How to Reduce the Damaging Effects of PCOS on Fertility Through Diet and Herbs

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Would asparagus, broccoli, spinach, string beans, celery, green red orange and yellow peppers be good choices? Beets, carrots, cabbage, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, artichokes, asparagus and turmeric are especially beneficial for liver health. My height is 5 feet and I am 66 kgs now. Thank you for the encouragement, I really appreciate it. I am veri overweight. Seed oils include vegetable oil, soybean oil, canola oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, and all other oils that come from seeds or nuts.

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PCOS 7-Day Meal Plan

Did you see an improvement in less abnormal hair growth? I am so tired of the hair growth! I am 47 years old and was diagnosed with endometriosis stage four at age 41 shortly after getting married.

My husband and I tried to conceive for several years without any success. Otherwise, I would consider purchasing your e-book. Thank you for writing this article, but those of us with endometriosis would really love an article on that condition also!

Thank you so much! I have a very VERY complicated case. I am allergic to soy, I am not presenting with cysts on my ovaries at the moment, I have a uterine septum AND endometrial hyperplasia. I gave myself arthritis in , and because of all the issues with my PCOS, I have ballooned up over lbs.

Well i have my pcos at birth.. I am from India. I am 22 years old. I just got diagnosed with PCOS. About 5 months back I stated consuming tofu. Is it supposed to be harmful??

Also I really need to reduce my weight. I am quiet afraid of this PCOS situation. I am not big high on diets. Other than that my diet is normal. Just one in a few. And does practicing yoga help? Hi Nikita, thank you for your questions. There are many causes for PCOS and I would suggest you read my book Feed Your Fertility to really get a handle on what could be the underlying cause for yours. Writing you to know is she is PCOS patient and if so what diet she should have to over come it.

She is of 22 yrs old and we are looking for baby. She have 59 Kg weight and 5. She is vegetarian and can eat eggs and meats if required. Please suggest natural diet to overcome this disease. Hi Prithvi, thanks for your comment. I am so sick and tired of suffering from this. I want to beat this but I know I need help.

I will do what ever it takes. DO you have a list of foods that could be eaten and that can not be eaten. Hi Renee, thanks for your comment. I would focus on incorporating the strategies listed in the post, and ditch the junk.

I reduced about 3kgs about 3months back and my periods were back to a regular cycle. But from 2months , even though I have lost 2more kgs my periods have stopped again. I have abnormal hairgrowth and irregular periods. My syntoms ends there. I have been advised to take birth control piils as a treatment but i got a mixed answer about tht method on google. I wish you the best! I am 25 year old and trying to have a baby. I do follow diets and eat lots of green, still my periods are irregular.

I also have facial hair but the rest of the body shows normal faminine hair growth. Lemon balm is an excellent natural remedy which affects working of thyroid gland and calms overactive gland to reduce the secretion of thyroid hormone.

Men suffering erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems have benefitted a lot from male enhancement pills. Soaking your feet in hot water can also help with warts removal.

I have PCOS and conceived my first 2 children with a lot of fertility help, then my miraculous 3 baby was conceived with no help, but I was inadvertently on a gluten free diet, so now trying to get pregnant with 4 I realized that I need to be gluten free again. I train for triathlons and so I do plenty of endurance exercise, is there more info about this? Hi Deadra — Thanks for your comment. Endurance exercise can be a culprit for metabolism issues more so than PCOS.

Hi Emily thanks for the informative article. Do you offer personal consultations or know anyone who does in Sydney? I need a specialist to support and guide me in identifying the underlying causes in my body and how to manage myself holistically. Your guidance is greatly appreciated. Hi Sarah — Thanks for your comment. I have been trying for 2 years and I really hope this helps. Any success stories using clomid? It seems like they help regular my periods for a little while but then go back to being not normal again.

Anyone have any suggestions on what medication to take? Im so scared i wont be able to conceive when im older. Thankfully im only 17 and ive found out i have this unfortunate syndrome. Im really sad and i feel like my body might have been totally different if i didnt have this syndrome. I wish this didnt have to happen to me. Ive started taking birth control to get my hormones in order. I might have been skiiny and not had acne if i didnt have this.

Im really sad about this…. Thanks for this very informative post Emily, not sure if you or another reader can answer this but in regards to the polyunsaturated fat accumulation in the cells…if we start eating more saturated fats and cut out the refined vegetable oils…is it possible to reverse this? In short, is it possible to accumulate saturated fats in place of these to repair the insulin resistance?

Hi Ruth Alice, thanks for your question. The bottom line is that everybody is different. The important thing to note is that it is not just organic dairy, but organic dairy from pasture-raised cows.

Desperate- no progress with weight loss despite working out — and a high protein green leafy diet. Hi Tammy, thanks for your question. I think the products are amazing and most are all natural! Just let me know. Hi, I love this post, thank you for the information. Hi Angie, Thank you for your comment. The way in which Real Plans was designed is to give you complete control over the types of foods that will come up on your meal planner.

If you have seen a nutritionist and there are certain food groups or ingredients you need to eliminate from your diet, you can exclude the ingredient or food group from your diet plan. If you have any other questions, just hop on over to Real Plans and check it out. I tried clomed and metformin for the maximum dosages for six months and never even ovulated.

Then I had a doctor tell me that If I wanted to loose weight I should give up refined sugar. I lost 30 lbs, but I took a year, and next thing I know I started feeling sick on the stomach. I was 40 years old and pregnant with my first child, my husband and I had tried for nearly 20 years. I was reading this websites article and how birth control is bad for me?? I was diagnose with PCOS right after my daughter. Before my daughter, I was only 88 pounds and after her I went up to 98 pounds. Well after I got on birth control, I began having trouble with my weight.

I have several headaches, since May I have missed 3 cycles from May- now, I keep finding myself falling into depression, and I am having the hardest time losing weight. Hi Maricel, I would strongly suggest you consult a holistic health practitioner who can help you to achieve your goals in becoming pregnant. I like all of the points you made. Many PCOS help websites are saying to adopt a dairy and gluten free diet. I have always had irregular periods since getting my first when I was I had trouble conceiving, lost some weight and had my son.

After my son was born I cut out dairy and wheat and was doing GAPS diet as well because I thought he was allergic or sensitive. During that time I lost pounds effortlessly. When he was three I read the work of Matt Stone and starting letting myself eat and I gained all my weight back to pounds. During the time of normal weight, I for the first time had normal periods days. I am trying to figure out how to make exercise a priority although the plantar fasciitis makes it hard to simply walk.

Every case is individual as PCOS is a syndrome that is caused by multiple problems. Perhaps you can speak to your doctor or practitioner to keep tab of your bloodwork and symptoms while you experiment with it. For the plantar fasciitis, I personally have great results with physiotherapy and orthotics which were thankfully covered by insurance. However, the symptoms also get better when I reduce my inflammation levels by healing the gut killing parasites and yeast overgrowth , avoiding food sensitivities and reducing omega-6 intakes.

There is always something you can do and really enjoy. Great post, I had a primarily vegetarian diet and will be reducing dairy so I need to know if Eggs are okay to eat? While researching over the following month, I stumbled upon Paleo and dairy, vegetable oils and legumes were the next to go, all at once.

Everything I eat is whole, real, grass-fed, pasture-raised and fresh, plus I take a magnesium supplement. I just keep it simple and yummy so both cost, prep and maintenance are a breeze. I make coconut oil chocolate sweetened with USA bitch xylitol , use Kerrygold butter and love me some grass-fed, eye of round, slow-cooked.

Grass-fed ground beef is even cheaper to keep the red meat intake regular. My meals are tiny cuz I hate that stuffed feeling. Wish I had known all of this like 50 years ago. I do struggle with depression and high blood sugar. Have gone off my depression med due to so many side effects, however I will have to go back on it due to emotions of crying and being depressed I am going to work on my diet however since it is terrible thank you so much for sharing.

Your email address will not be published. Ready to optimize your fertility? In it we explore: How your lifestyle may be inhibiting your ability to conceive — and what to do about it Why popular fertility diets may be leading you down the wrong road What foods to eat to optimize and nourish your fertility, and how to adopt a real foods diet How to determine your personal health imbalances that may be interfering with your fertility How to use Chinese medicine to bring your body into balance and improve your odds of conception How to streamline your supplements and take only what you really need Your natural and medical treatment options for common fertility issues How to navigate the medical fertility world and when to seek help Get Feed Your Fertility Now.

Has My Scoby Gone Bad? And Other Kombucha Questions Answered…. Comments Hi,my daughter has Pcos — she has had anxiety nd depression for about six years and s slowly recovering. Eggs are not dairy… Dairy is anything that comes from a cow.

Thanks sarah I hope everything works out. Look into DIM and vitex, Cinnamon. I tried shola oslo pills and 2 babies now. As well hemp seeds. This is an awesome article! Thanks for this interesting discussion! Hope this helps to clarify! If you want to just have a healthy diet, please check this okinawa diet which will also help you live longer — https: Hey…can you please provide me a sample diet plan for whole week…just like you have mentioned for Day 5…Thanks in advance…. I leave for offce at 7 30in the morning and reach home by 8 30 in evening….

I need to shed a lot of weight but I have a very hectic schedule from morning 5. Please suggest me something. Ashita, as per your height and assuming your age to be around , you are mildly overweight.

Follow this diet strictly, and also, make sure to stand up every 30 minutes when you are sitting all day. Take small walks around the office and drink lots of water, that will help you go to loo frequently and your walking will also be done. I am going to write an article on losing weight and living healthy life for people who have sitting work all day.

Make sure to subscribe to blog and visit frequently. If you need any specific help, please mail me using the contact form.

And is there any substitute for bananas which are supposed to be eaten on Day 4??? Waiting for ur reply. Hi Sannia You cannot replace potato with bread. That defeats the purpose of losing weight fast. Also, do you not like banana? You can try with Apple. Hey Anjali If you maintain a healthy diet without consuming Junk food, you will be able to maintain a balanced weight.

Hi I tried this gmdiet and lost 4kgs for first time. You can do this once per month. Your weight is just perfect. Find yourself a goal. If you want to lose weight, why? Yes, definitely gm diet works for men as well! Women are more weight conscious so you may find them more, but it will equally help lose weight in men too! Hi dear , Today is my second of gm non veg diet but in between I had some sev n chakli …is that okay.

And cud u pls tell me after 7 th day , what will be the next procedure …I m confused what is to be followed after 7th day. I work n it is a bit difficult to maintain. I want to loose my weight coz I m 90 kgs n want to look good.

Hey Saba 90 KGs is very overweight. You simply need to follow this diet plan strictly. Control your eating habits and avoid eating snacks like Sev and Chakli. Once your 7 days are over, you can take a 3 days gap and start again with this awesome diet. Continue this diet until you get required amount of weight.

You are indeed overweight and you need to bring your weight down to 55 KG. You need to follow the above gm diet strictly for 3 months. Are you seriously suggesting people to follow this for 3 months?

Do you even know the intensity of the side effects? This diet, under no circumstances must be followed more than once a month. It will lead to long term deficiencies, diseases and hair loss. This diet plan contains all the nutrients that a body requires. It has to be performed with a minimum of 3 days gap in between.

Eating a healthy diet along with regular exercise has no side effects. Moreover, you will pay hundreds of dollars for an even worse diet to a dietician with zero outcomes and more side effects. Readers have not reported any hair loss or deficiencies. And can you please elaborate on diseases? Looks like an assumption.

Hi, Can I use salt with vegetables in day 2 like in salad and cooked vegetables Thanks. Coz of my shape i look like aunty by figure….

This diet has helped many people around the world and it can work for you too! Just make sure to follow this diet strictly. Hi Mahin I have tried this diet but no weight loss is observed I was 78 kg and now I am 78 Kg shall I continue this diet?

Sad to hear that. Daily drinking of water and exercise will boost the process. Take meal in small quantities and you will notice the difference. Hey I did this diet n strictly followed it.. Or if I take it den lost weight will come back plz tell me m really worried.

Yes you can, but eating too much carrot is not good for your health, your palms may become yellow. Exercise is important to get to the goal. It will help in increasing the fat burning process. If your body does not allow you to exercise rigorously, you can do easy exercises but make sure you sweat.

Hi , I read above in the quick tips you mentioned no fruit juices for first six days.. Hi, Please let me know whether it is possible to add legumes such as lentil soup in any day of this diet. If you want to use lentil soup, you can use it on the 5th day of GM Diet. You have to consume only fruits on day 1 so you should not have lentil soup on that day.

Consuming Tea without sugar would be fine, once a day not more, because you are addicted to eat. Or you can even use Green Tea. You are a bit overweight for your age and you need to work hard on losing weight. Let me know if you need any specific help! Yes jogging and exercise are important to boost the weight loss. Otherwise the effect will be very less. You need to sweat. Eat as per your content, but dont eat anything else other than what is written.

You can drink green tea in GM diet plan, but dont add sugar. You can drink once in morning and once in evening. I am 26 yrs old and 85 kgs.. I really want to reduce my weight to 55 to 60 kgs.. Please can u help.. I am 29yrs and weigh 70kg and she is 28yrs and weigh 55kg.

Can u tell me what can we have for breakfast on day 5 , 6 and 7 in this diet plan. ALSO can we have a cup of tea with low calorie sugar on all days?

You can use vegetable soup during breakfast. You can also have Tea but without sugar. Or better, use Green Tea. There should not be any problem, but my suggestion would be not to use it.

Once you deliver the baby, you will become fat anyway for 1 year. After 1 year of delivering, you should start with this diet plan to lose the baby fat you got during pregnancy. The baby needs nutritions and following this diet will only help you lose weight. Hey, The diet seems to be really nice. I have some doubts if you could help me with them. Can I have green tea on all the days?

Are there any other guidelines which I, being below 18 should follow? Can normal temperature water be replaced with luke warm water after school? It would be really kind if you could provide me with your email address too.

You can start having green tea from Day 4. No specific guidelines, but we can talk about it in email if you want. Yes, lukewarm water works. You can mail me personally at — contact[at]thebesthealth. Hi Just wondering to ask u I did Gm diet few weeks bak nd I lost 2 kilos. I m going to start it again today.

How do I stay motivated cos looking at other people when they have lost so much nd I m wondering how come I just lost 2 kilos makes a bit worried nd sad. Every body is different and on an average gm diet gives 7 KG weight loss. Just let me know! HI, i am 26 years old. I am suffering from hypothyrosim.. You can definitely use this diet plan otherwise to lose weight.

However, take a print of this article and consult your doctor with the same and also the exercises mentioned here, if they are suitable for you. Do let me know your progress in recovering from this problem weekly so I can know you are going good! You can mix it with Dal or a light curry. Strictly NO for butter, cheese, cokes etc for this gm diet if you want to lose weight effectively. Hey, I wanna loose over 40 kg.

I am 25 year old. I want to do GM diet plan but problem is my bp flow is low and if i will not have salt in my food intake I get faint some time…can you suggest can I add salt in my Gm plan. You can add small pinch of salt over your vegetable salad on day 2 and 3. Hey , As i stated above that I wanna loose over 40 kg. You will definitely become fit and healthy again. Follow this above diet plan for 3 months with 2 days of gap between every 7 day regime.

Feeling very weak and can see no difference. I went through the blog, but. I am still very confused. And when do I have to start the salt intake? Are you taking sufficient amount of water? You may feel some weakness but if you consume the food mentioned in the article in proper amounts, you will feel content because you are having all the nutrients you need.

You also need to do proper exercises and sweat at least for 30 minutes everyday. Also, avoid sitting for more than 1 hour at a single stretch.

Day n onwards is to be intaken? And one more thing, is the soup intakr compulsory on day 4? It wont harm if you consume soup on gm diet day 4. Hii…is this diet working on a permanent basis.

Hi You will gain weight again if you start eating unhealthy food and stop doing exercises. Once you achieve desired weight using this awesome diet, you have to maintain a healthy diet and avoid cheese, butter, fast food etc as long as possible. On the 5th day. I used to have it twice a week. Can I have it on the three day break after the seven days? Please let me know.

Eat normal homemade food which is nutritious and avoid bread, cheese, butter, cokes etc. Hey thank u very much i lost 8 kg weight first good diet plan ur doing good job. You are welcome Nita! I am glad it helped you. Do share this gm diet plan result with others and share this article with your friends and family! The vegetable we have to consume with the chapati should be cooked? Hey , Thanks This is my first day of GM Diet and i am not feeling any kind of need of that parathas and samosa anymore.

And on the second day can i cook my veggis without oil with onions and garlic? I was still very happy with my result. However, after that I did not repeat the gm diet and since then I have go on to gain around 11 kgs after that period. I tried everything, treadmill, dieting and now I have joined the gym 2 months back but I have still not lost any weight. I feel that the gm diet makes you gain weight. But I was wondering if I should give it a try again and keep repeating it.

Please suggest Smth thanks. Hey Anika This diet has been a charm to hundreds of girls who have mailed me their before and after images and they will recommend it to their friends as well. You will gain weight only if you stop eating junk food, cheese, butter, coke etc after completing the diet. Sweating is the key if you go to gym. Doing cardio in an AC gym doesnt give you much sweat. Hey, i am 90kg and I really want to lose at least 35g after 3 months? Do u think If follow this diet strictly and ex cerise I will be able to reach my goal weight?

Am really struggling to lose weigh? I feel like this my last chance???? You definitely can Atikah. My readers who followed this diet have even emailed me their before and after images and they have lost weight is months time. I m really encourged by reading this diet plan and so I decided to start it from tomorrow. I m 26 but overweight and really wanna be slim. So can u please email me some pictures of before and after who used this diet plan and got some serious results…..

I want to see some real proofs… Thanks Waiting for ur revert. Antima, I can only send you images of those people who have approved or given us the right to share their images with other people. We believe in privacy. Should I take this diet?? I really want to look slim like my classmates!!!!! You are still very young, concentrate eating nutritious good than slimming down.

But yes, you can. I am 15 years old. You are still very young and can perform cardio exercises for a long time. The more you sweat and more strictly you follow the diet, more you will be able to lose weight. But tomorrow i will eat only vegetables. So can i have miso soup on the 2nd day without any Tofus. You know miso soup has a strong flavour with lots of salt? So can i have some or not? BTW Thank you dear for sharing such a great diet program. Please help me if iam doing something wrong. Kindly find my diet plan for 3 day Day1 Morning-luke warm water with lemon Breakfast- Cherries 1 cup 8 almond snacks- plum lunch -musk mallon 1 bowl snacks -apple Dinner — papaya 1 bowl.

Day 2 Morning-luke warm water with lemon Breakfast- Medium potato boiled snacks- baby carrot lunch — green salad snacks — cucumber Dinner — patato wedges baked. Day3 Morning-luke warm water with lemon Breakfast- blue berries snacks- baby carrot lunch — wonder soup snacks -apple Dinner — water mall on 1 bowl.

I did 1 hours exercise daily alternative day power yoga and gym cycling and aclypts and 30 minute walk in lunch time. Avoid potatoes if possible.

Take small potions in whatever you eat. You are 40 and you have a low metabolism effect on body and therefore the fat burning capacity of body falls short, but thats never a concern. The title says it all! But it really depends on how strictly you follow what is written here. Anything between 2 to 10 KGs is way to go! This diet is a balanced diet which will supply you with all the nutritions required by the body without increasing the weight.

Green Veggies have essential minerals that are required by the body. Hi Shefali, Very interesting article — kudos for the effort. I have decided to follow it from today..

One quick question, can you substitute sugar with honey while driving bling black tea? Yes, you can consume Green Tea instead of Milk or normal tea and coffee. Add honey instead of sugar though! Hi, I want to try this diet,could you plz tell me the types of exercises that I have to do. I want to reduce my wt from 80 to Hi I am on my third day of gm diet…strictly following it…i think i did a mistake on day 2.

In my baked potato i had added. Half tea spoon salt.. I have not checked my wait. Let it be for now, check your weight before starting the diet, and check it after 7 days. You will better be able to analyse your weight loss that way. Strict following of this diet is a must!

Hi Today is my 3rd day completed and i was having a headache in the evening so i just had tea with skimmed milk without sugar. No problem, you can read this article on getting rid of Nausea and headache here- https: Make her exercise regularly and make sure she sweats.

Drink lots of water and she should be fine. The comments above are the proof! Hello mam plz send me the pix of that women who have achieved their goal,thank u so much u are doing a great job,i am 31 years old. Hello Mona I cannot send you the images of women who have achieved their goal, it would be against their privacy. And how can u make the highly diluted soup in day 4? Please follow the foods that are mentioned in gm diet day 5.

Hy ,today I am on the first day of GM diet plan and I have taken fresh fruit juice whithout sugar ,is there any problem?? Whatever is mentioned in the day-to-day plan, is to be consumed in breakfast as well. For eg, for day 1, fruits are to be eaten all day.

So you can drink a glass full of fruit juice without sugar. I am 18 and i weigh 63 kg i wanna lose 10 kg in a month due to a very important occasion coming ahead i want to follow your diet but i cant control myself by looking to junk food. Can you give me suggestions to control myself from eating junk food. You have to build a self-willingness to quit junk food.

If you think junk food is more important than the occasion, you will tend to eat more of it. Make yourself dedicated to looking your best on THE day and you will see that you no longer cringe for junk. Ask your mom not to make you any junk food for next 1 month and see the change. Can you please tell me can we take peaches and apples only on the first day?? They are both fruits and they are delicious as well!

Drink Apple juice not milkshake in the morning, for lunch, have 1 Apple and 1 peach. I did treadmill for thirty mins in the morning and had green tea on empty stomach. Take 2 peaches and 1 Apple. Followed by 2 glasses of water. Can I have skimmed milk during the diet? Can we take green tea without sugar during this diet plan..?? Hello there, my question is when making soup I will not use any stock isnt it?

Few months back itried a crash diet.. I need to loose 30 kg to bring down my weight to normal. I m 38 years old female with height of cm and weight 90 kg. I have lost weight several times and gained back in my life. So please tell me wheather i can lose 30 kg weight with this diet without any side effects like hair fall and for how long i have to continue the diet.

Looking forward for ur reply.. It will take time but you definitely can lose upto 30 KGs. There are diets which will help you lose weight at the cost of your nutrition requirements. Do not do them! This diet is made specifically for losing weight taking into view all the nutrition requirements of body.

Use this diet plan until you get the desired weight, strictly. Let me know if you need any more help! Hi this is Simran My questn is I suffer a lot from Acidity so if i do this diet will it effect me???? And the other questn is that in this seoson its difficult to get watermelons so wht can we have in place of that???? Waiting for ur feedbck….

I am 18 years and also a student. I am 48 kgs and have belly fat. Also My face skin got chubby type.. I seriously want to loose my whole body weight! Will this diet work for me? GM Diet has worked for thousands of people and will work for you too, but it depends on how strictly you follow it.

Walking is okay, but it is necessary to sweat in that process. Cardio increases your Metabolism which is very important. Check this out as well — https: Cottage cheese means Paneer. You can use it in small quantity, not too much. It is just to get the small amount of fat that body needs for energy production.

Hi…I really need to drink hot tea. I am 22 years old and want to reduce around 20 kgs in 3 months. I have a heavy lower back. Will this plan help me in shedding my fat in lower back and tummy?

Kindly suggest me the method to follow the GM diet plan. GM diet plan will help you reduce overall fat from the body and for tummy, you can refer to this article — https: Can I have banana shakes on the fourth day without any sugar instead of having bananas and milk separately? Also Can I skip brown rice and tofu all together and have more of what other things are allowed on that day?

Also suggest if it can be altered for paneer. Avoid salt as long as possible. Strictly no to banana shakes. The diet procedure seems very promising does hair fall by following this??? Just few days back someone was complaining that her hair started falling because she followed some diet suggested by her dietician. It causes because your body does not get proper nutrition during diet. This GM diet has been designed such that you will lose weight, at the same time your body will get all the proper nutritions.

Usually dieticians will ask you to avoid Cottage cheese and stuff, but we have kept a small part of it in 5th day because body also needs small amounts of fats for energy. So this diet all in all is the best way to lose weight without any side effects! My question is that can you send me a diet plan for next 3 days so that there is no yo yo effect, thnx. Does this diet helps in reducing belly fat, I have a beer belly and one of my objective is to reduce my belly.

Hi, My age is 27 and my weight is kg. I am suffering from pcod so can I take this diet to reduce weight. You can also take medicines that have been already prescribed by your doctor along with this diet. Hey can I eat nuts during the diet like cashew almond or walnuts of course without roasted nor salted? And can I season the 4th or 5th day foods with soya sauce? Can I eat nuts on day 2 iI am not sure if it is a veggie so is the nuts prohibited walnuts almonds cashews and so on….

You cannot become darker with any diets. It may be because of the sun. For dark circles, you should check this out — https: Today is my 2nd day of diet plan can i have normal cooked vegetables or just boiled? Plzzzz help me I am 25years old my height is 5.

May ek dafa 87 tak ahi thi or ek dafa 70 tak ahi thi. Phir wapis bhar gaya hai bohat parhshan ho plzzz helpme cheaf. I just started this today and thank you so much for posting this. I am currently obese at I need to lose weight within the month and bring it down to 65 to have a normal BMI of below Is this possible with this diet? Hoping for your reply.

Losing so much weight in a short period of 1 month can be harmful for body. You need to go slow and steady, that way you can be healthy as well as lose the excess weight. Hi Team, I am 33 yrs old and my height is 6. Hi , Could you please tell me how much time it would require to lose 10 kgs but it should be permanent?

Also need to know the portions we should take. You need to stay away from junk food and only consume healthy and nutritious food. Small portions enough to fill your stomach. Hi, Day 5 diet is six tomatoes, i dont like tomatoes.

Can you please give me a substitute for it. I am 16 years old and i weigh 98 kg. I am cm tall. I am really worried about my weight. Will this diet help me to lose weight?

And can u lose weight without excercise during the whole diet? I am doing night shift from past years. Can I follow GM diet plan and if yes, then shall I follow the things which you mentioned or something extra I need to take care of. Please reply …… I will start as soon as I get clarity on this. Follow the way it is mentioned, nothing special needs to be taken care of.

Just make sure you have ample amount of water daily. Hi Chieft, I am in day 1 with water melon and Dragon fruits. My question is for Day 2 it acceptable that i can it pumpkin all day. Hi Chief, Many thank for your prompt reply. I just want to say, I went down from I am only on day 3. Looking forward to lose more as the days go by. So I want to say thank you!

Losing the extra weight means so much to me. Many thanks for Chief reply. I have one more question that if i can add avocado to my fruit list? I am a flight attendant with an airline, I need to shed off 9 kgs in a weeks time. I have request that the way you have made a sample diet for day 5th can you do the same from 2nd day till 7th with substitutes as that will really helpful in following it exactly the way it should be.

Also I wanted to tell you that I am trying hard since a month to reduce weight since a month but no difference I can see. However I am very hopeful by your diet plan and would follow it religiously.

Waiting for the diet plans in a day wise pattern. I am on the fourth day of this diet. Is it okay if i eat only 3 bananas the whole day? And regarding the sample diet for day Also, a typical Indian diet plan offers one a mix of exotic spices that add to the taste as well as overall health of the body. Select your gender to get started. Vegetarian diet chart for weight loss.

Given below is a diet plan that offers you several food choices that you can alter and change as per your taste, preference, ease of making, and the resources available. If followed diligently, this is a great diet chart for weight loss that offers several combinations that you can try to avoid monotonous food every day. Early morning 6 am. Lemon water with a dash of honey to eliminate body toxins. Brown bread toasts — 3 slices.

Cereal with nuts and raisins — 1 bowl. Vegetable vermicelli — 1 bowl. Idli with coconut chutney and sambhar. Dosa with chutney and sambhar. Green tea — 1 cup. Any fruit of choice — 1. Brown rice with tofu and grilled tomatoes. Rice with dal and cooked vegetables.

Pita bread with hummus. Evening Snack 4 pm. Vegetable brown bread sandwich. Vegetable cutlet — 1. Fruit salad — 1 bowl.

Corn salad — 1 bowl. Green tea with 2 sugar free cookies. Vegetable soup — 1 bowl. Low fat yogurt — 1 bowl. Vegetable — 1 bowl. Gravy of your choice — 1 bowl. Vegetable dalia — 1 bowl. Salad with yoghurt dressing — 1 bowl. Vegetable and cheese cutlets — 2. Home Workout Plan for Weight Loss 18 January Enjoy better fitness and good health with a detailed home workout plan for weight loss.

Do's Ensure a well-planned diet:

What are the benefits of an Indian diet chart for weight loss?