 then it goes to 3, veg 2 or more, fats 3, protein , we had extra calories to use per day. I need to get back on this the points program did not work for me. I still have my pins 2W's when I reached my goal and held it for a certain amount of time. Do you have a copy of the list from the 90s that had what to eat and underneath, substites and exchanges If you still have the pdf file and copies, can you please send this to me.

I have been searching forever. My email is Teresa. I would love to have any information you have about the original Weight Watchers plan. I used the old weightwatchers food guide with regulsr success unrtil I lost it.

I'd be inordinately grateful for a copy. Hello Kristina , i became a lifetime member in Hi I understand that you have a copy of week 1 weight watchers from ? How may I see a copy of that. I can't find mine. My husband is disabled and can not leave home. Please feel free to email me if you. Hi I was going through all these old e,ails, but loved the old WW program, If you have it still available please send it to me and thanks..

I agree with everyone the old way I lost weight , Thanks so much. Could you forward the old WW program to me? I would be very grateful because that was a great program. Happy New Year and hoping to follow this program and feel healthy again. Hi can you send me you old program foodlist? I cannot find it anywhere. Its the only program that worked for me too! Hi there, I am looking for the quick-start plus booklets.

I was on this plan and it worked great for me since I need something very strict to follow. After years of doing this I was able to monitor what I ate. Then after my last child I am not able to get to lose the weight and I just continue to gain. I have been looking for years to get this so I am hoping that this site will help. I took photos and all the pages, or have them all in one PDF file I can forward to you. Please feel free to email me if you or anyone would like to refer to them. I have been looking for the plan from for years.

I became a lifetime membe I became a lifetime member on that I became a lifetime member on that plan. Would love a copy please email me thank you. Hi Kristina, I have been searching for the old w.

I too, have had great success with the old plan. For some reason I just cannot follow the point system. I would be extremely grateful if you would share any of the food lists and or menus with me. I am so happy that you had the where with all to keep of this golden information! Hi kristina i would like to have a copy of the ww old version diet can you plz send me a copy many thanks diana.

I lost weight on both the original and the points plus plans but I think the original plan has the structure I need to get back on track. Hi Kristina I would love a copy of your PDF of the old program - like so many others I was successful in the past but now that I'm 50 I'm finding it so hard to lose weight and Id like something simple again. Dear Kristina Would you please send me the old weight watchers programme information.

This new point plus system is useless. My email is mpgupta yahoo. I have just stumbled upon this site as I too once had and loved. Can you please send me a copy also? As I am ready for a new start! Yes please send me the PDF.

I am very desperate to lose all the weight. I am one that needs the structure. Please send it soon. Please send me whatever you can for the original WW diet plan.

Thank you patmcc gmail. The points just doesnt work for me! Hi Could you please forward me copies of your weight watchers foods. I prefer this plan to the others. If you are still able to send the original WW food lists I would just love to have them.

When I was on this plan I was the healthiest I had ever been and many of my health issues completely disappeared. Thanks in advance for your help! Kristina's WW Food List is available at the touch of a button. The demand has been high, so we automated its sending. All you need to do is fill out the request box co-located with this article and the list will magically appear in your email!

If you still have this, could you please send me photos or PDF file. Either is fine and would be much appreciated. I would greatly appreciate it. It is a wonderful plan.

Would appreciate a copy if the old Weight Watcher plan which I originally followed in the mid 90's.. Have not been so successful with the pro points. Kristina, If this is the plan that has about 2 weeks of menus to go by I would love a copy. My mom had a copy of an old WW plan like that and I went by it to a tee and lost 75 pounds.

I haven't been able to find it again and would love a copy of this plan. My mom had a copy of an old WW plan like that and I went by it to a tee in and lost 75 pounds. Hi I am looking for a copy of weight watchers week 1 from ? My email is sandejaime yahoo. Unfortunately, I have lost mine and I really liked that plan. Would you be able to provide me with just week1 from ?

I had one and loaned it out and I don't remember to who! Lost 70lbs on it!! Do not like the points system! Thank You Soooo Much!!!! Have A Wonderful Day!! Hi Kristina, is there anyway you could send me a copy of the quick start diet?

Thankyou so so much for posting the original Weight Watcher's diet plan I lost over 20 lbs. If anyone out there happens to have their little yellow booklet with this information in it, I will pay you your asking price!!: Thankyou so much again!!

How did you get the old Weight Watchers diet plan. Did you find it on E bay. Will someone please tell me how to get on this comment page? I signed in days ago, but every time I sign in to get the free food list red letters come up that say "Email is already subscribed" But no further instructions of how to even submit comments.

Thankyou all so very much for the original WW diet plan This diet worked for me in Diane would it be possible to get the plan and tracker that u have. Thank you and Happy New Year. Where did you get the original plan and tracker? Do you have all of the weeks? I always lost weight on the old plan, points never work for me. I think it's cute that the old plan is from the 90s. I am looking for the plan and recipes from the early 70s Hi all I did WW with the booklets and calorie counting back in the 80's.

I am a personal trainer now and do not recommend the point system. I put my email in and it said I'm already in the plan, but I'm not. I don't know how to get this information and I really need it!!!! Hate points, cannot lose weight, cannot stay on. I always have to look up every point for every food. I got to goal years ago and lost lbs. So glad I found this website and friends who feel like me.

I want the old plan and meetings in church basements brought back. Keep the old plan in those new centers for those who can use it and please give us back the old way. Those basements were jammed with people and all of us had good weight losses, too. There were not any maintenance meetings and I think there should be even if only once a month. Please do this for us!!!

Hi I have been trying to locate the wwatchers program and the 6 week booklets. If you or anyone you know has them, can I have copies of them!

Thank you so much Lynne. Have various WW publications Would send copies but am technically challenged. I lost 80 Ins on original WW, I was about 20 yrs old and found it easy to follow. I couldn't work with the changes WW, for me, has to be a lifestyle, not a temporary fix Members who had reached goal were to attend a meeting at least once a month.

The old plan was the best. These days too easy to eat too many carbs on plan. Did you get a copy of the original plan? I would love to have a copy. Could you send me a copy? I can't seem to find info anywhere. Had these books for years but now I can't locate. We have loaned them out so many times but now that I have a need for them I can't find any info from the first version. I have searched the internet but they keep you going round and round.

If you can help I would appreciate it. I would love to have a copy of the plan. This was the best plan ever. I had my original book up until a few months ago: The allowed fruits listed here actually are only the Vitamin C fruit required. Other fruits are allowed like strawberries, blueberries and others.

French stye green beans are unlimited. Thanks so much for the clarification, Carol! Are the allowed berries allowed in unlimited amounts, too? I'd never heard about the french style green beans - do you know why they're unlimited but normal green beans aren't?

The French cut beans have the seeds falling out. I am so sorry I gave my book away form the mid 's last year. French style green beans were unlimited because they had immature beans in them. They are also sliced lengthwise. Do U remember the weekly menu plans they gave us? I've been trying 2 find a few because as a clinical type, I do better following a script.

I lost 8 Pds in a 7 day week, 4 being water weight , but still. Where did they go? U could mix any breakfast with another mid morning snack? Anyone can get any year WW cook book they want on Amazon and 3rd party on Amazon. I just mailed back a NEW unopened book because I am allergic to old print and paper. But, all the books are there. I have a new WW cook book and menu I also got from 3rd party on Amazon and kept it as that is the year I went and later gave my book away!

Dust mites still bother me, but I am going to put my face mask on, outside and take the pages of the menu and program out and print them and toss the old pages Why does the daily menus differ from the exchange list in a nutshell.. There was a difference in menus depending on gender and youth. If I recall, women were allowed less bread and fruit than were men and children. You may be looking at the women's chart and comparing that to the men's program.

Men got 5 fruits a day and 8 oz of meat. They also got two more servings of bread a day. Flour could be exchanged for bread, but I don't remember the quantities or rules of using flour or corn meal.

I have done both the original and the point system diets. They both work very well however I am more partial to the original because it promotes more healthy eating habits. The point system allows for too much junk food. You can eat a huge piece of fudge cake a day as long as you count the points which means there's less points for sfoods that have good nutritional value.

I agree with you completely, JoAnna. The points system gives people freedom but that freedom means they may never understand the importance of getting calories that provide minerals and vitamins.

Me, I ate all sorts of treats at first and weight loss was slow and I was always hungry. Once I gave up on that and started eating better food, I lost weight more quickly but I don't really think I needed to lose all of the time in the learning curve. Also, current research is showing that having 1 sweet per day with breakfast correlates with higher weight loss over time and that weight stays off better.

So don't feel like you have to completely deprive yourself of sweets. I am so glad I kept my papers as well and have taken photos and put them into a PDF file that can be attached in an email to anyone.

Please feel free to use email me and I can forward the file on. Very low in calories, and carbs in general. The diet to be followed by diabetics is very similar to the WW program that I was on then. Also, doctors treating my diabetes have stated that if someone eats more veggies, and fruit, and less meat, it will be good for the diabetes, as well as shedding weight. For anyone who is a bit or a lot obsessive compulsive, any program that encourages one to count points is likely to make for an obsessive attitude about food in general, and also encourages the person trying to lose weight to focus on food more and more.

I have tried all of the programs, and find myself now, once again quite overweight, and trying to focus on healthy servings, and healthy choices, not the light at the non-existent end of the tunnel. Because there is no end to the need to eat healthy. Once those adipose tissues get small, they are simply waiting to get filled up again. Hence the yo-yo effect. Thanks for your comment, Kathie! I agree with you that it isn't very helpful to have to obsess over points and to focus on food in an unhealthy way.

That is one reason i think this particular diet is one that can actually help you re-think how you eat, adjust it, and move forward in a healthy way. I'm sorry the weight came back; I absolutely hate that! Good luck to you in your newest move to improving your health and lifestyle.

You can do it! Please keep me posted! Hello, Katie I totally agree the original the 70's version of WW was the best because that is when I lost at least 50 lbs.

I have tried Medifast for 4 years now I am seriously thinking about going back to the 70's WW plan, except with some wine I still have my WW cook book and program. Going to print out the food program and menu and ADD wine My book is new, never cooked with it, but dust mites on the old paper and old print give me allergies. I am going to put my face mask on tomorrow, go outside and tear the menu pages out and print them on my printer. Maybe in place of a fruit.

About the same calories. The menu most of these people are printing are from later WW programs. I have the and WW books and the menu is correct for what you want and you are right. Only very starchy vegetable are limited and we counted them as bread.

They will eat all your meat! I think we counted a serving of meat as 1 0z. The food list on this site is a newer food list not the 's or the original that started in Amazon or 3rd party on Amazon has ALL the different years of cook books. But the original is I went in Thelma does your copy have the daily menu plan -7 day plan and a list of exchanges?

If so can you share this I would love a copy. I started today but really want to do this accurately. I thank you for confirming what I remembered of the original plan.

When my doctor said my blood sugar was getting too high and if I didn't lose weight I would definitely be diabetic I immediately went on my remembered weight watchers plan from the 's. I dropped weight and my blood sugar dropped too. This gives me the confidence to go back on the plan and lose those extra pounds.

Happy to be there for you, Suzanne! I think part of life's adventure is to keep trying while knowing everyone is rooting for us. The beauty of this particular diet is it's structure, don't you think? Do U have any copies of the weekly menus? It's the only way it works for me. Being a clinical type, doing points simply doesn't work for me??

So glad to find this site Thank you for the "original" WW.. We're glad you found us, too! So many people seemed to succeed at losing the weight with the original plan. It's surprising WW moved on and left this plan behind.

Tonight I was chatting with a friend and she mentioned she was dying to get some ice cream tomorrow as she is going on a liquid diet starting on Saturday. You might want to check out the Satan Diet on our website to kickstart your diet plans. It's very short term - but you see results that push you more quickly toward your weight loss goals. Good luck to you!! Please feel free to contact me with email address if you want it. Sometime between and , I joined WW.

At that time, the program consisted of weely meny plans. De you have copies of these weekly plans? If so, could you please send them to me.. I lost weight using this plan and would like to try it again. Please send me any info you might have. I would love a copy, Kristina.

I like parts of the Points Plus, but it is pretty complicated, so I've been wanting to try the old method instead. If you have the original ww diet plan and menus, would you be kind enough to send it to me. I would be so appreciative. I want to start this year off on the right foot. Can you please send me the original WW info. I lost 45 lbs. Other diets just don't work! Please send me your PDF As I recall,the daily limits were 6 protein,2 bread,3 fat,3 fruit,2 skim milk,unlimited veggies from the list.

Starchy veggies had to be exchanged for bread. Thanks for your comment, Mary! I really don't understand how the Exchange Plan worked, except that it was rumored to be based on the diabetic diet put out by the American Diabetic Association. Can you tell me a little bit about how it worked? My recollection is similar to Mary's. You were allowed to trade a couple of slices of bread for a starchy vegetable up to two or three times a week. Potatoes or rice could be a simple trade off with bead once in a while.

Just watch out for the butter, sour cream etc. Always lost weight on this exchange diet. Snd sometimes if going out to eat eould save my exchanges for one meal.

The more options everyone has, the greater chances for success. Thanks so much for the offer! Please post the program exchanges, this is the only diet that ever really worked for me. I followed it in the early 80s. I've recently been contact by a friend who did this with me and she was looking for it also. So we are gonna try to do it again almost 30 years later. Any help you could give me would be appreciated.

Especially allowed vegetables, fruits, seasoning. I don't see the posted entire program. If memory serves, additional floaters were allotted according to exercise Does anyone recall that? Kelly, I would really like to get a copy of the entire program Thant would be great as I have been looking everywhere for it.

Please let me know. Thanks My email is storandt centurylink. I would to have a copy of this since everyone rates it so highly. Kelly, I did the original program. Swore I still had the materials, but I don't. Could you please e mail the old WW program to me. I tried the new points program and have gained weight. Thank you very muchJanette. Did you ever post the entire program exchanges? Paleo Diet Recipes for Diabetics. Thinner in an Instant Cookbook: Freestyle Crock Pot Cookbook: Top rated Previous page.

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They score low on the glycemic index. This means that eating nonstarchy vegetables will probably not cause your blood glucose levels to rise significantly. Furthermore, raw, shredded cabbage contains 0 g of saturated fat and 0 mg of cholesterol. Like most salads, coleslaw is generally prepared with dressing, additional vegetables and spices. To keep your coleslaw diabetes- friendly, choose vinegar-based dressings over high-fat creamy dressings and use a variety of non-starchy vegetables.

Try preparing an Asian coleslaw with cabbage, carrots, green onions, snow peas, sesame seeds, ginger, garlic, fresh lime juice, rice wine vinegar, and fresh ground black pepper. Or make a spicy walnut coleslaw with cabbage, carrots, red onion, Granny Smith apple slices, raw unsweetened and unsalted walnuts, Dijon mustard, spicy paprika, fresh lemon juice and fresh ground black pepper.