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Ryan, May 28, Sgt. Joyfully in His service, JoDee Rose. Furiga, May 23, Pvt. Coyston, September 17, S. Mitchell, May 23, Pvt. God protect and bless them all. Please God protect everyone's loved ones at this time of war.

Dürfte ich Ihre Schriftart zur Erstellung eines Logos für unser kleines Familienunternehmen verwenden? I have been asked to create a logo design for a web company here in Washington, US.

The company will use a vintage plane as their branding theme. It looks so beautiful with the vintage plane image…other fonts pale in comparison. I will credit your work. Thank you for your talents and beautiful fonts! They are such a treat to look at. I am a young artist trying to become independent and I have been looking all over for fonts to use in my designs. I was hoping to get your permission, would it be possible to use your font for my designs? I allow myself to send you a post about your work.

Well , I am a young French student hence my very bad English level! And I wanted in parrallel of my studies realize one of my dreams: Create a clothing brand to offer my creations! Since I did not want to do it secretly , I wonder if I Could -have your permission or not. Hello, I would like to use your MiddleSaxonyText font for a commercial project. Would this be ok? I am just starting a home-based card and graphic design business and would like to use Honey Script as the font on my logo and some of the others as fonts on some holiday cards and wedding announcements.

I love all of your fonts so much! I run a small crafting company making bespoke gift items. I would love to be able to use a few of your fonts in my work. I understand i would need a commercial licence to use them as i will be selling the products made using them.

I am more than happy to pay for the rights. Please email me direct asap to arrange payment and licence terms. I would like to use your Marketing Script font for a logo for my small media transfer company, which converts old tapes to digital. Would this be possible? Is it permissible to use your Tanch font in conjunction with the BST Font to create niqqud under the Tenach consonants. No modifications were made to either font pursuant to the licensing agreements?

The combination of the two fonts creates an interesting Yinglish looking output,. Ich wollte ihnen erstmal zu den tollen Schriften gratulieren, da ich grade an einem neuen Shop -mit Produkt Designer — arbeite und mich in dem Rahmen auch mit den Lizenzen beschäftigte bin ich nun zum ersten mal auf ihrer Seite gelandet.

So habe ich heute festgestellt, das viele meiner Lieblingsschriften aus ihrer Feder stammen. T geglättet und zu einem schneidbaren Font gepuzzelt und da ich das zum ersten mal gemacht habe, ist mir nochmal klar geworden, was das für eine komplexe Arbeit ist. Die ich ihre Schriften bisher sehr gerne benutzt habe und auch gerne weiter für meinen kleinen Aufklebershop Hundeaufkleber nutzen würde, wollte ich sie fragen ob sie mir das gestatten würden?

Ich habe die Schriften lediglich teilweise digitalisiert bzw. Die Urheber sind alle bereits länger als 75 Jahre tot oder unbekannt. Insofern sind die Schriften alle frei verwendbar.

Ich warte nur noch auf den Frühling! Und natürlich werde ich den bereits erkundeten Feuer- und Flamme-Weg in Bergneustadt angehen, sobald das Wetter es zulässt. I would like to discuss using your font Quentin Caps on some of our products. Please could you email me at your earliest convenience.

I am designing a shirt for an environmental organization at my college and am interested in the Coaster font, is there anyway I can use it? The shirts would only be going to the officers, so about 5 people. Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing back.

Hi, I am interested in using your Hoedown font for use in digital scrapbook products and wonder if there is a charge for this? Thank you in advance. Dear Dieter, I am running a small home-based card and graphic design business and would like to use Honey Script as the font on one postcard and one graphic print and of course I would be happy to pay you for your permission to use it.

Thank you very much in advance. I really appreciate all your fonts, they are just beautiful Best regards, Monika. If you are willing, I would like your permission to use your Marker Felt font on this app and future apps in the same series.

Schon als Kind verschlang ich alles was ich zum Lesen fand, und die ersten Ausflüge waren Bücher in altdeutscher Schrift. Da kamen nun viele Erinnerungen hoch. Im Leben bin ich — auch gesundheitlich — nun an einem Punkt angelangt, wo ich beruflich nur noch das machen will was mir am Herzen liegt. Bislang war es nur ein Hobby und die Ergebnisse wurden verschenkt.

Es sind Karten mit kurzen Texten und Zitaten. Geplant sind zudem auch kleine Geschenke-Bücher mit Fotos und Text sowie eine Webseite, wo man dies auch ansehen kann. Auf der Seite des Fontsanbieter waren Ihre Schriften als frei für den kommerziellen Gebrauch angegeben, jedoch las ich eben auf Ihrer Webseite, dass dem nicht so ist. Nach Durchsicht der anderen Kommentare ist meine Frage nun, ob Sie es mir dennoch gestatten, einige Ihrer Schriften zu verwenden? Das würde mir sehr viel bedeuten!

I am a professor at a small university in Dallas, Texas, instructing graphic design and art classes. I am also a freelance graphic designer earning a modest income for my family. I am requesting your permission to use your fonts to create logos, visual identity, and other graphic designs. You will be credited in any of my work where I have used your font designs. Currently, I am designing a logo in which I would like to use Goudy Initialen. Thank you in advance for considering my request.

Die Schrift soll auf T-Shirts gedruckt werden, welche ich online zum Kauf anbiete. Wie viel würde das kosten? Ich bitte Sie um eine Antwort über E-Mail. Hello, I am a student and was looking to use your Honey Script font to print myself and friends t-shirts.

May I have your permission in doing so? I am in the first stages of starting a home based yarn dyeing and knitwear design business. I have fallen in love with your Honey Script font and I am in awe of how perfectly it lends itself to the image of my small business, fancy and eye catching, yet soft and modest. It resembles my own handwritting, yet much cleaner of course. I would like to ask your permission for commercial use of the Honey script font as inspiration for my business logo, and while I have modified it slightly to suit my products main logo, the original font will appear on business cards, yarn labels, and website.

I would of course, be more than happy to credit you with the font design on my website as well as online store. I am an artist and photographer, currently in the beginning stages of starting my business.

It struck my eye because of its certain rebellious flavor and touch of elegance. I have modified it slightly, increasing its width to fit the identity of the business. I want to use this font for that phrase. Would it be possible to use your Gabriola and Gabrielle fonts for commercial purpose on my front cover? Dear Mr Steffman, Greetings form St. Thank you for providing all of your amazing fonts. I would like to formally request the use of your fonts for commercial print purposes.

I am starting a home-based T-shirt and media design company, focusing on free-thought, science, skepticism and human equality themes.

I am particularly interested in the Due Date font. It will be perfect for my logo and many of my pending designs. Thank you for considering my request. This is a request for approval to use your font for our new digital invitation service.

We plan to compete with Paperless Post and your font would be seen by a large user group. We would of course list the name of your font on the platform. The font would be for commercial use and would be for web and app use. We would require your permission to use on the web and as an app. I would like to ask your permission to use the font Saddlebag Black for a commercial trade show sign to be displayed in a private environment. Could you please let me know at your earliest convenience if I have permission to use the font?

Can I use them for commercial use? Thank you so much for your beautiful work. Kind regards, Alexandra Martins. We are considering your excellent rendering of this font for the title of a brand of products for children.

I am completely taken with your Honey Script font. I am starting a fine art print business and I would like your permission to use the font on some of my marketing materials, specifically some stationery, packaging, stickers, postcards and website graphics. I am more than happy to license them, but it seems from this site that perhaps permission is all that you require.

First of all, I would like to say thank you for creating beautiful fonts. Please let me know if I can use your font with your permission for free, or if not, how much would it be to license this font. I fell in love with the minimalism and grooviness of the font Prisma. I would love to use it as a font for my lounge band. We are just starting out, but it really catches the essence we feel in our sound. Würde mich sehr freuen, und finde diese Schrift einfach perfekt.

I would like to know what the license is of your font Hoedown. Because on several sites it says that its free for commercial use. If it is not. What will the fee be? Herr Steffman, Vary nice collection of fonts. What I would like to know is what the font is at the top of this page: Kind regards, Martin D. Like the countless people before me, and the many more to come, I have fallen in love with your font collection. Relying on your previous online responses to requests for commercial permission on this site, requesting permission here is all that is required.

I would like to use the font in the next 30 days. I am a self taught 3d artist and aspiring to be a 3d animator. I currently work as a dishwasher at a restaurant and I also do freelance graphic design work on the side.

I would be so grateful for it! Thank you kindly for creating such lovely fonts. I am very interested in using some of them to produce chalk drawings with inspirational messages.

I would like to sell my drawings on Etsy. I am a stay-at-home mom of four and my husband does not have retirement saved. I would like to help him retire some day and also have enough to give to poor children and oppressed people groups living in poorer countries. I look forward to your response. Ich war für die Grafik verantwortlich und habe in einer Szene ihren Font AnglicanText verwendet da er mir sehr gut gefiel.

Nun haben wir uns überlegt, dass wir vielleicht eine Website machen wollen, auf der man sich das Spiel herunterladen kann. Wir würden dort gerne auch einen Spenden-Button einfügen also wäre das dann ja eine kommerzielle Nutzung.

Uns würde es sehr freuen wenn sie uns die Erlaubnis dazu geben. Über eine Antwort würde ich mich sehr freuen! I would like to use one of your letters at the beginning of each chapter. I am asking for permission as I have noticed they are royalty free for personal use. My goal is to educate children about looking after our planet and each other. It would be an honour to use your beautiful fonts.

And I would love to send you the book after publication. Please let me know if you will alow me the use. Otherwise I will search or design something. I am organising the printing of the book as we speak. Kind regards, Susan Pease. I hope everything is good with you! Would you please be able to allow me to use it on this project?

Steffmann, Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Mitch Gelman and I am about to start my very first business. It would be an absolute honor to use it for my start-up consulting line of work. That being said, I am kindly asking for your permission to do so.

If this is possible, I would be ever so grateful and will definitely send you nothing but positive energy in return. I look forward to your response at your convenience. Until then, I wish you the best of good health and good fortune, and I hope you have a wonderful day! Best Regards, Mitch Gelman. One of my clients found the Forelle font you created and would like to use it in her logo.

She found the font at FreeFonts. Can we have permission to use this font commercially, and if so, is there a cost? Hi Dieter I am a sign maker who makes signs, banner, vehicle graphics, etc. I am in the process of building a web site where users can design their own signs online. We would then create the signs from their designs. I would like to include some of your fonts in the list of fonts they can use in their designs. They would not be able to download or copy the fonts. Would you allow me to use some in the web site.

I can put an acknowledgement to you on the site. Thank you for you help. However, I see that the font might not be commercial free after all. Is it ok if I use this font on the t shirts I will sell? Please let me know, thanks! I work for an indie film making company based in Mexico. We just finished our first feature film.

To do so, I want to ask you if we can re-kern some symbols such as the interrogation marks which in this particular case seem to be very close together with the first word of the question. We would properly credit you in the end credits. This movie is to be exhibited in film festivals and eventually have a theatrical release. Guten Tag Herr Steffman; I am a photographer and would like to be able to incorporate Honey Script in a few of my photographs, since it is much nicer than my handwriting.

These images would be sold commercially and the font be superimposed on writing paper that has been photographed. How can go about licensing this particular font? I am a young entrepreneur and have recently started dealing in personal accessories like desk clocks, writing instruments, etc.

I am in love with the Kaiserzeit Gotisch Font and want to request you to see if I can use this font for my logo. This logo will be carried on the website, products, etc. Please do let me know if it would possible to for me to use the font for these purposes.

Es ist fur nur eine design. Ok, ich hatte Deutsche versuchen gespragt aber ich bin Americanish. Like the others on your site, I also saw it and was able to download it for free. I am willing to purchase it as well or send you a picture of how I am using it.

It will only be in one design. Please advise how I can move forward with free use on this one design or purchase. And i love it!! I started my business and i would like to use it for the logotype and the communication. I would like to use it for my small business created recently. Please, can i use it for my logo and for my communication tools?

I live in Milwaukee, WI. I am trying to translate the above referenced document for my pastor but I am unsure the best and most affordable way to render the text cleanly into English. Would you happen to know which font type this is and perhaps how I might go about translating it per above?

I wanted to ask and make sure that it would be okay for I tell them yes. My name is Carly Rann and i live in the U. I make hand stamped jewellery and i am looking to have one custom only for my use metal font set made. I would like to ask your permission for commercial use of the Honey script font if at all possible. I would be happy to give you acknowledgement for the font on my website. I would like to ask permission to use the Rothenburg font for our groups demo cd, it was brought to my attention that this font was actually, not free, for commercial use unlike what fonts.

We will be having our own logo designed soon, however, we can only seem to agree on this particular font, at this time.

Very little revenue will actually come from the logo at this point, however, we wanted to make sure we got your permission to use the font…. Würden Sie uns bitten sagen, wie wir dies tun können? I have a small graphics business out of my home and love your font Campanile, as well as Titania, Honey Script and Benjamin Franklin. Your permission to use commercially for printed graphics including flyers, digital media and packaging would be greatly appreciated.

It is a non-profit organization. We all agree it looks great. I am requesting your permission to use Quentin Caps font in our Logo and Newsletter. We would also like to print T-shirts with our club logo and your Quentin Caps font with your permission.

I love your fonts! I have written an entirely fictional, surrealist novel based on the figure of Hildegard von Bingen, and I am wondering if I may use Goudy Initialen for drop caps at the beginning of some of the chapters. If so, how may I go about downloading a version that can be imbedded in a pdf file?

The font works now. Could you please clarify whether I have your permission to use this in my novel, which I am self-publishing, and planning to sell? Ich bin selbständige Designerin und entwerfe soeben Turnbeutel für Italien Fussball Fans, diese werden zum Verkauf sein. Die Schrift Honey Script passt perfekt und ich wollte mich erkundigen, ob ich diese verwenden darf, oder wie viel die Lizenz kosten würde?

Besten Dank und freundliche Grüsse Evelyn. Sie passt genau zu uns. Nun lässt sich nicht vermeiden, das nach viel üben auch die ersten Auftritte anstehen für die wir auch Gage bekommen.

Vielleicht nehmen wir auch mal eine CD auf, die wir bei der Gelegenheit verkaufen wollen. Unsere Bitte wäre, dass Sie uns die Genehmigung geben, die Schrifttype Hansen auch für kommerzielle Dinge anwenden zu dürfen.

Es würde uns sehr freuen. Ich finde es immer wieder sehr beeindruckend, wenn man seinen Beruf zur Berufung machen kann. We are currently working for one our sports show packaging for online digital platform hotstar.

Hi I am getting stated on selling online scrapbooks. I was on dafont. The site has them under free. Can I use them in my art? This would mean that I will have to add color and change them in other ways as well. So are they commercial free with no resections? Hope to hear back from you. Steffenman, I would like to use QuentinCaps in a sign for my high-end tailor shop. I hope this will be all right since it is exactly what I am looking for.

Please let me know if this is possible. I also read that you provide permission to use for commercial use upon request? If so, that is very generous of you to do, and would love if I had your permission to use your font. If I do get your permission to use your font, do I need to document it in any way? Can you please email me costs to use the Germania font commercially?

I am designing a wrist strap for Zox Straps and I absolutely love this font for it! I would love to ask permission to use this font in hopes my tie-dye design may be made and sold. I would be ever grateful if I could use your font and if so I would love to also send you a bracelet if it is chosen and made so you can enjoy it too! If you would like information on zox and what they are, please check out zox.

My goodness what a a fantastic font collection, I really much appreciate the work that you have done. Thank you for sharing your talent. I used Powell Antique to make a logo for a friend. He wants to make business cards and yard signs for his landscaping company. I would like to discuss a commercial license for the Kings Cross font for use in a university magazine for former students.

This magazine has no advertising. I work at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts. I am requesting your permission to use your font Augusta on an embroidered patch. The patch will be used for a Halloween party and given away as a party favor to approximately 50 guests.

I will not be selling the patches or profiting in any way. Thank you so much for your time. I wanted to inquire about a license or permission to use your Old English Five font for a majority of the name of my business, mainly to be used at the top of the website. I would be using your letters for part of the name of my business. I would provide information about your font, and give credit to you as author on the website.

This is a small, recently established July, on-line based chocolate business. I am working on an open world sandbox game and we have decided that your Devinne Swash font works really well with the menu screen options. We would like to obtain a commercial license for this font with your permission.

If you would like to learn more about our project or have any questions, please send me an e-mail and I will answer any concerns you might have. When our designer downloaded the font from freefonts. Now that link is not available, nor is any information about a license for commercial use. Can you please let me know what the fee would be to use the font one time only for commercial use?

Thank you very much for your help with this. I would like to say thank you for superb and admirable font collection you have created. You are a great inspiration to many people. I am attempting to do some freelance work designing logos and graphics, and would like to ask for your permission on using some of the fonts for this purpose. Your consideration to allow me to use your fonts will be greatly appreciated. I truly adore your talent! Thank you for all your work and for sharing with those less fortunate.

Wishing you all the best in life, Cindy. Hi Dieter, Would you consider for me to use any of your fonts to make sentimental quotes for vinyl transfers or iron-on transfers for home decor items that I make and sell part-time from my home? There would be no mass production nor production for other businesses. Just a one woman show that loves to do crafts in my spare time and share them with other women that like to decorate on a budget. I would proudly give credit on any of your fonts used and tag my completed projects with your name as the designer of the fonts.

Would this be a possibility? Thank you kindly for your consideration. Steffmann, I have received your email. Many thanks for your reply! May life continue to fill your heart with inspiration and creativity in all your endeavors. Best Wishes in all you do, Cindy Stanley. Hello Sir — I like all of your fonts but really like one called Angel. I am not able to download it.

Is there a way you can send it to me? What the lincense for you fonts, and i can use for comercial use in videos? I am interested in using it for a Business Logo. I am sure you get this question a lot since your fonts are amazing; can I freely use it in a logo?

If it is not free to utilize, what steps must I go through to get permission? I am loving your font called Honey Script, It fits perfectly in my design for a window sticker in Antwerp, may I please use it freely.

The sticker will be up there for a month. Till the opening early October. You are my last hope.. I was hoping to use some of your fonts on pictures I have taken and sell them. Inspirational words and phrases. I am trying to make a living of this and I find your fonts so beautiful. Thank you for your time. I actually found many amazing fonts belong to you on fonts for free commercial use.

I am the owner of a very small custom apparel and decal shop in Northern Colorado. I have looked through your fonts and I really like several 53 to be exact. May I please have your written permission to use your fonts in my work? I specialize in Rhinestone designs, but occasionally customers want text or initials. I am designing a decorative tin can for a year-old American company. Their logo is very compatible with Honey Script.

I would like to add a phrase to their tin design using Honey Script. Please confirm or let me know if it is available for licensing for this purpose. Thank you in advance for your consideration. If you would like more information, please contact me. Dear Mr Steffmann, I was wondering if I could gain your permission to use your font Hoedown for commercial use ie. I am a graphic artist and illustrator. I saw your marvelous fonts on dafont. I am from the UK and I want to start my own small business company.

So I hopefully get your permission to use your font for commercial use. I really appreciate your time and consideration to my request. Thanks a lot, Mr. The font will be used for the title of the book. I was wondering if you could give me the authorization to use the font for my logo? I would only use it for the logo on my website and business cards. I would really appreciate your help and being able to use this great font! Looking forward to your reply. My partner and I are trying to start an educational program for children which focuses on reducing the gap in STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education for public school children.

May we use your font for our logo? We are a small independent game studio from Canada that creates mobile phone games for all ages.

Steffenman, I am beginning to take in some small graphic design commissions as a hobby and to support myself while unemployed. I wonder if i may have your permission to use your Tintoretto and Honey Script fonts in my work? Thank you for your consideration. My wife and I truly admire your work.

We run a small me and my wife home based business selling handmade items for the wedding industry. We are asking you for commercial permission to use the font: It would be a true blessing for us. I would like to reach out and ask if you would be willing to give me permission to use your font for some website and print designs I have made for a client? Thank you so much, Emery Dingee.

By the way nice to meet you! I see a lot of questions about licensing and I am confused myself. I wouold suggest that Mr. Steffmann to do one of these three things:. Of course I would prefer the 2nd option. Wie meine Vorgänger möchte auch ich Sie fragen ob diese kommerzielle Nutzung meinerseits für Sie in Ordnung ist.

Auf Ihrer Website haben Sie angegeben dass Sie sich für Geschichte interessieren, wenn sie wollen schicke ich Ihnen gerne ein kostenloses Exemplar zu wenn ich die Arbeiten beendet habe. Kann es aber im Web nicht finden…. Is there a way I can purchase it? Is it possible to have your email address because I have a question about your honeyscript typo, that i would like to buy for commercial purpose? Let me know, thank you.

Wir sind auf eine Webseite gestossen, auf der angegeben wird das die Saddlebag auch für die kommerzielle Nutzung frei zu verfügung steht: Uns würde es sehr freuen ihre Saddlebag für unsere Webseite verwenden zu dürfen. Would you be happy for me to use the font on this project? Thanks very much for your time and beautiful work.

Thank you and have a great day. However, we both love this font so much that we would like to have it be the font for the permanent logo. It is truly a work of art, as is all of the work from you that I have seen so far. I cannot find this font for sale with a commercial license though, so I am here to ask your permission to use this font for the logo.

Will you grant permission to use? And if so what are your conditions, if any. I thank you in advance for your time and consideration, and wish you the best. I am working on a project for a friend as a kickstarter for what i love to do. I cannot find any font for commercial I like and Augusta is perfect for the cover. How do I go about obtaining the license to use this font for to sell her book and what are your conditions, if any. Herr Steffmann, I admire your work and that you are a true craftsman.

Thank you for sharing your gift. Lieber Herr Steffmann, Sie kann Englisch verstehen, und Englisch viel leichter für mich geht, so weiter auf Englisch schreibe ich. Untschuldegung aber Deutsch sehr langsam für mich geht. It is too plain. I will just be using the lowercase a for my logo for clothing company. I have checked out every font you have, I like Olde the best. Steffmann, I really like your fonts! You have made some beautiful ones! May I have permission to use them?

In particular at this time, I am interested in using Honey Script for a blog, and since I want to use it in the name, it may be used elsewhere as a logo in the future.

Thank you for sharing your talent! First of all, thank you for your admirable compilation of Fonts. I am working as freelance designer and seen your fonts on fonts and must say that you are realy talented! I am interested in using Titania, Klarissa in my logo and graphic designs, but other Fonts to in a time. Can you please tell me that if I use your Fonts free for commercial use and modify some shape just a little for example: I am only talking about Shapes of fonts in designs and not the Files itself.

Besides the Licence offcorse you would be credited as designer of Fonts at the end! Hello, mr Dieter Steffmann. Can I use Blackwood Castle font in my small flash game? Game is free for end players. Do you give me permission to use your Prisma font on a t-shirt? There is a possibility that the t-shirt will be sold.

I have only one question, what do you mean by personnel use only? I sell nothing, i do not have even advertising. Diverse Websites zeichnen die Schrift als lizenzfrei auch für kommerzielle Nutzung aus allerdings möchte ich mich lieber absichern. Deshalb meine Frage, darf ich die Schrift nutzen oder was würde die Schrift kosten?

Steffmann I love your font titled Kaiserzeit Gotisch and wanted to use it for a logo design, however, on trying to export the file, it says there are licensing restrictions. Would you be so kind as to give me permission to use this font? I know that it can be used in a commercial for it. Ask to be sure. If put to commercial use? I am rewriting our technical publications.

For the warning symbols there are are available graphics in the internet. However, this is very inconvienient as we will overload the documents with many copies of the same pictogram. We are therefor requesting permission to use the typface in our documentation. In addition I would like permission to add one or two symbols that are not in your set. For this I would use TypeTool3. I am working as a designer making catalogs and books.

Then I would like to ask for your permission to use it for a catalog. It was confusing how the font is free on DaFont but not really clear on the use on your site. I am writing to inquire about the availability of your font, Deutsche Zierschrift, for commercial purposes. How may I obtain permission to do so? Bitte um kurze Info. My hobby is digital scrapbooking.

I participate to a few scrapbookingforums.. In one of them we thank the members for their participation with little gifts digital scrapbookingkits that we the administrators make self…I would like to know if it is allowed to use your dingbats fonts for the confection of these kits….

I thank you for your attention and support for our litlle forum Andréa Tanzer-Herchuel Belgium. Please let me know. Thank you in advance! Am I able to use a few of your fonts in my recipe book? Steffmann, We are interested in using your font Saddlebag Black for our client. Can you please let me know if we are able to license your font and what our cost will be for the usage. I am writing to obtain your permission to use one of your fonts Quentin Caps for the project with credit to you as font designer.

I hope to hear from you soon. I would love to use your font prisma to the logo and flyer. Can you give me the permission to used the font? I just discovered your fonts on Fonts. My German is a wee bit lax. Ich würde gerne die Victorinas Initals für die einzelnen Kapitel für mein Märchenbuch benutzen. Ich möchte um eine Erlaubnis bitten oder was es mich ungefähr kosten würde. Steffmann, first of all, your work is incredible. Thank you very much for your fonts. I am going to autoedit Kindle, Createspace , but… it is commercial use.

Can you give me the permission to use them? Obviously with credit to you as font designer. I hope they are affordable for me. Please reply, and thank you very much. Would you give me some license? How is the process? Thank you very much and greetings from South America. I would like to take one of your fonts Chelsea and extend the character set to include all the MUFI characters http: The resulting font would be released as a free font under the SIL open font license http: A previous example of my work can be found at http: I love your Honeyscript font and would love to use it for a logo on my website.

I see that it is free for personal use. How do I get commercial license for the font? I create items for a virtual community. I just wish to know what is your policy for these particular use.

Thank you for your time! I have downloaded it on my personal pc and I have also read the personal and commercial license. But I would just like to ask you directly the question because the creation is yours. Would you allow me to use your beautiful font for my logo as a registered trademark at the OBPI? Maybe, later, I would print it on flyers or other supports. So it may be for a broader use. How is the best practice: Thanks a lot for your response.

Dürfte ich das tun? Und wenn schon, wieviel würde es mir kosten? I love your work. Dear Mr Steffmann, i would like to purchase a commercial license for your font Deutsche Zierschrift. Steffmann Primeiramente quero te parabenizar pelo seu talento e pela humildade de liberar as fontes, sou brasileiro e estou montando uma marca de camisetas para jovens, gostaria de saber se posso usar a fonte prisma para uma arte, creio que as fonte nao sao para uso comerciais, mas gostei muito, caso nao autorize mesmo assim agradeço pois tem um belo portifólio, nunca vi nada igual.

I was wondering if I would be able to use your font in my logo for my clothing brand? I am writing to request the usage of the font you designed: Marketing Script font family http: I am from a Japanese cosmetics company and I would like to use your font on the package design.

I would be really appreciated if you can allow me to use these fonts. Thank you very much! I am interested in purchasing one of your fonts. The font is named Cloister Black. I am wanting to use the font for a logo I am creating for a business I am starting. It sends a letter from Japan. My name is Kinoshita Hiroko. I am a homemaker, and glass crafts instructor. A student is the just small classroom of several people.

The craft is a carvings glass. In addition, I respect you who made many splendid fonts including KaiserzeitGotisch and Royal Initialen. When I carve an initial to glass, I introduce your font to a student, and may I carve it? In addition, I think the work which I engraved on glass to want to do sale.

A part of the sales wants to do contribution. I am glad if I can have permission. Hello sir, I am a graphic designer and one of my friends is starting a company. We really like your font Saddlebag. What do we have to do to get your permission to use it on shirts, buisness cards, etc.

Thank you so much for your time, hope to hear back soon. I am a young designer that would like to request your permission to use your Old London and Olde English fonts on a design for my upcoming clothing brand. I have fallen in love with your unique fonts and i cant find anything else like it. Your work is very appreciated and the incredible attention to detail is apparent. Dear Mr Steffmann, I found your font Campanile on dafont. I saw that Campanile is available for personal use — is there a way that I could obtain permission to use it on the front cover and chapter headings?

Many thanks for your time, Liz Hedgecock. PS of course I would give you full credit on my acknowledgements page and link back to your website! I am interested in using your font for our diplomas at a University. Most of our printing is done in house, but we use a third party vendor for our larger diplomas. Do we need to purchase a license so that our third party vendor can use it for our larger diplomas? You are very talented. I am a year-old Brazilian guy, although living in Italy that always had and still has a passion for calligraphy.

I would like to know why it is so difficult to submit a font through a limited-time computer program such as FontLab, Fontographer and even Scanahand, just to mention some? I am especially a lover of Blackletter as for personal reasons, so I installed a lot of them on my computer, but I sadly found out that your font Courtrai what a pity! Then my question is: Should I rename the font or still use the original name?

I am making these questions because I do not want to get involved in legal problems of any kind. There are a lot of fonts out there in the Net that are incomplete and still they sell it as free and complete. It is so wrong that they do it, but it is worse when they do it for money, even when it comes from a professional calligrapher, typographer or typesetter.

I am of this view too and I completely agree in number, grade and gender, as to say, with you. I added you and the http: I added you first but I never got an answer. Your fonts are so wonderful that I want some tips on how to improve on this field, just for free, without having any problems when doing it. I am having a problem of font and character map display on http: The lower Ads gray bar takes almost over half of the page and all buttons, font displays, names, and everything else get mixed up.

But I need more information about it, such as founders, publishers, date of publishing, usages, some basic information only. I am a young French guy, I just created my first board game and would like to commercialize it. I have seen at this address: I work in the clearance dept.

Would it be possible to contact me with your direct email address, so I can send our release to you to review? My email address is arika. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I operate a website at http: Nothing is sold at Fontwire and fonts are not downloadable however advertising is present.

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