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Is Beachbody’s Shakeology a Scam?
Probiotics and prebiotics help support good bacteria in the gut. So bitter and unpleasant tasting I had to force it down. So for the health nuts that have a problem with the Carnation Breakfast option, this is another option that should eliminate all health questions. Shakeology is the best thing I put in my body everyday. We both know all these are essential to a healthy diet. The only thing good about bb is the workouts.

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Shakeology Shakes

Yerba mate leaf extract: Coming from a plant native to South America, this is known as a stimulant that is used to treat both physical and mental fatigue. Green tea leaf extract: A popular ingredient in diet pills that is known to be full of antioxidants, as well as giving the user both a boost in metabolism and mental cognition. Coming from a plant that is native to latin America, this is believed to help treat stomach ailments, as well as boost mental cognition. Also claimed to be an aphrodisiac.

A crystallized version of caffeine that is known to give the user an energy boost. Also known to be a diuretic. Known to have a relaxing effect on users that is free of drowsiness. Conjugated linoleic acid CLA powder: Known to be used for bodybuilding, this ingredient is known to help reduce fat, as well as strengthen the immune system.

A powerful stimulant that may cause adverse effects in users. Is chemically similar to the banned substance ephedrine.

Known as a treatment for constipation, this ingredient is not absorbed into the stomach but instead goes to the bowels, where it helps improve functioning. Coming from a plant that is native to Latin America, the seeds of this are used to make chocolate. Known to lower blood pressure and improve mental functioning. Compare it with top 10 pills.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Whats better than it? But the better question is what flavor of Shakeology tastes the best. With nine different Shakeology flavors to try you really need to taste all of them before saying whether or not Shakeology tastes good on a whole.

Some people love one flavor and hate another. The taste is so much better with the chocolate than the others and is why its a crowd favorite. The vegan flavors are lighter to the taste and are a little harder to get them right in the blender. I seem to make them watery. After you find which Shakeology flavor is best for you then get Beachbody to change your order so you get the bag sent.

I found that after using Shakeology for a couple of years now that I kind of enjoy all the flavors about the same. I will always think chocolate will taste the best but I look forward to having the occasional Greenberry or Tropical Strawberry to switch things up. Most people who have bought Shakeology have heard about the 3 Day Shakeology cleanse. If you have not heard about it by now then you should really look into doing it as its a quick way to detox.

It is not a true cleanse because you are not deprived of calories and nutrients. What this does is provide maximum nutrients with the least amount of calories.

You need to follow the same regimen for 3 days straight. Have 3 Shakeology shakes per day, 1 or 2 pieces for fruit as a snack, and 1 salad for dinner that can include chicken or fish. Drink 2 to 4 liters of water every day and go easy on the salad dressing.

Limit your use of salt and pepper with the meals too. Use 8 to 10 oz of water blended with ice in each Shakeology you have. You should be consuming — calories per day on the 3 Day Shakeology Cleanse. Lay off other supplements during the 3 days. Do a 1 or 2 day Shakeology cleanse if you ate or drank a lot over the weekend. This is a quick way to get all of the gunk out of your system and back on track. I have done the 3 day Shakeology cleanse 3 times losing 1 pound and barely a.

Even though I take Shakeology daily, this for me was more of a way to get whatever junk I had in my system out before starting my next 60 or 90 day workout program. When I woke up on the 4th day I felt lighter and mentally better. The only down side from doing the Shakeology cleanse was feeling very hungry on the third day. I knew this was coming as I cut my normal calorie intake in half.

Theres always the 3 Day Refresh available to do if you did not see results cleansing with Shakeology. There is no cure for the common cold so far but as most of us know there are treatments for it. Getting rest, drinking fluids, and washing your hands help limit it spreading to others. Most of the info I found about antibiotics and antivirals say neither have an effect against the common cold. Fooled me for all these years. The link also says healthy people tend to not get the cold as much as non-healthy people.

Kind of makes sense even without getting all scientific. Shakeology is not the cure to the common cold. My best guess is because of all the nutrition in Shakeology. The link at the top says studies show Vitamin C to not really have an effect on curing the common cold. This got me thinking into what does stop the common cold. The best I could find is from being healthy and having a strong immune system.

And then if there is anything in Shakeology that helps build up your immune system. Turns out there is. These are nutrients in foods that slow down the oxidation of our bodies. Camu-Camu and Goji Berry are two of those powerful anti-oxidants in Shakeology. These promote a strong immune system, slow down aging, help detoxify the body, and are the nutrients believed to be necessary to sustaining human life.

Sounds like they are kind of a big deal. Moringa, Spirulina, and Chlorella are all in Shakeology and help out with those. Sounds like they do a lot of work. Beachbody says there are 9 Adaptogens in Shakeology which are more than any other shake out there. Shakeology does not cure the common cold but it will give it one hell of a fight. Like, your glad they are on your side. The trick is you have to use it everyday. Not once in a while. Beyond helping fight the common cold, Shakeology will do so much more only if you let it.

If your sick and tired no pun intended of being sick and tired from the common cold then pick up a bag of Shakeology. Chocolate is my favorite and Beachbody hooks you up with free shipping when you select auto ship. Your body will thank you later.

Wondering if that boost of energy you get from Shakeology comes from caffeine? Greenberry Shakeology is the only flavor with zero caffeine in it. The rest of the flavors have trace levels of caffeine. From what I could find, its the green tea extract which is present in both Chocolate and Greenberry that is decaffeinated but Chocolate and Chocolate Vegan both contain minimum levels of caffeine from the cocoa in those formulas.

With Beachbody sticking to their standards of using whole ingredients and not extracts in the vegan formulas, an all natural green tea extract containing low levels of caffeine is used in both Tropical Strawberry and Chocolate Vegan.

Beachbody has said Chocolate Shakeology contains about 18mg of caffeine. A regular cup of coffee has mg while a cup of decaf coffee has mg in it. At 18mg of caffeine, Shakeology is similar to a cup of decaf coffee. Many people I talk to have said that Shakeology has helped them eliminate coffee from their morning routine all together or at least put it at bay. Shakeology will satisfy your caffeine addiction with a little bit of caffeine but a whole lot more of nutrition.

As in puke their brains out. These are the top 3 reasons why people get sick from Shakeology. If that is the case then you might need to look at getting a tamer meal replacement shake or making your own with whey protein. One of the most asked questions about Shakeology is why is it so expensive. Most of which are not grown in the United States. In the development phase of Shakeology, Beachbody sent Darin Olien around the world to find ingredients. After they found which ones worked they went back to those countries and purchased tractors for the farmers to grow more of them.

Not in all cases but in some. Those costs start adding up. Most of which are logistic costs. Have you heard of or seen any of those ingredients in your local grocery store? What you really need to think about when it comes to the cost is the breakdown of each one of the ingredients in Shakeology.

Here is what they look like individually and if you were to buy them on your own. Would you rather have 25 different bags and bottles of ingredients taking up counter top space or one bag of Shakeology?

When you take into account the cost of acquiring the ingredients, shipping them back to the U. Beachbody is not trying to rip us off. I really hope this helps in breaking down why Shakeology might seem so expensive. Are you doing your due dilligence trying to find out if Shakeology is a scam? The answer you are looking for is no. Shakeology , in my opinion, is the best product Beachbody sells as it simplifies the nutrition part of the workout programs.

The hardest part with getting results from workouts like P90X and Insanity is the meal plans. My favorite ones are how people try to say that Shakeology made them poop a lot more without saying poop. There is also a large community of people at Team Beachbody who swear by the product and use it daily. Most will stay on the auto ship program as they go through an entire bag of Shakeology before the end of the month.

Beachbody makes a quality product and they stand behind it with a 30 day money back guarantee. You should have no worries about being scammed when you buy a bag of Shakeology knowing that. Why would you ever want to cancel Shakeology? Do you really want to quit taking one of the easiest ways to provide nutrition and good health for yourself? Like the apple a day keeps the Dr. It cannot get easier to improve your health than having one scoop of Shakeology a day.

When people tell me they need to cancel their autoship order of Shakeology it comes back to a couple of reasons. Of the 4 reasons to cancel Shakeology there is only one legitimate reason. Before letting them off the hook I ask them why. After challenging them to make it a habit and use it for 30 days they usually stay on for good. I understand the cost can be a real issue for some. Do I need to send Tony Horton to your house? It has increased my results with the workouts and I just feel better all around.

Regardless of where you are in your health or fitness you really need to buy a bag of Shakeology and give it a try for at least two weeks. Personally, I think Shakeology is the best product Beachbody makes. Yes, better than P90X. Put the two together and you have a winning combo.

So head over to the Beachbody store and buy a bag of Shakeology. Chocolate is my favorite. If you want to read about the ingredients first then get a free Beachbody account and do some reading. I doubt a non-Beachbody Coach would ever write a review and for obvious reasons. And if they did, they probably learned about those obvious reasons and signed up to be a Beachbody Coach. There probably are some coaches who say Shakeology is great, buy it for years, and never use it. Was on my 6th Healthiest Year Ever when Beachbody sent this gift.

Shakeology Mustaches I do not see what the problem is. My 7th Healthiest Year Ever gift from Beachbody. My 3rd 8th healthiest year ever gift. If Beachbody does make changes to the chocolate formula I will update it here. Vegan Chocolate Shakeology Review For the first time in years I changed flavors on my monthly Shakeology auto ship order.

Shakeology Tips I drink it in the morning along with eating a bowl of Kashi cereal, oatmeal, or a breakfast burrito. Does Shakeology Make You Poop?

Buy Shakeology Cheap There is only one way to save money when buying Shakeology and that is with a Beachbody Coach account. What about buying Shakeology on eBay, Craigslist, or Amazon? Shakeology Samples To expedite the process of finding the flavor of Shakeology you like most you can now buy Shakeology sample packs. Does Shakeology Taste Good? Second of all, that article is an advertisement in disguise. Why is it arrogant for someone to call you out in a public forum for your BS?

If you choose to write in a public domain, then you sign an unwritten contract to be scrutinized. How are you going to be so offended after putting out an extremely vile posts against the author? This is obviously a lie, or you have a weird agenda to go to random blogs based on topics you know nothing about and attempt to defame an author. Nobody would come here and write like you have without being some kind of corporate shill or an outraged distributor.

Who should the people trust? Geoff who is a stranger from the internet, or Entrepreneur magazine? It is a dangerous concoction. Some of the choices they do have are as follows:. Geoff, a contributor who has consistently been posting well though-out, well-referenced, fact-based comments here for quite some time versus some anonymous troll crackpot MLM apologist who has yet to make a single incisive contribution or put a single fact on the table.

The wealth of additional information published by mainstream media sources, experts, and government agencies which have established conclusively that the MLM is industry is a shit-filled morass of crooks and liars versus propaganda published by PR people paid by the MLM industry. Please top talking about Kool-Aid; you sound like an idiot. You came here to discount it.

You are a blatant troll and are very, very bad at it. I have no financial bias and no attachment to this website. Your attempt to assassinate my character by doubling down on that article makes you look like a complete lunatic. Your over-dramatized paragraph does not help to make you look more intelligent, but rather is distracting from the attempt to refute my points. First of all, your use of the word hypocrisy is incorrect and misleading. The definition of hypocrisy is: My emotional fervor has nothing to do with this word, and your inability to use it correctly while continuing to go off the rails makes you look like an idiot.

The way that you attempt to attack people, instead of points within the article is absurd, and nobody would have this kind of passion to write as you are writing…just because. If you came to this site and actually looked for unbiased information, then you would not have written anything.

Instead, you posted an extremely biased article, attacked 3 different people to date that have a difference of opinion, and have continued to spout off at the mouth. This actually made me chuckle. You have to be one of the worst internet trolls of all time to come up with a line like this. You all seem to preach critical thinking — yet display none. Critical thinking involves evaluating information from various sources, not sources that simply align with your preconceived notions.

When people have come to support MLM, they present someone financially-biased such as what you did with the Entrepreneur article. Keep in mind that I objective reviewed that Vemma was a scam years before a court of law agreed with the FTC that it was.

This guy even does a great job of describing websites like this. There are even some facts in here for Geoff and Vogel unfortunately, these facts oppose their preconceived notions, so they are unable to accept them.

Pride is a dangerous thing. Dave, this weird psychological projection technique you are trying to use is not going to work here. It would be wise of you to take your own advice and start considering relevant counter-points to your nonsensical platform. All of my positions have been developed from reading FTC guidelines, clinical studies, statistical studies, and investigative reporting.

You have done nothing except distract, defame, and misguide in your posts. You have maintained a ridiculous and unfounded position that has been crippled through sound logic. This website is designed to protect and inform consumers from people like you, and it continues to do great work!

In fact, of all the MLM trolls I have encountered here, and there have been many, you are among the most inept. This is a website dedicated to helping consumers make better financial decisions. You also seem to lack sufficient awareness to recognize the audience. If only you all had the ability to be as critical against the negative information and misinformation the website is spreading — you would be able to construct a balanced argument.

I came to this site for information — not negative propaganda. Any website or person who is unable to accept an opposing view, without getting all bent out of shape is what really concerns me. As I explore the idea of starting a Network Marketing business — I will encourage those I speak with to review both the negative sites like this one, and the positive and allow them to make an informed decision that is right for them.

How about Educating them, with both Pros and Cons of a decision? Empowering them to make a decision that is right for them? What if you had an opposing view that domestic violence is a great thing and improves of the victims? If you actually tried to put a valid argument for MLM not to be confused with Network Marketing , we could have a discussion about it. Instead you simply attacked the well-cited and well-sourced view presented here and tried to claim bias, with no reason for doing so.

You also presented your own clearly marked biased article and tried to the logical fallacy of Argument by Authority. The general population is actually pretty smart. And yes, people are free to make the decision themselves. They are shown fast cars and vacations. One comment was made from a Beachbody Coach who has achieved great financial success — rather than encourage her entrepreneurial spirit or offer sound financial advice like the website claims to offer — it attempts to discredit the Doctors in her downline.

I guess being a website financial information site means it is well postured and more intelligent, and educated than Doctors?

Which comment was this? Did she give names of the doctors in her downline. Was she forthcoming with her identification or potentially someone just trying to validate a scam. Can we confirm that this person makes her financial success from directly selling product to consumers who are not in the organization, or did she build a big pyramid of a downline?

So many questions need to be answered before we can evaluate her case. I have invested enough time talking with those who are incapable of seeing things in a different way. I am going to turn off the comments now. I will use this website and this thread as a great example for those I talk to if I do decide to proceed with an MLM business. You guys all responded as expected and your close-mindedness and inability to share even 1 positive comment about an Industry growing exponentially is evidence of that.

A few companies charity-wash by making small donation so some charities that might be profitable. Look what happened when Vemma had to start playing by the rules. Like any other business model. Until you are willing to expand your thinking even 1 percent to grasp that idea — you have nothing more to add to this conversation.

You are a degenerate troll that has done nothing but ignore facts and evidence to further your goals. You have wasted your time by trying to defame people while completely degenerating the conversation. You have used the terms listed above to hide from the reality, and that is why we asked you to have a logical conversation…simple? Again, this is the same stupid deflection crap that makes no sense. We have placed well balanced and articulated positions in front of you, and you have continued to maintain your delusional position while ignoring the actual purpose of the discussion.

You are a terrible internet troll that has tried to use blatantly bad psychological manipulation to further their agenda. Finally, we are getting somewhere. This conversation has not given you a strong footing for recruiting in the future, and probably will make your downline think of you in a different light.

This, again, is some made up nonsense to help with your psychological bull…. This website does a wonderful job of weeding through stinky pile of feces your rambling puts out there. Anyone that gets taken in by MLM can utilize this website as a resource to see through the manipulation and lies. First of all Dave, thank you for not linking the comment sarcasm.

Second of all, anyone who is going to believe a random, biased, anecdotal comment without any evidence is going to be easily deceived. If that person provided a tax return form showing the income they made from Beachbody never going to happen , then there may be something to work with.

Third of all, there are plenty of doctors that are bad business people. Would you assume that a PhD in psychiatry would be great for calculus? Rhetorical question, of course not. Is this your way of saying you have spent a lot of time trying to hold a conversation with the man in the mirror? That would be your reflection. If you already knew how we were going to respond, then why bother posting in the first place?

This seems like a bizarre exercise in futility…. Where is your evidence of this? This is more indoctrinated crap spilling from your mouth. In fact, now is the worst time to join MLM, because all of the MLMs are offering their products cheaper on Amazon and eBay than they are through distributorships. Stamping your feet out of the door in defeat while trying to proclaim mental superiority is a hallmark of MLM indoctrination.

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You proceeded to slag other contributors here as misguided, and then the wheels really fell off your cart. Since then, the only comments you have posted have consisted of petulant whining and personal attacks. So for all your bitching about how this site is unfair and how we need to read more unbiased information, the only thing you have come up with in support of your charge was that one horribly outdated superficial article authored by the MLM industry PR consultant, which no rational person could construe as an unbiased source, and which by no means refutes any of what has been said here to date.

And you have yet to point out a single statement that is untrue or biased. Either you came here with intention of disrupting the site, or you decided to become disruptive as revenge after your initial superficial comments were eviscerated.

Now you have degenerated into full meltdown bitch mode, and witnessing it is equal parts sad and funny. I think the general population is much smarter than you are. MLMs have a horrific PR problem — entirely deserved. I am going to turn off the comments now… Until you are willing to expand your thinking even 1 percent to grasp that idea — you have nothing more to add to this conversation.

How infantile can you be? You are upset because no one is moved by your vapid self-serving statements. Your inability to sway people is a direct result of the lame arguments you have put forth and the sociopathic manner in which you have conducted yourself. Another post by DB, another series of ad hominem attacks and unsubstantiated arguments.

I was told to be a coach I would have to pay the membership fee plus buy at least one bag of shakology per month which seemed outrageous to me.

I ended up buying the challenge kit for21 dayfix which includes the workouts, the portion containers, and blender bottle, and a bag of shakology. I called and canceled and was still charged and still received another bag. I had to call three times in total to cancel, luckily I had the money in my bank account and nothing bounced but all in all it was a nightmare and put a really bad taste in my mouth for the company.

I plan on getting another beach body workout soon because the workouts are great but I will go through eBay and get a used or second hand DVD set. And I had the same problem w cancelling. I got charged 2 extra times and had to have my credit card company fight the charges. That whole experience made me really angry and I now see beachbody for what it really is.

Her progress is inspiring to say the least — first of all, her progress with her own health and fitness and, secondly, her success in her coaching abilities and financial situation. She appears to be strong physically and emotionally, and she has reportedly quit her well-paying full-time day job to coach part-time and make a full-time income.

Thankfully I am a somewhat savvy individual, so I have taken all her claims with a grain or two of salt, but my job pays pretty poorly. The only problem is that I am a private person with multiple health problems that I worry about- a. Also, I do not use my real name on social media because I have been stalked by someone whom I seek to avoid for the rest of my life. Anyway, I shared these burdens with my prospective coach and she said that they have vegan shakes which would sit well with me.

She said that many people with health conditions more serious than mine have become successful coaches and have even improved their state of being. In fact she said my obstacles will inspire other people facing the same challenges. And lastly, regarding my privacy concerns… she said that I could use my middle name but that people will be inspired by me being the real me so, if I use a fake name, that is coming across as a lack of authenticity. The last bit is what rubbed me the wrong way the most out of everything.

I mean the whole thing is weird to me- posting videos of myself exercising in spandex on the Internet for anyone to see is weird enough. Selling powdered shake stuff is also a little weird let alone drinking it. But to feel pressure to use my real name when.. To ask me to put it all out there for just the potential of gain- no guarantee of my success at all- is asking a whole lot of me.

I am so tired of chasing jobs at companies that underpay employees when I could be using my skills and education for people I believe in- myself and my prospective customers- in a field that I believe in- health and wellness. I hope that if you choose to respond to my comment that you do it in a way that is positive and constructive…. It might help you cut through the hype of the product itself. Hi Bella, stick w your gut and say NO to coaching. My coach told me how she was 6 months away from quitting her management position w excellent pay to be a full time coach.

I fell for the scam and wasted thousands of dollars n it went straight to the top of tge pyramid. If you eat healthy proportioned meals and exercise 30mins a day u will lose weight. Dont get sucked into the auto ship and scam of coaching. These ppl r liars and they pray on the good intentions of ppl like u and me to line their pockets. Bella, just remember that coaches will say pretty much anything to get you under them in the pyramid.

They want you to believe they care about your health first, but think about it. My coach would convince others that you could leave your current job and make a living from being a coach. One girl fell for it, left her job, and struggled and ended up needing to find another job. And you put a lot of your spare time and money into it. Shakes are not for losing weight but are for improving your health so they say.

One time I asked a rep if they could send me a complete list of ingredients and their origin. I stopped promoting this company after all the horrible incidents with customer service. One girl was over charged on sales tax and took 3 months to get her money back. I also believe this is happening to other people and that they are getting away with tax fraud.

Among other fraudulent activities. I had customers get charged and never receive the product. Who wants to inconvenience their friends.

Oh and you end up acting like an expert on health and fitness and unless you have a degree in it, how can anyone do that? I was always afraid someone was going to get hurt and I would feel liable.

I made the mistake of getting involved with BB, thinking I could make some extra money! I should have known when my so called Coach would never meet me at my home, only at a cafe.

And trust me I tried! The best I could do was sell my increasingly growing over stock of the product at a discounted rate. This so called Coach of mine would never answer my questions about the money, and kept showing me all these people added to my down line and how all I needed was toget people in my up line to start making money!!! I had probably about 25 people in my downside!!!!

Guess it was OK when he was getting me sign up though!!!! To this day I have never heard from this guy and reached out to him once on Facebook and got nothing!!! Anyone know if this is a scam as well? I know that there dvds are good but what brought about this promotion, when they were pushing the purchase of same? My guess is that Beachbody realized that people would buy a few DVDs and it would be enough for them.

It might not be the best value for your dollar. The on-demand deal is not a scam. I held off for a long time and eventually tried it. If you purchased any DVDs, you get online access to those. I think that they did this to compete with Daily Burn, and similar services.

There are so many workouts. Look at Microsoft, Netflix, and Amazon…. What the idiot failed to realize…. I think a lot of this is going to depend on lifestyle and personality.

I personally love the gym. I swim 2x a week, walk on my lunch break, bike to work 2x a week weather permitting , run on the weekends. But… — my husband travels, sometimes a lot. I find it boring. I was already eating healthfully and exercising regularly.

So much work to add it up every day, on top of a full time job and not enough sleep. I have to say that the container system in 21 day fix was a complete godsend. I was able to buy the container system once and lose the weight 3 years ago now and yay! It was a far cry from USDA recommendations for servings of grains a day. It was literally my first introduction to the idea that that many carbs is a bad idea. For 5 am workouts, or when the husband is traveling or the weather sucks, I love the streaming workouts.

Variety is good, but sometimes I also just like to force myself to complete a full program that gets progressively harder. Just generally eating healthfully may work. It may require more than that depending on your age and other factors, but there are many ways to get there too.

I know 1 or 2 coaches who were making a decent amount as a side job, but after a few years had to quit. I like the workouts, and the BOD is a good value. It seems pretty reasonable with the rest of the market. There are a couple of free options and some that are much more. I was doing very, very well as a Beachbody coach. I reached the Diamond level.

You can do it in only an HOUR a day. No you cannot do this in an hour a day. I work a full time job. All of their questions, their needs, etc. Trust me, with a team of 20, that takes a lot more than an hour a day. Because you never know who can relate and that, and in turn, will result in a sale. True -Nobody likes a sales person. Ask them about their life, their kids, their dogs.

Be fake and act like you care. It might lead to a sale because they think you actually care deeply about them. Once the relationship is built, now start in with shakes and workouts. I rank advanced quickly and I was being celebrated as a great leader. The more you do, the more they want. Shortly after my burnout, I went off the radar. Enter my up line who endlessly harassed me and were just plain cruel.

Because I had TWO diamonds on my team. If I quit, those two diamonds would roll up to them along with all of my customers and other coaches. They said horrible things to me -I actually cried a few times they were so cruel. I call this the attempted ladder collapse. The two diamonds on my team would become here. Hello 2 star rank advancement for her! Genuine meaning, not predatory. I refuse to recruit anyone else into this vultures nest of a business.

Meaning, they drank shakes for one month and just stopped. I can imagine why there is a push for distributors to discuss deeply private personal details. Others who have experienced similar things might identify with the person and could sign up based on the shared experience.

A team is everyone on the same level contributing. Truly, education is the best solution. The more know about the traps of MLMs, the fewer that will fall into them. I wish I had read your post first. I put only a good years worth of effort into this and felt some of the things you did.

I could never see leaving my current job to try and make a living as a BB coach. Thank you for sharing that. I tried looking up her law info and its still showing she is a practicing lawyer. Everyone I went to hs w is selling BB. It took 3 months for them to let me quit. And they continue to charge all fees. I had to call my credit card company and have them fight the charges.

No, it is not a scam but it is a multi level marketing endeavor. To even get the possibility of making any money you have to put out quite a bit of money to be a coach or to stay active. You also need to hound everyone you know to buy the products. The coach who recruited me was very aggressive and appeared to be very interested in me and my life, but the moment I signed, she was pretty much gone. The workouts are great, the shakes and supplements, not so great.

I had virtually zero help. Which meant learning it all on my own and making quite a few mistakes that cost me money.

The rules change all the time. And the ways you can earn continue to change and benefit their top diamond coaches. I was a coach for seven years. I hung in there. But it did get harder and harder to make money without nearly accosting everyone you meet with this opportunity for their health and fitness. People are really vulnerable about that. It is no different than any other multilevel marketing company.

If you attend all the coach summits and as many events as possible and meet the CEO, celebrity trainers and a lot of the top earners you may get somewhere and you may get some help. The financial outlay ends up being enormous. And a lot of people not only want to help themselves, but want to help other people be healthy. It really plays on your emotions. But the costs mount and mount.

But unless you are a top earner you really are on your own. If you need something to do and have money to spend, go for it. I recommend you just start your own business doing something that you love and you are good at without contributing to the multi millions made by this company. When I started out there were about 22, coaches throughout the US. But now with it being in Mexico and Canada there are hundreds of thousands of team beach body coaches.

Find something else to do that pays you instead of you having to pay the organization to be a part of it. However, you are entitled to your opinion. Simply because according to the government and the Better Business Bureau, and the IRS they are doing legitimate business. My personal opinion may be different, though…. The quick analysis from that inside expert is that it costs taxpayers too much money to prosecute them in a court of law.

I hope your previous opinion took this into account. If not, maybe it is worth re-adjusting your view. Thank you for all that additional info. Love the eye opening!! Do I want to trash anyone? No but this is truly a game changer where my opinion is concerned. The FTC actually did a ton of work to try to stop pyramid schemes in the last couple of years, but the system allows every company a fair trial and those trials tend to cost hundreds of millions of dollars and go for years.

The Bloomberg article that I cited explains that we really need new legislation. This is why it is important to vote for credible politicians and put them to the task of protecting consumers. Thank you for the well researched coverage. They are just there to make suggestions to you on products and becoming your upline when you become a coach.

There are some coaches who are pros but most are in it for the money or discount on the products and have no fitness training or certifications.

Furthermore I forgot to mention above that in addition to the business fee and the membership fee about 2 years ago you could No longer get leads via having a membership. The membership only became good for streaming workouts and to keep you at your level.

You had to be a minimum 50 point — read dollar — Success Club member to get leads. So, biz fee, required membership fee to stay at your level and Success Club fee. I feel in hindsight I was duped and misled. I was a vulnerable, desperate new single mom when one of the original and first multi- diamond level coaches — who was friends with the CEO Carl Daikeler and star trainer Tony Horton of P90x- approached me about it.

She was in touch quite often. The good thing was that the biz she transferred to me came with leads and contacts and a list of people who had bought the products in the past. A business that had already been built I was told. I just had to maintain it and grow it. By the time i signed on the dotted line, she disappeared. I had to teach myself the business which is complicated and convoluted and it cost me a lot in mistakes by not understanding the rules.

Nearly everyone jumped ship from the business I was handed. And my friends got sick of hearing about it on Facebook so they would hide me. I did however make some Money. Typically enough to cover all my expenses and put some in my pocket. It never happened again.

I had so much product that I had to buy to keep my PV current so I could get a check. The only things that seemed to sell were workouts. I could never bring myself to push Shakeology on anyone. I tried it for a while but it took a lot of added components to make it taste decent. Plus it gave us horrible gas.

Beachbody said that would happen and to just keep drinking it and it would eventually subside. When you flood your system with such rich and high quality, vitamins and minerals your body had to get used to it.

I would never ever recommend anyone get connected in any way with this MLM scheme! In after having my 2nd child I was lbs. No big deal, I just needed to lose 30lbs to get to my pre-baby weight. But then my weight loss stalled, I got discouraged and quit the diet. I ended up gaining the weight back plus more. I tried the Atkins diet, once again saw results then stall again for weeks! I felt tired and shaky…I quit again and gained the weight back plus more again.

I had to use so much fruit and veggies to make a small cup of juice and all the good fiber was extracted and thrown in the garbage. I ended up deciding that juicing was too big of an expense. I was up late one night and saw an infomercial for Slim in 6 and I said well…what the hell do I have to lose at this point? When it arrived I tried out the workouts, some days I would only get through 5 minutes and sit and watch the rest…I modified…rested…and failed…but the difference???

The community I became part of…the Beachbody Community. I pushed through and lost weight week after week…until I stalled…and stopped losing weight…was I doomed to be lbs for the rest of my life!?!?

Then after the 2nd week, things started changing. And then I stepped on the scale…I was finally losing weight again! Next thing I knew after a year after ordering Slim in 6 I was lbs! Then my life went upside down. I ended up getting a divorce my husband was insanely abusive and things got to the point I feared for my life.

I was a single mother of 2 children with no job and my ex husband quit his job and abandoned us. I had to cancel my shakeology…I was pretty devastated…a couple months later my hair started breaking off again…my face started breaking out.

I turned to coffee as it was cheap…but it was short term energy. I was able to maintain my weight but it was a constant struggle. Eventually I re-married and 18 months ago we welcomed our baby into this world. Unfortunately with being pregnant came the weight gain. I found myself at lbs after having our baby. I quit my job so I could nurse him and be there for him. Unfortunately with nursing I was hangry all the time and I ate and ate and within a year after having my son I was lbs!!!

I knew I had to do something before I lost control again and got to lbs again. Since I quit my job I knew Shakeology was out of the question so I googled for shakes that were similar but cheaper.

So I bought another tub of Vega One…sure it had less vitamins, antioxidants than shakeology but it had lots of protein and fiber…it just had to work…. I have so much energy now.

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