Smart Carbs: Understanding the Glycemic Index


Nutrisystem Smart Carbs & Power Fuels, & Free Foods List
Our bodies need carbohydrates for fuel, but not all carbs are created equal — some carbs burn fast and some burn more slowly. Counting carbs for healthy weight loss. On top of all that, they are packed full of healthy vitamins , minerals, and nutrients that your body craves and needs. Is Broccoli Good Carbs? PowerFuels are foods that are packed full of high-quality protein, along with essential amino acids and healthy fats.

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You can probably wolf down two or three slices with butter or jam in a couple of minutes - no worries. Today's modern carbs are too easy to eat. They've had their fibre removed so they're soft, require no chewing. Before you know it, you've swallowed kJ Cals. Then they enter the bloodstream rapidly, causing your blood sugar to do a sudden spike which then triggers a surge of insulin.

Insulin is a hormone that turns a key in the cells of your muscles, allowing all that sugar to get into the muscle and power them with fuel. But it also directs any unused sugar into storage - in your fat cells. Your body had to call on more insulin and so another gram or two of fat has been laid down. This means that a couple of hours later, you're hungry again, and looking for a quick snack to carry you over to the next meal. What this means is that dieters would do better on whole grain or low GI versions of any carbohydrate - grainy bread, brown rice, jacket potato with the skin plus pasta, legumes and starchy vegetables.

Here's what you should look for when deciding what to buy in breads, cereals, rice, pasta, savoury biscuits or muesli bars. Here are the smart carbs from every nutritionist's list.

Try to select carbs from the top which are healthier choices and better for weight loss. There's no need to cut out ALL carbs. Take a look at what carbs you like to eat and which are the good ones to keep. You may love bread but don't care too much for rice or potato.

Or you may simply cut down the SIZE of the all the carbohydrate portions you serve:. Look at the bread you regularly buy. If it's white, it's not as filling or nutritious as a good grainy loaf or chewy wholemeal bread. Swap your breakfast cereal from one made from oats muesli or porridge or whole wheat wheatflake biscuits, wheat flakes or bran all-bran, bran flakes.

A bowl at breakfast is convenient and healthy and will keep your bowels working well. Check how much potato and rice you serve up for dinner. One medium potato or half a cup of rice should balance out your meal without overloading you with carbs. Certain vegetables contain higher carbohydrate values but are still nutritious.

Just have a small serve of pumpkin, carrots, corn and peas. Include two pieces of fruit a day. Skip juice which has had its fibre removed and is too easy to overconsume.

Drink water and eat the whole fruit instead. Counting carbs for healthy weight loss. Carisma - cutting the GI of potatoes. Dietary Guidelines revision Don't miss a post.

Sign up for Catherine's newsletter and get the latest Foodwatch news, opinions, product reviews, recipes and special offers direct to your inbox each month. Fast-burning carbs will do just the opposite by provoking hunger sensations and mood swings. Here are some common carb-based foods and where they land on the GI scale:. Also, if fast-burning is what you need, opt for healthier sources like fruits.

Here are some ways to get there:. Analyzing every single meal can be an enormous chore, so do your best to start tracking your diet and eliminating high GI foods as often as possible. When you do eat them, try to mix them with very low GI foods. Eventually, your GI maintenance will become automatic.

If all of this still sounds like a chore, use your 8fit app to its full capacity and follow your recommended meal plan. As you get used to these healthy, complex carb meals, you might feel immediate satisfaction or energy boost like you might with a bag of chips or candy bar. Instead, your meal will provide long-lasting energy and reduced cravings. In order to make them keto-friendly, you might need to adjust the macronutrient ratios slightly. If you plan cheat days , enjoy your favorite high GI foods then.

What are fast-burning carbs?

What are fast-burning carbs?