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Nutrisystem Silver Don and Mary Anne Shula
The food on the Silver plan is so great, and easy to make. He said that most people who plan their own vegetarian diets usually miss a few key vitamins and minerals, and may even get sick because of this. No meetings or weigh in, and the food is great. I may even start dating again. I am going to complete my 7 day program until I reach my ideal weight. When I was 14 I gained a bit of weight, and after 4 children and 40 years, I put on even more. You can stay on Nutrisystem for as long as you like, so you can lose as much weight as you need to.

NutriSystem meets the dietary needs of senior men and women.

Senior Citizens Lose Weight with Nutrisystem Silver

So I would wait a few hours and then eat, and it was so close to bed time I was inviting the food to sit on my hips. Now that the Silver plan helps me to plan my meals, it takes less time to make and the faster I make it, the faster I can eat it! The trackers online help me to keep to my plan, and I always use my diary. Although my weight is not a serious issue, since I am getting older I think I should try to take better care of myself. I only need to lose about another 34 pounds to get to my ideal weight.

Thanks to Nutrisystem, I will be able to feel more comfortable on the cruise I planned this summer. Food is great and options are endless. With all the different diets out there, I think there are too few options when it comes to what you can and cannot do. The Nutrisystem Silver plan lets me eat things I enjoy, and even came with a meal planner. I am on the 7 day plan, because I think the flex plan would be my demise. If given the chance to choose other foods that are this good, I may stray.

So it is better that I stick with what is best for me and is still on an even keel with my tastes. When my husband cooked it always tasted good, but my cholesterol was through the roof. Now my cholesterol is under control and one of my heart medications is no longer needed. I have lost 21 pounds and still losing. I will be in better shape in one month, than I have been since I was I hate exercise, but love good food. The Nutrisystem Silver plan has been the best decision I ever made for myself.

When I was 14 I gained a bit of weight, and after 4 children and 40 years, I put on even more. I always thought I was healthy until I had a heart attack. A better diet and exercise is what I was told I needed. So I bought the Nutrisystem 7 day plan after I seen it on television in the hospital. I have been using this diet for 4 months and have lost 35 pounds. The food is great and is easy to make. My favorite food is the macaroni and cheese, and the apple cinnamon oatmeal.

I love that I can add fresh fruits and vegetables to the food for a more home cooked feel. I am doing this for myself, and love the results so far. Great food, great site, great everything. I love the Nutrisystem Silver plan. As a single woman with a busy career, cooking is not one of my interests. But these meals are easy to create and fast. If I am hungry now, it may take me 10 minutes to make the food and eat.

I was leery of going on a diet because of my age, and I am not interested in getting super thin like younger girls. But I still want to be around to see my grand kids get married. The exercise is easy for me, sticking to the diet is sometimes hard. When my kids bring over cookies and pastries, it is hard to say no. So I will go find the Nutrisystem chocolate chip cookies or the double chocolate almond cookies and be fine. I go out to eat with my kids one night a week, and look at the menu wiser now to what I can and cannot have.

Even though I am not that great with computers, I do use the online diary and the trackers to help keep me moving towards my goal of losing 38 pounds. So far I have lost 22, and only have 16 more to go. No counting, nothing but good food and easy to follow. But I found the Silver plan and was so excited! I thought all diets made were for younger women that could stand the shock to their system, but the Silver plan was made for women my age so there is no shock. The food is good and the portions are to my liking.

Some diets and even restaurants give you so much food; you could never eat it all. Those types of things make you try to eat more, and then you gain weight. So the fact that these meals are portioned perfectly makes this easy to stick to. I spent more at the grocery store every month than I now spend on Nutrisystem, and there is nothing to count for calories or points of any kind. I have lost 14 pounds in the last month, and am still losing. What more could I ask for? So I started out using the online tools and diary to keep me in the right direction.

Even though I was serious about losing weight, I wanted to make sure that I would stick to it. The food, especially the lasagna, is fantastic! The portions are great, and you can add other things in to each meal if you want to. The first month I only lost 7 pounds, but that was enough to get me hooked. I have since lost 61 pounds total, and am staying on the Nutrisystem diet to help me keep the weight off. I still use the online tools, still use the menu planner and still watch what I eat at restaurants.

The food keeps coming, and I will keep using it to stay in shape. I love this plan! Exercise, eat, be happy. I started out with the Silver 5 day flex plan, and now am on the 7 day plan. I thought that the temptations for the other 2 days were just too much for me to handle - that's my main gripe.

The snacks help you to not be hungry between meals, and they are fairly healthy too. I exercise 4 days a week and eat all my meals planned by the meal planner. I have a very healthy diet now, and try to get my friends who need to lose weight to join too.

My favorite food is the cheese ravioli and the meatloaf with the mashed potatoes. So far I have lost 31 pounds and still counting. No meetings or weigh in, and the food is great. I have been on many types of diets over the years, and have found that the Silver plan from Nutrisystem is the easiest to stick to by far.

There is no embarrassing weigh-ins or meetings, no counting points or carbohydrates and the food choices are great. I have been on this plan now for a month and love the fact that my food comes directly to the house.

I have lost only 12 pounds in the last month, but if I keep this up I will be able to lose the weight I need so that I can go with the girls on the Mexico trip without wondering if I can fit in a seat on the plane. I use the trackers and the diary online, and even exercise 3 days a week for about half an hour total.

The one thing that I love about Nutrisystem Silver is that it is made for women my age. Every day is something different 4 out of 5 stars. I have been on the Nutrisystem Silver diet plan, using the 5 day flex plan for about 3 months now. Since I saw so little difference, I went full speed ahead on the diet. I have lost 31 pounds since the first month, and am confident I will lose more. The food is easy to make and very tasty. The macaroni and cheese is so good, which I did not expect.

The meatloaf and potatoes are good, and the chocolate chip cookies are fantastic. On my weekends I eat fresh fruit and foods much like the ones that I eat during the week.

I exercise like I should and I use the diary and trackers every day online. With so many diets I was hungry just an hour or so after I ate. With the Silver plan, I am never hungry after I eat. The food is perfectly portioned so that I am always full, and it tastes so good.

Each meal tastes home made, and is so easy to make. I paid more at the grocery store buying those diet meals than I pay for Nutrisystem each month.

And I get more options so I never have to eat the same thing twice in a month. My favorite food is the black beans and rice, and the cheese ravioli. These are really filling and taste good too. I exercise like I should and follow the plan so that I can lose weight and be healthy at the same time.

Nutrisystem is the only diet plan that offers something for the older crowd. I get to eat foods that I like that are portioned for me. I love the pizza and the chocolate brownie the most, but all the food is pretty good.

I exercise and use the trackers online to help me lose weight and stay on track. The well-known diet program Nutrisystem bases its meal plan on calorie and portion control aimed at providing steady, sustainable weight loss.

Nutrisystem provides prepackaged calorie-reduced meals, and has been in business since On the Nutrisystem diet plan, you choose from a menu of more than different dishes designed by registered dietitians. The company delivers meals monthly and provides a day supply of food.

You are expected to purchase low-fat dairy products and six daily servings of fresh fruit and vegetables to supplement the provided meals. There are separate plans for men, women, diabetics and vegetarians. The daily calories of provided meals falls at about 1, calories for women and 1, calories for men. The program's emphasis on foods with a low glycemic index ensures that participants won't become hungry between meals and binge on extra calories.

Because Nutrisystem is designed to encourage healthy weight loss, not to be used as a crash diet, typical participants on the plan lose 1 to 2 lbs. You may lose weight more quickly in the first few weeks of the program, but excessive rapid weight loss is unlikely.

You can stay on Nutrisystem for as long as you like, so you can lose as much weight as you need to. The Success Stories section of the Nutrisystem website features participants who lost up to lbs.

One way to increase your weight loss is to include exercise in your efforts. Nutrisystem does not require exercise as part of the program, but does encourage it.

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