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Both are great and it really depends on your preference. That way all you have to do is grab the bag and everything in it is ready to go down the juicer. I bet that would be interesting! Said ,the path is shown if sought with aclear mind at the right time give no resistance and let go of fear. In fester Form als Trockeneis wird es als Kühlmittel verwendet, überkritisches Kohlenstoffdioxid dient als Löse- und Extraktionsmittel.


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While doing this, place the tip of your tongue on the roof of the mouth, flexing it to eventually reach the main sinus cavity behind the roof of the mouth. Once your tongue is flexible enough and can enter into the sinus cavity, it will go straight up and bump against an area that is linked to your pineal gland.

PHASE 2 The second phase of this meditation is to decalcify the pineal gland by scraping the above area with the tip of your tongue. As this area is linked to the pineal gland, it helps break the calcium layer around the pineal gland and clear it, slowly and gently. During the decalcifying weeks, you will also experience the opening of your Third-Eye.

For more information, visit the following link: A couple of months doing a number or all of the above will leave your pineal gland decalcified and detoxified in no time! I am currently trying to implement a blog subscription sign up service, so as soon as I have got it working will let you know. My question is about the yoga describe on this page. Are you actually trying to reach the pineal gland with your tounge?

Or is it metaphorical? Becouse it seems to me it would be pretty hard to reach a tiny organ in the brain with the tounge. The idea is that by massaging this spot with your tongue, you can begin to decalcify it naturally.

You cannot actually touch your pineal gland with your tongue. I believe you are able to, with much stretching of the tongue over time, touch the top of the sinus cavity, which is behind and above your uvula. Love and blessings, Spiritual Scientist. Hi Chris, would be great if you could elaborate on your statement so that I can help you further. I believe he meant that you are sticking your tongue in your sinus cavity. So are you tasting the Sinus Mucus or does the divine nectar have a different taste as well is it a different substance than Mucus?

The idea is that once you have mastered the technique, the divine nectar is actually produced — there are certain master sun-gazers who say that this nectar nourishes them. Therefore it is actually different from mucus. I do not see magnesium in your advice. Magnesium helps to detox the pineal and magnesium delivers zinc. Some people have problems absorbing magnesium through the stomach so the quickest, effective route is externally through epsom salt baths. There is also magnesium lotion as well.

A good source of MG and zinc is pumpkin seeds. Almonds, cashews, broccoli are rich in magnesium. Magnesium is needed to process calcium properly. Magnesium is the fourth essential mineral needed by the body. Magnesium sulphate epsom salt is from the ocean. Taking a swim in the ocean is good.

Stress depletes magnesium and the deficiency is connected to many diseases including PTSD and postpartum depression where magnesium therapy is advised. Thanks for your contribution Laura, will look into this further and add this information to the site. When I awoke for the first time in my life at age 53 I cried with happiness for about 2 weeks.

Then I had to research what happened and how it happened. For years prior I watched little or no TV or radio except coast to coast late night. Drank perfect spring water that I bottled myself at the spring myself for months prior plus bathed using only that water. I dieted on juicing organic carrots with ginger, eggs from grass fed chickens, green energy drink mixes, cacao, etc.

Lots of nutritional supplements, testosterone gave me a dramatic energy boost. Probiotic and liver cleanse supplements were definitely very beneficial for health as well. I must conclude prayer, faith, divine guidance, purging your fear from your mind, filling your heart with love and desire to help others, etc.

Words cannot describe the heaven on earth experience when you truly awaken for the first time! We have now implemented a feature that will allow you to be notified of any updates to the blog, you can sign up here: Subscribe to the Decalcify Pineal Gland Blog.

All long-term, adult smokers that I have known think sometimes immaturely and even sometimes appear younger in the face than their non-smoking counter-parts. Cannabis has a dramatic effect on the ability to recall dreams.

Regular smoking may activate the pineal during waking hours so that you do not have enough DMT to have fully-developed dreams during the night; i. In this case, regular, or daily smoking may drain your brain of all usable DMT for a time. Luckily, if your pineal is still functioning, it should re-generate normal amounts after quitting for a while. Then again, this may have more to do with melatonin than DMT, directly as melatonin is also produced by the pineal gland.

Again, these are just intuitions and not based on anything other than my own imagination…either way, I stopped smoking a year ago and my dreams have become incredibly vivid and complex, plus I now have an increased incidence of lucid dreams.

Hi Sarina, interesting question. I agree with my whole heart in everything you just said. Actually Marijuana has a negative effect on dreaming and long term smoking results in the cessation of dreaming altogether in the majority of case studies.

If the Pineal Gland produces melatonin then we might deduct that the Pineal gland is being activated. During a more healthy time in my life I disciplined myself to lucid dream at will. During that time I was on a strict regimine of only using cannabis two times a week. Is this a conflict? Thank you for your comment, you are indeed right it is a conflict — the aim is to get natural calcium from veg as opposed to from calcium supplements which have a calcification effect on the pineal gland.

I have now updated the text to reflect this. The whole aim of the site is so that we can build it as a community website to help decalcify our pineal glands together, so by you submitting your comments you are helping to do this. I would like to ask if calcium orotate supplements also fall into the category of calcium supplements that will result in calcification of the pineal gland?

I remember reading how orotates have a neutral electrical charge so perhaps it would not collect as easily in the glands?

Hi Kai — I am not sure about calcium orotate supplements, never come across them before so cannot give an educated judgement, but maybe some of the other people in the community can shed more light on these and whether their neutral charge stops accumulation in the pineal gland? Calcium without Vitamin K is asking for trouble because the K is needed to direct calcium to deposit helpfully in the bones. Getting rid of the inorganic calcium and getting organic calcium… The inorganic calcifies the pineal but organic is used by your body.

Is it damaging to drink dairy milk? Or eat dairy cheese in moderation? Is this kind of calcium helping to calcify the pineal gland as well? Thank you in advance for your input! Hi Jamie, think of it like this, organic forms of calcium are ok e. We are the only species that consume another species excrement. Spiritual evolution takes a lot more than popping a few herb extracts and spendi g an hour meditating per day. For example, ejaculation releases your life force hence when making a baby such creation happens.

This being said any wasting of this is throwing away any energy you may have built up. I understand it can take 6 months of abstinance to have a decent store of life force prevalent.

There is nothing more important than melatonin when it comes to the pineal gland, and it can only be produced when in total darkness. In order to really see results, fasting and prolonged meditations are compulsary. Through effective fasting, a 72 hour meditation in total darkness is not unheard of. Be great to hear your own experiences with it and any tips or knowledge you have.

As this aims to be a community site, the more our readers input into the site, the more value we can give to the community. In all my research on enlightenment and raising kundalini and vril I have always seen the great need to have a powerful and well resulted ability to breathe.

One should always breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. And inhale the maximum capacity of oxygen possible. It is also very imperative to first fill your abdomen and then slowly let your chest also expand. And as it is adamant to intake as much oxygen as possible, it is also important to fully exhale until all he un-needed toxins are released. Just thought i would add to this incredibly epic page! I have been diagnosed with calcification of my pineal gland and the only thing that was given me was anti depressants.

Hi there, thanks for your comment. How did he diagnose you? Did he do an MRI? Try some of the methods on the site to help you decalcify your pineal gland, after 6 months go back to your doctor and ask him if he can check to see if there is a change.

I really appriciate your effort in this regard. After reading your article, I am feeling more otimistic towards my goal with additional benifits: But I was distracted from all these things due to the western propaganda. Now I understand the importance of ancient Hindu teachings.

As spiritual beings in physical human bodies, taking the holistic approach to ensuring you are healthy is definitely the best approach. Can you site any reports on calcium not being a useful supplement? It is highly recommended for women over 40; also, magnesium is recommended to help with insomnia, but with calcium to counter the diarrhea-causing tendencies of magnesium.

Maybe you answer my question. For more information on this, please visit the following sites: What you need to know about calcium Why Calcium can be toxic to our body. I definitely recommend looking at other nature sources of calcium, like sesame seeds, chia seeds, leafy greens like spinach and kale, quinoa, oranges and broccoli. I believe this statement will cover all our questions about supplemental requirements. Further if you eat a balanced fruigovore diet you wont need supplements.

Then why do we have fangs? Grass is an abundant source of calcium, and on top of that cows eat grass all day so put 2 and 2 together. Not much for drinking milk for one we seem to be the only ones that cant shake that infancy habit and two most cow are fed hormones and a diet they would never naturally consume…. Thanks for the Grest info!

I use raw sugar which I understand is better. And meat, meat is amazing. Also what about milk? I absolutely love milk and drink it all the time, more so then water actually. Thanks for the compliments Mike. Just go with your instincts as to what you feel will work. I have never been much of a fan of coffee but as with most things, its all about moderation. If you have a balanced diet and not too much of one thing you should be fine.

There is a lot of research on raw milk being best, as it contains many useful things like antibodies, etc. Thank you for your information on orgone, I have heard about it from many sources and thinking about incorporating it into my life.

I just posted a while ago, but had another question. I am actually looking into purchasing or making an Aquapontics system. I would recommend all of you look into this if you are wanting organic fruits and veggies. My question is, is it ok to still buy some things not organic?

Or am I basically just undoing what organic things we are eating. I am still very mindful of what I buy. Any advice or even some good recipes would be so helpful. We are going almost vegetarian, but we still eat fish. I am a married mother of 4 children aged 6 and under so I need big portions to feed everyone.

Hi Jamie, great news that your trying to grow your own organic food. Aquaponic systems are great for this, let us know how it goes! People who eat fish are called pescatarians. Just be careful of certain types of fish and where they come from as some types tend to have a lot of metal poisoning, but just do some research to educate yourself on this.

Hello Mike, I just felt that I had to respond to your message about coffee. I too am a coffee drinker and was introduced to a product that allows me to have my coffee and to experience the amazing benefits of the reishi mushroom. You can check it out at http: Thank you for your message Zach, and thank you for replying Mike in good community spirit!

Zach, regarding time it takes to decalcify a pineal gland, all depends on the extent of calcification in the first place. How to decalcify the Pineal Gland? Makes homogenized milk digestible and provides the probiotics necessary for vit K2 production in the gut. Also fermented veggies such as sauerkraut or Kimjang…. Only God knows EXACTLY what you need and when you need it and in what order and He will guide you to your perfection without a great deal of effort really, on your part.

It just comes naturally. Another word of advice…. He will tell you what to do at the correct times for you. If you do not listen and try to do things your way, the process will be much more difficult and experimental. THIS is the age old secret held by the Brahmins….

If so, you have limitless potential available to you if you seek in humility.. A host of angels watch and learn from your journey but they never interfere, nor should you wish them to. Go straight to the dreamer of the dream, the creator of all things from beginning to end. Do not become entangled in religion. Of course I do not pretend to know anything of my own accord. What I have found is that you can only move forward if your cup is continually emptied for the moment you think you know it alll, you will find yourself at the beginning of the road, not the end.

There is always a deeper level of understanding until you find yourself in ultimate simplicity where there is no time nor location…. Many blessings to all. May we all be guided to perfection and achieve eternal peace.

He charges only because he has to because of ebay rules. Feel free to include his ebay link too — bless him for charging only a penny for it. The child within us should be curious and free to unravel at any time. Day to day life without the belief in a higher power can be very dull. By any means what you wrote is not retrieved as preaching in any way but a nice link to what we should try to understand better.

Hi Merry, thank you for your lovely message, it resonated with me deeply. Said ,the path is shown if sought with aclear mind at the right time give no resistance and let go of fear. Fluoride is in water and toothpaste because it protects teeth and prevents tooth decay.

If it calcifies the pineal gland, then there should be some sort of analysis regarding the costs and benefits of eliminating fluoride. While it is true that often the body can absorb the most of a certain vitamin or mineral when it is part of our food, it is not true that calcium supplements are bad for you.

For people with osteopenia, for example, high calcium intake is important for restoring bone density. Carbohydrates are absolutely essential for brain function. Have there been studies that validate this? It seems like these are methods that theoretically decalcify the pineal gland. Hi Darcy — thank you for your message and your viewpoint. If you do your research you will find plenty of evidence regarding the negative properties of fluoride. There are institutes around the world eg. IONS who are now seriously researching meta-physical topics such as unity consciousness, natural energies, etc, which is a positive thing for humanity to begin to awake to their true-selves.

What I am doing is experimenting to see what helps me decalcify and stimulate my pineal gland, and anything I come across I want to share. It would be a really great idea to look into WHY fluoride is added to the water and why so many communities are fighting to get rid of it.

Also check into the use of fluoride by the nazis to control their victims. Read with an open mind. Sugar at a minimum can be taken in through fruits and even some carbohydrates. The diets of people today are the reason for their diabetes, acne, weight issues and many heart problems. But who wants to change? It is too easy to gobble up fast food with diet drinks for lunch — of which there is no nutrition. Then get a pizza delivered along with MORE diet drinks for dinner. I have begun the process and it has been a goal for two years.

I had alot of work since I had the usual American diet and I do consume caffeine and alcohol and once smoked too many cigarettes. Recall cigarettes were once suggested by many a doctor! America was told cigarette smoking was safe. My daughter has also begun the process and the changes are incredible. I want to be healthy — not another over drugged statistic.

I only hope you begin to really delve into feeding your body properly and not relying on doctors to undo any damage done. For they cannot cure, they can only mask symptoms. And we all know even drugs have limitations. Hi Barb, great to hear that your progression is going great and that of your daughters too! You are definitely right with your outlook on just being healthy. Keep us updated on how you get along on this exciting path.

I would like to share an observation from my health food store friend. We are the richest country in the world, have access to a host of foods and supplements, so why are we suffering from osteopenia so much?

Eades Protein Power said: But there sure are a lot of farms with cows on them. I discovered I was extremely deficient 4 years ago from not getting enough sunshine year round. My blood pressure was high, my thyroid was sluggish, and I was depressed. Of course it was suggested that I go on all kinds of medications. Instead I addressed the very low Vit.

D issue and changed my diet drastically. So here is why you need K2-it tells the D3 where to go in your body. We have many D3 receptor sites everywhere in our body and it is a hormone that we need to stay well and cancer free. It also keeps calcium from depositing inside our arteries. When we take excess calcium without enough D and K then we get arteries that can cause problems strokes,heart problems.

And the coffee issue can be solved by moderation and organic, freshly roasted coffee. Give up the Starbucks! It is really pretty easy. I am also lucky enough to have a real ground water spring water outlet right in our downtown area.

I was wondering mostly if there were spiritual healers out there whose talent was to actually be able to activate the pineal gland. Thanks for reading and all the great vibes I felt while reading this site. Hi Debbie, thank you for your information, you mentioned some very important things.

Regarding spiritual healers who can activate the pineal gland, there are many but ultimately try to seek activation through your own means if you can, that will be a real journey of spiritual exploration. He talks about this organic coffee, which, unlike any other coffee he has ever known, rather than being quite acidic for the human body, is, on the contrary, alkaline at exactly 7 on the ph scale.

Hi Darcy, if my memory is correct, Fluoride was a toxic by-product when making aluminum and was costing the smelters a fortune to dispose of. So industry came up with the idea that Fluoride must be good for you, where as the opposite is true, birth defects, cancer and generally lower I. There has been recently a study about fluorid usage in toothpaste, and they discovered that the actual fluorid film on the tooths is about thinner then widely thought.

Therefore the actual protection of fluorid on the teeths is very questionable. I read this page and am excited to give it a shot!

I used to be highly creative, and ideas flowed out of me. By any chance, do you know of any way of knowing if your pineal gland is clean or not? Hi Kapil, great to hear that your intention is to get back to your super creative state. Regarding knowing whether your pineal gland has been cleaned, the only real way is to get a scan done to ensure it is no longer calcified. If you have any links to your music, would be amazing to hear it too.

Hi Archaeoroth love the name! Be great to hear what it means? I have become a vegetarian,but I eat eggs, since I became vegan and tried many detoxifying foods, I am able to interact more within my dreams and remember them.

Great news that you are experiencing vivid dreams since your diet changes. With regards to stopping egg, I am not entirely sure, will definitely need to do more research on this. Maybe someone in the community can provide some insight? When you are consuming any creatures which has, does, or will have blood, you are consuming a spirit. You are eating the energy of death. Running on dead energy will only slow down your metaphysical evolutinary process.

Our bodies are greatly dependant on melanin to proper absorb radiation. Animal products, and gmo foods reduce the content of melanin each individual has. Each individual should be working on boosting melanin levels to properly take in this light information as our DNA should be going through a triple helix upgrade. Those who are unmelenated will inevitably burn up of melanoma. Hence why it is so important to remove products that reduce melanin, such as meats, eggs, and dairy.

Hi Kyle, thank you for your contribution and insight. Will definitely take a look at the link you have kindly posted up. I just bought some of these decalcifying agents, I also bought a multi vitamin with Panothenic acid which is calcium d-pantothenate. Does anyone know if this form of calcium calcium d-pantothenate will calcify the pineal body?

Or is it okay? Hi Denny, not sure about calciumn d-pantothenate — maybe someone else knows here? RO water is highly purified so should be free of fluoride. Since Reverse-osmosis water is devoid of minerals, I recommend adding a good source of ionic minerals, like Concentrace, which has over 72 minerals in it, like good sea salt.

Or you can put some good seasalt in the RO water, like Celtic or Himalayan salt, which also has over 70 minerals in ionic form. The ionic form is the smallest, being free floating or existing on the atomic level. These minerals can pass through the cell wall so the cells can get the benefit of the minerals.

Otherwise, the particles are too big to do so. Colloidal minerals are larger, being molecularly connected, so are too big. I just wanted to say…well done on this site! I keep coming back to this site for reference and am a huge fan. Will be blogging about him soon, watch this space. Hi Mitchell, thank you for you advice. Reading the material safety data sheet MSDS before ingesting any substance is a wise thing to do. Hi Austin, thank you for your message and your curiosity. The body is an amazing system and it does have the ability to adapt.

Regarding the skate liver oil, just the same way you get cod liver oil from cod fish, you get skate liver oil from skate fish. It has to be organic skate fish liver oil though. With meditation the actual art is not to think at all, so to answer your question on what to think when meditating, just relax and let your mind clear instead. Or behind , into your throat, and above the back of your mouth?

Thanks Victor, sharing is indeed one of the wonderful things we can do together. It works well, but is this calcifying my pineal gland. Hi Richard, I recommend you stop taking it then and look at other methods to help you sleep, meditating is a great way to quieten the mind to help you relax.

Just a suggestion — look to plants for your calcium needs. Bathe in epsom salts for magnesium or use magnesium oil. Using a clean sea salt is helpful too. Most supplements due to synthetic ingredients and genetically modified items — cannot be synthesized by the body. In the mean time, check the items in your personal products! Most are carcinogenic and may be small enough to pass through your skin. I like to help out my liver with herbal tinctures.

The liver is so important. I am starting right away. I have a silly question. What is the third eye? Still, after trying and trying it looks as though my tongue is to short to reach this place. If I keep practicing, do you think it may stretch to the needed size? Now it seems to me that the next step into the world beyond physical is the activation of the third eye. What are your feelings on this? Should I be cautious while threading into this plane?

My mother tells me to keep away from the third eye, saying that it may rip my soul apart. Hi Milhouse, glad to hear that you are taking active steps to help decalcification. Sorry to hear that you have been discouraged by the whole process, totally understand, as we are surrounded by products that are not great for us.

Organic is expensive indeed, but I believe the best option is to try to grow as much food as you can. Thanks Austin — will put it up on the site. Just a bit of info — cilantro should not be used by those who have silver amalgams fillings in teeth. I cannot have any amount until the fillings are removed. I will not remove until absolutely necessary.

Gracias por su mensaje. Buena suerte en tu camino! I stumbled on your page in search of information correlating ayahuasca and marijuana usage in opening the pineal gland. The exercise your suggesting seems like a great substitute. Hi Gloria, I have heard from many people who have experienced ayahuasca that it has helped them access that plane of existence that exists beyond the physical universe we live in.

I believe that if you help enhance any of your chakras, it helps activate the rest. To learn more about how to open the pineal gland, please read through this website. Please let us know how you get on. I have a feeling it does as it is not too de-similar from calcium carbonate.

Will have to do more research into this to confirm. I have my skate liver oil and butter oil coming tomorrow morning, I have read that you take 2 per day but do you take them together at the same time or seperately; one in the morning and one in the evening for example? Hi Scott, I have taken them both at the same time in the morning, but you can take one in the morning and one in the evening too if you like. I took them both in the morning as it was more convenient.

Keep up the great work! Hi Paul, thank you for your message, it would be a pleasure to add the information from this site to yours, if you could provide a link back that would be much appreciated. Your organisation looks like a great one! After stumbling upon information about Pineal Glands I soon after found this website! My life is absolutely amazing and even far beyond those words.. I have followed most of the process and I think everything has been done right enough lol.

Hi Brandon, thank you for sharing that with us, sounds absolutely fantastic! Hello, you say not to take Calcium, but take only natural forms of it. I have this weird thing…. Hi, about the Cacao: I have cacao in my yard and have made chocolate 5 times now.

To get the chocolate flavor we love you must ferment the beans for about a week before roasting them. I believe this process reduces the antioxidant properties. Also, what about natural sugar vs. What about coffee vs. Generally when you roast an organic material it looses its properties, hence why raw diets are so great. Also, with regards to sugars, natural ones are best, e.

Coffee is a stimulant so have never really been a fan of it and keep away from soft drinks as they contain many harmful ingredients including aspartame, etc. If you have a healthy alternative to soft drinks, get some organic fruit and juice them, then use carbonated water to give the fizzy hit you normally get from soda. So few questions of my own. Are we not allowed to eat meats? Or is it just meats that have been processed and have preservatives in them? It would also be pretty cool if you Spiritual Scientist would create a week long list of what our diet should consist of if we are trying to open our pineal gland.

So with regards to your meat question, many animals these days are pumped full of drugs. Any recommendations on a safe material? Also I hear that the process is stressful on the body. Any specific recommendation to assist the body with the burden of detox? Hi Andy, best to go see a dentist who specialises in removing amalgam fillings as they can recommend safe alternatives.

I believe gold and silver make good alternatives, but need to do more research into this area. There are some points to consider when choosing a slow juicer.

Here are the important ones: Vertical vs Horizontal Vertical slow juicers save more counter-top space while the horizontal ones are more effective in juicing leafy greens, especially wheat-grass. So the choice between efficiency and compactness is up to you. Get the best wheatgrass juicers now. If you are interested in maximizing the health benefits of juicing, then you should be considering a masticating juicer. Breville is traditionally known for its high quality centrifugal juicers, but the BJSXL is a masticating juicer.

With this juicer, Breville offers a product that should appeal to the non-centrifugal juicing population. The Fountain Crush, as it has been named, offers a much more higher juice yield, especially from leafy greens. In addition to that, masticating juicers produce healthier juice because of their slow working speed, although this slow speed may be a disadvantage at times. The Breville BJSXL has a vertical auger which turns slowly but surely to squeeze out every last drop of juice and it also guarantees you more pulpy juice production than the other types of Breville juicers.

The Fountain Crush is a reliable juicer that comes with a 10 year warranty from Breville. Masticating juicers may not be the domain of Breville, but they do know a thing or two about juicing in general, and this machine is the proof. When it comes to masticating juicers, the Hurom brand needs no introduction. Hurom is famous for its masticating juicers and ingenious technology, and the HU is no different from the rest.

The Hurom H masticating juicer comes with the second generation slow squeezing technology from Hurom. It has a single auger which rotates about 80 times per minute, and that? It is also made from Ultem, a material which is extremely durable and which guarantees a long productive life of the juicer.

Hurom has been making high quality masticating juicers for decades, and the HU is no exception. I was wondering if you could help me decide on whether to switch from a centrifugal juicer like Breville to a masticating juicer like Omega since Omega gives more quality juice and does not push out as much pulp as Breville.

I am doing a salad for lunch and juice for breakfast, afternoon snack and dinner. Eventually, I plan to have juice for lunch as well. But, I would like to decide which type of juicer will eventually benefit me since I do not need to lose lot of weight. A masticating juicer will allow you to make your juices ahead of time and store them longer. Let me know how you like the Omega. I have been trying to lose weight for a long time and nothing seems to work.

I have been on a diet now for quite some time where I cut out fast food, soda and all the garbage I used to eat before. It has helped me drop a FEW pounds and not gain any weight but I want to start juicing because I have friends who have in the past and juicing has always shown positive results. My kind of silly question: As long as they have been well maintained, do you think it might make a difference in the quality of the juicer?

And are air- tight containers a requirement? If a juicer is well maintained it can last a very long time. You can find it here:. I wish you the best! Cryssilynn, as long as the juicing attachment separates the pulp from the juice you should be fine. If it just acts as a blender and mixes stuff up that wont work. I wanted to get your thougths on the NutriBullet versus a juicer. A juicer will extract the juice and remove the pulp leaving you with a highly nutritious juice.

A blender just like the NutriBullet just mixes stuff together. Another thing that you have to understand is that juice from a juicer is absorbed and not digested. When you use a blender, the mixture will go through the normal digestion process. A juicer will also damage the cells walls of produce where most of the enzymes and nutrients are stored. A blender does not do this. You have to decide if you want to do a juice fast or not. Read this article http: Hi, first I wanted to say thank you for this website and I am excited to start juicing!

No idea how I came across this webiste but I seem to be lucky today. I have a Breville Juice Fountain and was wondering how long does the nutritional value last once I put it in a mason jars. Or how long do I have till it is not worth drinking? I work a 12 hour shift and was going to juice in the morning to bring it to work. Is it ok to freeze? Any help is much appreciated. Jonsommy, thank you for your comment. You can freeze the juice though. Thank you for such a quick response.. I was so excited to hear from you..

I am eager to know if you have reviewed this juicer and have any comments.. Marlene, the jack Lalanne should be fine. If you want to know a little more about juicers, read this article. Centrifugal juicers are often referred to as high speed juicers because they use a disk to rapidly break down the fruit and extract the juice.

Masticating juicers squeeze the juice out of the produce and do so at a low speed. I forgot to mention.. Is it a masticating juicer or a centrifugal juicer? First off let me say I love your website.. I have been wanting to start a juicing regimen seen I find when I am restricted from foods period I work better but I am afraid.. I would like to know what juicing recipe you suggest to really kill hunger on the spot.. I love that you offer continuous support..

I hope to hear from you soon. Ginger helps to curb hunger and celery curbs sweet cravings and has a calming effect. During the first days you will go through detox and might be a bit cranky or get headaches. Do whatever you can to ease stress on yourself during the detox period, as added stress is never good.

If you stay true to your juice fast, set your goals, stick to your plan, and get into a routine, your success will be far greater than the weight you lose on your fast. I suggest instead of planning for a full 30 days that you plan for 14 days. I also suggest you start a thread on the forum http: This will help you keep yourself in line and by posting daily it makes you accountable for your day to day actions.

I look forward to hearing from you on the forums and helping you to reach your goals and achieve success with your juice fast! Carol, thanks for your comment. You can start with and use any recipes you like. Enjoy, and I wish you the best if luck on your juice fast! Hey Donnie, do you have any thoughts on masticating juicers? I see the ones listed above are all the high-speed kind but we pulled the trigger on an Omega masticating juicer. You are correct that masticating juicers yield more juice, produce less froth, and will possibly keep longer.

While masticating juicers are great they have a few cons that can turn people off almost instantly. Masticating juicers can be time consuming to clean, complicated to put together, and take much longer to actually juice not to mention they are much more expensive than the centrifugal juicers. The TFAL is only and might struggle in certain areas.

It look very nice and has some good reviews though! Hop on over to the forums http: Glad to have you juicing with us today!

Kathy good question, please read the FAQ http: You should not be having any of the pulp while on the fast. Ronita, that one will do just fine. Any of the Hamilton Beach Big Mouths will do. Glad to have you start juicing. Hi… I am trying to purchase a juicer so that i can start the fast… So i have a questions… is the Hamilton Beach C Big Mouth juicer… that different or is that one ok as well? I actually use a vitamix and a milk nut bag.

I used to use a juicer but you really lose a lot of juice in the pulp. With the milk nut bag you squeeze it yourself and there is hardly any waste.