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10 Reasons Your Belly Fat Isn't Going Away
The Best Way to Cook Salmon. Your safety is important to us, so make sure that you only kick up with both feet if you are feeling strong and well conditioned. You will likely find that both the muscles of your lower body, and your lungs, will be screaming after this one. The Roar Pro's TeraBass is an intelligent feature that provides bass boost to compensate for the loss of perceived bass during low-level listening, such as at night or less-than-ideal acoustic environments. Most portable speakers utilise a single amplifier to reproduce the entire audio spectrum. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Gastric Bypass

The Best Fat-Burning Breakfasts

Flat-D Innovations has been contacted by many gastric bypass patients and has worked with them to develop several different products to meet their special needs. May New Testimonial - " Thin and Happy- no problems! I thought I'd go back into hiding after my bypass surgery. I was so isolated when I was obese - then, this horrible gas problem afterward!

Even my daughter wouldn't go shopping or eat out with me! And meeting my son-in-law-to- be or his family???? I fasted for a week! I don't know what it is about flat-d.

I think it's because I'm not as nervous. I would never be without flat-d! And I had a marathon shopping day with my daughter - no problems! Just one weekend of using your product and I am no longer a social pariah!

There's no point in trying to be delicate about a problem like this I had gastric bypass surgery about 9 months ago and have beyond awful gas. There is nothing I can take Beano - Gas-X, etc that works.

I have tried being very careful with what I eat and I don't eat much! My coworkers have been pretty nice about it for the most part, but I know it was hard to work in a small office with someone like me.

I never went anywhere without a bottle of air freshener. My family complained all the time and I know I was an embarrassment to them. I sat at home in a room by myself a lot. In social situations, I would have to leave and find someplace to hide and pass gas. Fine if it's a public restroom, but not so discreet if you're in someone else's home. This enhances your motivation to do other things that help ward off depression, like seeing friends. But if you're so bummed out that you don't want to do things you used to enjoy, it's time to seek the help of a therapist.

Simple carbs like chips and added sugar in items like sweetened drinks cause your blood sugar to spike, which triggers a flood of insulin—a hormone that encourages your liver to store fat in your middle. Instead of focusing on cutting out junk, center your efforts on adding in healthy fare think extra servings of vegetables at each meal. Katz says, "Filling your tank with high-quality fuel thwarts hunger.

Magnesium regulates more than functions in the body. No surprise, then, that a study found that people who consumed more of it had lower blood sugar and insulin levels.

At least twice a day, reach for magnesium-rich foods such as dark leafy greens, bananas, and soybeans. A study in Obesity found that diet soda drinkers were more likely to have a high percentage of fat in their bellies.

The researchers think that diet drinkers may overestimate the calories they're "saving," and then overeat. If you're not ready to kick your habit, the researchers suggest reducing the number of food calories in your diet. Should You Rethink 0-Calorie Drinks? When Swedish researchers gave one group of adults extra daily calories, mainly from saturated fat, and another group the same amount of calories but mostly from polyunsaturated fatty acids PUFAs for seven weeks, the saturated fat group accumulated two times as much visceral fat.

Dine on fatty fish like salmon or trout once a week to get a good dose of PUFAs. The rest of the time, reduce your intake of red meat and opt instead for protein low in saturated fat, such as legumes and chicken. The Best Way to Cook Salmon. According to a Danish study, beer may indeed be linked with abdominal obesity.

And though beer appears to have the greatest impact, wine won't save you from a spare tire: Improved 5-driver system, three preset audio profiles, longer battery life, and its ability to transform into a wireless personal PA system when paired with iRoar Mic sold separately. Directing the audio upwards not only stabilizes the speaker, but also provides for a wider soundstage that doesn't require the listener to be situated in the audio sweet spot.

It is further enhanced with dual opposing, side-firing passive radiators that widen the soundstage dramatically. The rigid monocoque endoskeleton chassis has fewer internal components that vibrate individually. This translates into lesser energy wastage and better audio quality.

Durable and lightweight improved high frequency drivers deliver balanced highs. Most portable speakers utilise a single amplifier to reproduce the entire audio spectrum.

With a single amplifier design, much demand goes into reproducing the lows and mids, which compromises the delivery of the highs. On the other hand, the Roar Pro utilises two amplifiers - one dedicated to driving lows and mids, while the other is solely dedicated to deliver the high frequencies. This allows the speaker to produce uncompromisingly clear, high definition, and well-balanced music.

The top firing bass and mid level driver is laid horizontally, reducing the speaker's centre of gravity, thus stabilising it. While many other portable speakers produce small, constrained sound, the Roar Pro is designed to deliver space-filling audio. That's because we have incorporated far-field high frequency drivers in the Roar Pro, and these project audio further than other speakers of its class. This is complemented by the boxer-style layout, which also delivers a room-filling, non-sweet spot-specific audio experience.

Most portable speakers either focus on audio power, thus compromising audio fidelity, or vice versa; removing the power of choice from end users. The Roar Pro is designed to be different. By default, it produces balanced, high-fidelity audio. And in scenarios where sheer audio power is needed - in large parties and social gatherings, for instance - users can press the ROAR button that instantly boosts the loudness, depth and spaciousness of the audio.

The Roar Pro's TeraBass is an intelligent feature that provides bass boost to compensate for the loss of perceived bass during low-level listening, such as at night or less-than-ideal acoustic environments.

The bass compensation level will be reduced as the playback volume increases till it reaches the maximum dynamic output, where no processing is applied. Also, TeraBass can be switched off if the bass compensation is not desired. Take your audio experience beyond your favourite artist's potential. With the Roar Pro, you can switch between different preset audio profiles with an easy-to-use three-way switch. Select Warm for soothing audio, Neutral for balanced audio, or Energetic for a lively audio experience.

Read on for recommended audio profiles customised for your favourite music genre s. The Roar Pro delivers amazing stereo audio performance on its own. Now, imagine your audio performance with two units of Roar Pro! It is highly recommended for synchronising your audio and video, thus bringing out the best in your entertainment.

Unlike many premium wireless speakers, the Roar Pro also supports aptX and AAC, which are advanced HD codecs that deliver high quality audio for Bluetooth transmission. These codecs are crucial for great wireless audio that are also supported by branded Android phones and iPhone. Its easy and fuss-free installation requires no software - just plug and play!

Also made for professionals, this powerful Bluetooth speaker doubles as a wireless personal PA system, helping you deliver a compelling performance in your presentation, conference, classes, or even karaoke sessions! Simply connect the Roar Pro to the iRoar Mic sold separately , and you are all ready to take the stage. Weighing at 30 grams only, with a battery life of 10 hours 2 , the iRoar Mic sold separately can be held, clipped or hung for versatile and convenient speech delivery and performance.

The iRoar Mic also comes with a line-in jack that allows you to mix music from your mobile device, giving you wireless karaoke sessions! With the same high-capacity built-in mAh Li-ion battery as the Sound Blaster Roar, the Roar Pro has a longer battery life that lasts up to 10 hours 2 , thanks to its optimised electrical design.

Now you can enjoy non-stop hits from dusk till dawn. Connect your Roar Pro wirelessly to your smart devices via Bluetooth. With Creative Multipoint, you can simultaneously connect two Bluetooth stereo devices to the Roar Pro and toggle between them easily. Take your calls handsfree, even when you're listening to your music.

The Roar Pro features a built-in microphone and doubles as a wireless speakerphone when you pair your smartphone with it via Bluetooth! When you've finished your phone call, it intelligently returns to your music. Now, you can play your entire music collection 5 directly from the Roar Pro without relying on your smartphone.

Simply insert a microSD card that contains your favourite songs and press the Play button to enjoy a fantastic listening experience.

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