Dangerous Abbott unleashed, speaks the truth, critics froth and flounder

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Organisation (or lack of it)!


The government has been trying to find a way to keep the lights on in states such as South Australia, Victoria and NSW as coal-fired power stations close down and more pressure is put on the network. It now wants consumers to do their part — and sign up to reduce their electricity by turning off their appliances.

Over the next three years, 10 pilot projects across the three states will pay users to reduce their electricity consumption during short periods. This is aimed at freeing up electricity supply during extreme peaks — such as summer heatwaves or during extreme weather events and blackouts. Tens of thousands of households are expected to participate in the demand response initiative in exchange for cheaper power bills.

EnergyAustralia and AGL will offer their customers the ability to sign up and those that reduce their consumption will be rewarded with money off their bill or they can get vouchers if they choose.

Residential households will have to install smart meters to measure their usage. The hardware will have optional user overrides. The pilot projects will also involve installing remote monitoring and control devices in commercial and industrial businesses — such as cold storage facilities, manufacturing plants and commercial buildings.

An AGL spokeswoman said the project was expected to harvest 20 MW of electricity from its customers, 3 MW from residential households and 17 MW from commercial and industrial customers. EnergyAustralia is expected to contribute a total of 50 MW from its program http: No heating or air conditioning for the government.

That could catch on. Rewarded by death by heatstroke? Just what certain bossy boots seem to want for us all, except themselves of course. Not on your Nellie will I power down to keep the state going , the state should have thought more before letting Hazelwood close to keep in good with the green and commie vote. Matter of fact I might just turn on every electric device I have , just as I do on earth hour.

Light up the whole large backyard with beautiful reds and blues. Sixteen wildfires rage across Northern California Guest: Homes and businesses burn as fire rips through Santa Rosa. Sunday and their causes are under investigation, officials said…. Who is starting all those wildfires?

We are By Warren Cornwall As parts of the western United States choke on smoke from wildfires scorching more than , hectares, renewed attention is falling on the role that people have played in starting some of these blazes. An Oregon fire that has consumed 13, hectares, for instance, is thought to have been started by teens tossing firecrackers.

Jennifer Balch, a wildfire ecologist at the University of Colorado in Boulder, has examined just how big a role people are playing in starting wildfires in the United States. ScienceInsider spoke with Balch about those numbers, and their implications. In a follow-up email, Balch provided a scorecard for the fire season.

The total area burned by human-started fires, she added, was about 1. News coverage of fires may promote arson, specialists warn The Portugal News Sep. Why wildfires are so common in California by Gabrielle Deabler This news story might sound familiar to you. We see similar stories every fall as California wildfires break out. A uniquely extreme dry season is the first reason the California is so prone to wildfires. Here at home — there are also fears the bushfire season could start unseasonably early after an unusually warm and dry winter.

Yesterday the Bureau of Meteorology warned that Australia is facing scorching temperatures and strong winds this summer. Tony Abbott speech excerpts…what did you think of that? Why should I boost their numbers? And why do Pippa Pig etc. Is that the average mental age of those who do watch the ABC? Over the summer, Europe was scorched by wildfires, fueled by hotter temperatures, high winds and poorly managed forest and scrubland that can often burn along roads and near villages and towns, fire experts say.

Fires continued to flare afterward with the arrival of each new hotter spell of weather…. Karoly said climate change is increasing the likelihood of weather conditions that are conducive to wildfires — namely, less rainfall and hotter temperatures.

The research agenda is comprised of around 40 separate but interconnected research projects as well as support for up to 50 PhD scholarships. His responsibilities included leadership and oversight of the research program…. Never mind the forests being extra- combustible, thanks to the minority greenies being give power way beyond what their actual numbers justify, never mind the fact that a lot of us, far from having a warmer winter have had a markedly cold and long one.

The recent rain leading to rampant growth will cause trouble from a fire point of view if we get hot dry weather. Droughts, flooding rains, bushfires…. Except that the bushfires become firestorms as in thanks to lack of cool burns and clearing…I blame all the greenie wets. Australia, as we now refer to this country, was managed by controlled seasonal fires and removal of growth that would have choked the bush and provided fuel for very hot fires. The Australian Aborigines looked after country for tens of thousands of years, new settlers made changes to the land and not always for the better.

I disagree, Australia has done very well as a nation despite the changes in politicians and related governments. The modern problem is socialism and the Union Labor Greens are the culprits, with some exceptions in the ALP, but from Whitlam Labor Government the post war development and prosperity resulting came to a crashing halt.

But the deregulation of the banking and finance industry coupled to currency deregulation, and no checks and balances, resulted in the economy over heating and the worst recession for 60 years. We then had almost 12 years of moving forward, Australian Prudential regulatory Authority established , economic reform process continued and good management. By our standard of living in OECD listing was 8th down from 13th in But also because to the good guys that carried out repairs in between unlucky periods.

Manufacturing and industry sectors have three top-tier costs as they transfer to Main Street: If you lower any of the three drivers you lower the cost of business operations.

President Trump is actually the only President in modern history who is working to lower both material costs and energy costs simultaneously. In doing so, the short term benefit to the middle-class worker is a lower consumable good prices and subsequently a higher level of disposable income. In Chicago in July , there were over heat-related deaths. In the twenty years after , there were only total heat-related deaths less than 30 per year and over 1, cold-related deaths.

Does that look like a global warming trend? My guess is that national statistics look similar. Canada to Tony Abbott: One year-old boy came to her with a list of environmental changes he thought might be caused by climate change. These included a decline in caribou numbers and experienced hunters falling through thinning sea ice and being lost forever.

His observations were backed up by a climate scientist in the group. Rachel Cleetus, lead economist and climate policy manger with the Union Of Concerned Scientists, blasted the removal of climate change from the report. Paying people not to use energy after heavily subsidizing unreliable sources is adding madness to madness. And, yes, Mr Frydenberg, cold is far more deadly than heat, and the last Ice Age almost wiped out the human race, reducing the population to about 15, The future is always uncertain, the best response is to increase the growth and flexibility of our economy so that we are better equipped to deal with whatever comes our away, good or bad.

I went to view the evidence on the ABC link. It was available until Wed 11 Oct Almost all the points in his speech and in his answers, however, were simple ones which could have been culled from the last ten or fifteen years of postings and comments on climate sceptic websites — WUWT, Bishop Hill, Climate Audit, Jo Nova, Judith Curry etc, from NIPCC reports and from the series of good books on the subject, e.

He even gave two name checks to Matt Ridley who was in the audience. It is the psychology of delusions, the madness of crowds which I am beginning to find more interesting than the subject of climate change itself.

Is that why four of the leading sceptic website hosts of the past ten years have more or less stopped their work? Not everyone has the time to do original research and craft original thoughts. Abbott has spent years getting to the position where he could achieve that. He had to build up political capital in order to spend it. Only a big team, a network can take apart a paradigm with so much money, support and identities behind it. He, Nigel Lawson, Vaclav Klaus, Fritz Varenholt, David Bellamy, Matt Ridley himself and a few others are all high profile figures who have suffered from talking sense on the subject but not been intimidated or backed down.

When I was a student, I thought that the evolution of ideas from the Enlightenment onwards was a continuously upwards path where rationality and empiricism gradually displaced superstition and each generation understood the world better than the last.

Is it, as in the case of the Soviet Union, economic collapse? Or is there a social or economic process which causes them to wither and die?

And on a lightly different issue, is the slow or negligible productivity growth in the UK and other developed countries in the last ten years which so mystifies analysts a result of the misallocation of capital to high cost energy production and the pricing of a supposed but non existent negative externality what is driving our economies to a point where these climate change policies are dropped because they are unaffordable?

To report "lost" comments or defamatory and offensive remarks, email the moderators at: Thirty Years in the Making Edition 1. JoNova A perfectly good civilization is going to waste…. Advertising The nerds have the numbers on precious metals investments on the ASX. Dangerous Abbott unleashed, speaks the truth, critics froth and flounder. Finally the gloves are off The critics called him a climate denier anyway, even when he toed the politically correct line, so there was nothing left to call him.

The ABC narrator, Andrew Probyn, tosses out any pretense of being impartial, just blows that facade away: Tony Abbott - already the most destructive politician of his generation — now intends waging war on what he calls environmental theology, … What exactly did Abbott destroy?

Seas were rising fastest before World War II. For those who can or want to pretend to be within Australia — watch the WA State news on Iview from 5 minutes on. The Probyn declaration is at 7: October 11th, Tags: October 11, at 2: October 11, at 7: October 11, at 9: In fact in the same lecture, he boasted about a Barak Obama tweet that said: October 11, at October 12, at 5: October 19, at 9: October 11, at 3: Josh has a cartoon of the talk, see Bishop Hill.

He is not talking to me now. A good result all round. So the result is that you both have no idea of biology…. And you GA have no idea of history or geography.

But do tell us about your biology. October 11, at 1: October 11, at 4: October 11, at 8: Yes, he failed to get 18 C repealed.

He was PM for less than two years. October 13, at 6: Gee — Blows your theory out of the water… Interesting to see how you cope with that. October 12, at 9: GA, you really should talk about any sort of personal conviction. Stick to things you know something about, like twitter comments. Liberals could actually stand a chance at the next election. Abbott would still thrive on talk-back radio and online.

October 11, at 5: A theory is only as good as its predictions vs the data. This one is dead. Tony Abbott is right to call these people out. The industry has changed so much that journalists have a very uncertain future in print. Dave in the States. What exactly has he destroyed? The concept of a free ride on the gravy-train, and an early lunch, to-boot. Tumbrils might be more the style? October 12, at October 12, at 7: October 12, at 1: October 12, at 4: October 12, at 6: Bravo Tony Abbott, bravissimo!

October 13, at 7: October 12, at 8: The ideologues betrayed themselves over and over again. October 13, at 8: Let him know you appreciate his thinking: He worked in a batching plant.

Not a real job, I know. I thought the fort Denison tide gauge had not changed at all in the last years. Peter Cynical of Sandy Bay. On a related point, consider that Australia is moving far faster horizontally. Another two-faced lying Australian politician. I am having trouble stifling my yawn.

You would be the expert and we know it takes one to know one. Now, prove that any one of his points was incorrect. Waiting for your further empty comment. John of Cloverdale, WA, Australia. October 12, at 2: Now go crush the loathed and reviled climatariat. See how that works? Michael Cunningham aka Faustino aka Genghis Cunn.

October 15, at 6: October 26, at 7: October 26, at 2: October 27, at 5: Jo appreciates your support to help her keep doing what she does. This blog is funded by donations. Recent Comments Guide for commenting.

Check the top of the left column. They do have a case to answer to us. How about you tell us what this point about biology is then? In for a penny…. I want to know how Al Gore persuaded Clive Palmer to change his mind.

It would mean the end of the world, as they know it … 32 2 Graeme No. What blows what theory out of the water? A perfectly good civilization is going to waste… So yeah, Abbott. People arent stupid…they know when people are speaking truth…. Get mad Harpo 33 2 KinkyKeith October 11, at 5: KK 31 2 KinkyKeith October 11, at 5: They were much used to transport people to la guillotine during the French Revolution.

Annie October 12, at Lovely turn of phrase. The other term sounds too UN to me. It is not counterintuitive it is nonsense. Rick, That is not a winning argument. Did you read the links? Did you study the NASA measurements? Care to explain how you arrived at your conclusion? Which have you done, Gee?

Error, ignore the red. Its now becoming unstuck, what should he do? KK 4 0 philthegeek October 11, at Polling will go ballistic, we can have any early election and drain the swamp!!! The make your own energy horse has bolted. Mr Nolan sounds like another innumerate product of the dumbed-down Australian education system. Has anybody seen his arithmetic? Which no-one seems to be able to dispute. The temperature and insolation of the Sun And 3. KK 0 1 Will Janoschka October 12, at 8: Is it pushed or is it drawn?

KK 1 0 Will Janoschka October 12, at Now, that would be fun to watch. The pilot projects will also involve installing remote monitoring and control devices in commercial and industrial businesses — such as cold storage facilities, manufacturing plants and commercial buildings An AGL spokeswoman said the project was expected to harvest 20 MW of electricity from its customers, 3 MW from residential households and 17 MW from commercial and industrial customers. The people I was with, recognised the symptoms, and pulled me out of it.

But when it is my time, and if I have any choice, then that is how I would choose to go. Twenty minutes should do it. CO2; the gas of life. KK 0 1 robert rosicka October 11, at 7: Light up the whole large backyard with beautiful reds and blues 3 2 AndyG55 October 11, at 9: Sunday and their causes are under investigation, officials said… 10 Oct: Arson suspected in 2 wildfires Globalnews. His responsibilities included leadership and oversight of the research program… 5 Sept: And then along came the green curse.

This webinar will include a discussion of the use of recently FDA approved ILE products, particularly the mixed-oil based fat emulsion MOFE with practical tips from those with experience using the products. Description This year's Malnutrition Awareness Week will be focused on the nutrition screening process and diagnosing malnutrition within specialty populations.

The programs will also address continued treatment of malnourished individuals after discharge. This webinar will address the misunderstandings of how an obese patient can be malnourished despite not presenting as the stereotypical cachectic malnourished individual.

It will also detail the process of assessment and diagnosing of malnutrition in this population. This webinar will address the continuum of malnutrition from the hospital to the home and highlight available community nutrition resources to aid in combating community malnutrition. This webinar will provide recent updates from the recent nutrition screening systematic review for the adult and pediatric populations. Description The microbiome is an important modulator and contributor to presence of disease as well as severity and recovery.

Nutrient intake can affect the microbiome. In this webinar, the speakers will provide advanced information for clinicians in the evolving world of the microbiome. This webinar is targeted at an advanced level and builds upon webinars that were offered in and Recordings of these webinars are available in ASPEN's eLearning Center and can provide a foundation of knowledge prior to this webinar. Modifying the Gut Microbiota: Clinical Applications and Current Evidence and Microbiome: Research Update and Cutting Edge Applications.

Description Many individuals diagnosed with cancer seek to modify their diet as an adjunct to their treatment. One new diet that has gained popularity in some oncology patient populations is the ketogenic diet. This program will provide a thorough review of the literature and evidence on the beneficial effects of ketogenic diet in oncology. Information will be provided on the nutritional goals of the various therapeutic ketogenic diets for oncology patients as well as the implementation and management of the ketogenic diet.

What Does the Data Show? Description Parenteral nutrition component shortages are frequent and concerning to the nutrition support practitioner given the limited availability of therapeutic alternatives. End of First Trimester 58 Days. No School, District Offices Closed. The Iowa City Community School District serves nearly 14, students and is the 5th largest school district in the state of Iowa. The District covers roughly square miles with 18 preschool sites, 21 elementary schools, 3 junior high schools, 3 comprehensive high schools, and 1 alternative high school.

Our high schools rank among the best in the state, and our ACT test scores sit well above the state and national averages. We aim to create an exemplary school district that is acknowledged for the caliber of our graduates, the quality of our staff, and the excellence of our programs. The Iowa City Community School District is proud to announce that 25 District students have been included in this honor.

West High leads the state again with 21 students named as Semifinalists, and City High boasts 4 Semifinalists. The Iowa City Community School District is proud to announce the unanimous approval of an amendment to the teacher and paraeducator negotiated agreements by the School Board during their September 11, meeting. In the wake of changes at the state level regarding collective bargaining, this amendment helps ensure the continuation of a collaborative and supportive relationship between the Iowa City Education Association ICEA and the district for the benefit of staff.

Most Likely to Succeed presents a new vision of American education, sharing insights and stories from the front lines, including profiles of successful students, teachers, parents, and business leaders. Check out the trailer here: In addition, the link to use this same system via computer is a bookmark on every Chromebook in the District.

The following comments were received via our BePositive campaign. It brought a lot of fun and laughter to everyone, especially the students of Horn. Abbott is the best! Sara Duytschaver is a ray of sunshine in our lives.

She is always cheerful, friendly, and efficient. Our child loves going to school every day largely because of Mrs Duytschaver. She brings a sense of fun and playfulness to her lessons while maintaining high educational standards.

We appreciate her honesty, great sense of humor, and the close attention she pays to each child, and classroom dynamics. Thank you, Mrs Duytschaver!

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