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No Thanks I already get your emails. My serotonin and Gaba are also low along with my dopamine and glutamate but my epinephrine is high. Make sure you fill in at least one thing for each category and place some date to go with it. The good news is that there are lots of feed options out there that he may find enticing! Please keep up the amazing work you do!!

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The point is that science only really tells us what has been observed. It just states what is observed and measured in the world around us. Why am I making sure you understand this? Because who was there to observe the creation of the universe? It takes what it observes in the world today and makes hypotheses, guesses, about the creation of the world.

Until pretty recently most scientists were Christians. Never let anyone make you feel stupid for believing God created the world. The Bible contains all truth. You never have to be afraid to believe the truth in the Bible. Say, we measure stars at being billions of light years away. That means, in order for us to see its light, that light would have had to be traveling for billions of years to reach us.

Well, a Christian mathematician and scientist has shown how it could appear that way and still only be less than ten thousand years away. No one has yet been able to dispute the math he used to show it. There are some that say carbon dating shows that there are bones that are millions of years old. These are articles for adults. The first is much easier to read than the second, but if you or your parents are interested, please go ahead and read them. I just want to show you that there are scientists that believe the earth is young.

I personally know a scientist, a physicist with a PhD, who has studied the topic and believes the earth to be less than 10, years old. It will always prove to be true in the end. God is Truth and cannot lie! You can trust His Word. Are you finished with all of your work? Click on arcade to begin. The Story of the Romans. You are going to need dirt and seeds. I have always found beans the easiest to grow. Just buy the beans you eat. But I would recommend choosing younger rather than older ones.

You are making masks. Or maybe you could tape them to sun glasses? You have to decide if it would encourage or scare your children. It talks about them being tortured, burned at the stake, fed to lions, etc. Play, just a little. Touch every red square. Wanna hear a joke? Help the cat find fish for lunch.

Are you finished with all of your work for today? Then play the space and arrows game! The curriculum does not teach evolution. I believe in a literal 6-day creation. Some websites that the kids go to do mention millions of years, and I point it out and say something about it each time to varying degrees.

You can read what I wrote on Day 1 of this page from the ancient history and biology courses to see how I discuss it with the kids. Please review the FAQs and contact us if you find a problem with a link.

The list of names shows the generations from Abraham to David to Jesus. Tell to a parent the story of Joseph that you read today. History Did you know that the Bible is considered to be one of the most accurate history books in the world? What is the difference between history and pre-history? We can read about Adam and Eve living in the garden and speaking with God. Science I want to teach you something about science.

Here are a lot more different kinds of nature sounds if you want more. Mix together some different sounds. Jesus is anointed by the Holy Spirit, choosing Him as the leader of Israel as was prophesied hundreds of years before by Micah. What prophecies are fulfilled in this chapter? Do you belong to Christ and serve His people alongside Him?

Click the arrow to turn the pages. Before you can use this site, you will need to register. This is a site where you can use your junk email and password. Make sure you tell the site to remember you. Our book does not teach that God created the world in six days. It will speak of millions of years. They say they changed little by little until they became human. My personal opinion is that it is senseless. I call it a hypothesis because it has never been observed happening and therefore cannot be called scientific theory, let alone fact.

You may click on the link to watch the vimeo video on the introduction to life. Answer the review questions Go to the end and read the questions first. That way you can be looking for the answers while you read. It will make it easier for you if you will just take an extra minute to look at the questions before the reading.

They need to show that they have repented and turned away from sin. Jesus gave us the example and we are to follow in His footsteps and be baptized as well. It marks the beginning of our life of following Jesus.

Baptism represents our dying to self and resurrecting to our life in Christ. Part of Galatians 2: Actually, it says that Jesus will baptize us with Holy Spirit and with fire. Some people think they are one and the same since the Holy Spirit came down on the church appearing as fire. Read through this timeline of Ancient Egypt. Now look at this Bible timeline. Remember the biggest number goes to the left! Answer review questions What makes skin an organ? Be on the lookout for drawings on the cave walls.

Be on the lookout this week. Find a rock this week that you could paint on. Also, collect a twig or something to use as a brush as well as flowers, berries, mud…to use as paint. Jesus and Satan both use Scripture. Satan can use Scripture but twist it or use it out of context. Not everyone using Bible verses is telling you the truth. Even the KKK used the Bible.

Memorizing verses puts a sword in your hand to help you fight off temptation. In the second part of the chapter, what does Jesus preach?

They left their jobs and they left their families. They had to trust God to take care of them and their families. If God calls you to leave your work, He will provide for you. Our family has seen it happen! Click on both pyramid links. Take a look inside the pyramids.

Look at the first twelve verses. These are called the Beatitudes. Are you any of these things? What are you not? It should be your desire to be like Christ who is all of these things. And being like Christ comes with persecution. Do you think you could rejoice that you are persecuted? What do you think is the most surprising sentence in this chapter? Write what it says and why it is shocking. Click on the keyboard icon to show more choices. Read it and then choose your age from the list and try it!

If you like, you can try and write your name in hieroglyphs. Ask your mom what you can scrub or find a stubborn stain. Scrub it until your arm hurts and then scrub another minute more. What are verses about?

In the end you will be richer if you give. And as a bonus, we will be rich in faith. This is selfish self-centered thinking. We are to love others as we love ourselves. There are some people who give away half of the money they make so that they can obey the Scripture to love others as they love themselves.

Read the fun facts and then take the quiz bottom left. Here are notebooking pages to choose from if you like. Use AdBlock Plus or have a parent load the page. Read the names of the muscles. Use the scanner to find the muscle named; it will be a different color.

Repeat until you can click on all of the muscles. Have a parent load the page and decide about the ads. One of the earliest man-made instruments must have been some sort of drum. Click on play and use your keyboard. Read the first four sections. Then jump down to the facts at the end. You can skip over or read if you like about the papyrus scrolls they have found. Answer the review questions. Follow the story, answer the questions, embalm the dead guy, yuck! The embalming is a puzzle to solve.

First figure out which four organs need to be saved. Then use the clues on the god cards to figure out which one goes where. They give you all the hints you need. Some you can do just by length. The others you need to use the last note in the resource section. Take the tour of the skeletal system. Click in the bottom right corner to move on.

Use this alternate link. Then you can label the skeleton. If you found natural paint and brush, use those. Paint something that someone long ago could have painted. Write a page about life in ancient Egypt based on what you just read. Start your page with an introductory sentence that tells what you are going to be writing about. Then take the quiz. Here are some maps you could use to help you.

Some of those maps do not work. Play Senet , the oldest board game in the world. Stop at the review questions and answer First play the virtual log drum. Explain to a parent how it can make two different sounds. Then click on the links at the bottom. Play the Unifix Cube Drum Machine.

Fill in at least one thing for each category and place some date to go with it. Fill in whatever else you deem significant to add. Work at a computer with a printer if you are typing on the timeline. Here is clip art you can put on your page. Or you could draw and write.

Trace your hand and make the hand picture. Draw a horse and man for hunt scene. Report your scores to your parents. Choose a game from the review games page. If this is your first year using the curriculum, you might want to choose word invasion or juice bar, or machines. This is from BC. Write the story of a doughnut being eaten and digested. You can write it as the doughnut speaking. OR, draw a diagram of its route and add labels telling what happens at each point.

While some of those drums were modern, I figured a drum was probably the earliest instrument. But I thought of another. Click on the play triangle and nothing else. The voice is another instrument the Lord made along with all the songs of nature.

Write a paragraph about what you learned from this reading. Make sure you save it! Watch a video on one of the ancient 7 wonders of the world, the hanging gardens of Babylon.

While you watch, draw a picture of the hanging gardens. When you are finished, show your drawing to your parents and explain why it was a marvel. Fill in the muscles. Whistles are an old type of instrument. You can see a colonial times version of it on this game. Use a large black marker if you have it or black paint and thick brush. At the bottom of each one, write the English, its definition and the quote. You can tape on paper towel rolls at each end if you want to make a scroll.

You should put a title on the page as well. Read through all the pages. Take your pulse resting and then after running around. If so, then you can play this game.

Listen for the harp. Read the lyrics ; sing the song. This is ancient China history in song. Make sure you check your answers and go back and look at what you got wrong and learn the right answer. Click on the video. To make a square sheet of paper, fold down the top corner of a piece of paper to line up with the far side to make a triangle. Now you have a square to begin with. Write a couple of observations about each. Look at the images and write what you observe. See what you can learn from the quiz.

Three choices of what to do today. Choose one, two or all three. Write a story about your trip to ancient China. The first link is a page of Chinese characters to write.

You can write them on paper or online with the second link. What type of instrument is being played? Or, if you want, you could use notebooking pages and add more if you need to Ancient Maya Notebooking pages — about halfway down the page. Watch the video at the top of the page about the Maya. Then scroll down the page and read about where they were located. See where they lived on a map. You need to add information to your project every day.

Watch this quick video on inspiration. Read the steps and then play Match. Build a model of the lungs. You can do this together with an L student. Demonstrate your model and explain it. Read the sections on the Early and Classic Maya. Add important and interesting information to your project today. Read about the Mayan calendar. Find your birthday in the Mayan calendar. Make observations from these two chapters. On the one side write things about man, not just Noah but people in general.

On the other side write things about God. Then in the middle write what observations you can make from these two chapters about the relationship between God and man. Listen to ancient Mayan music. What types of instruments do you think you hear in each? Say all of your memory verses so far this year. Scroll down to read the end part.

How are Lot and Abram related? The first 2 questions are not labeled. What does God promise Abram? He honors the Lord. He gives honor to God instead of becoming proud, thinking look how great I will be when all of this land is mine.

What was the name of the priest of the God most high? Melchizedek What did Abram give him? Click through and read all five pages. Make a clay pot like the Mayans. You have to let it dry several days first. If you can, take a picture of your pot and insert it into a document. Add your name, date and explanation. Add it to your portfolio. What promise does God make to Abraham about his descendants?

Verse 6 is the first time we see that we can be saved by faith. Abram believes and God calls it righteousness, doing what is right. Do you know when the prophecy in verses 13 and 14 come true?

What is the covenant that God makes with Abram at the end of the chapter? Look at the maps in order. Notice the Dead Sea. Go back and click on map 2 and find the sea in the middle.

You can find the Euphrates on this map. Israel is often in the news. There are always disputes over the land of Israel. Who are they fighting with over the land? You will read a lot in the Bible about the Israelites and the Philistines fighting over the land. Today in English they are called Palestinians. In other languages, though, they are called Philistines. God made this covenant, a sacred promise, with Abram before there even was such a thing as Israelites.

Listen to the creation story as told by the Maya. Did you notice the destruction by flood? Many cultures have a creation and flood story. This shows how ancient these stories are and have been passed down and moved around to have reached opposing sides of the globe even in ancient times.

Of course stories change and are adapted as they are passed around. Stop at the review questions and answer them. Add your name, the date, and the title of the chapter you read. Give this paper to your parents to add to your portfolio. What are the new names given them? Ishmael has twelve sons which became twelve tribes in Assyria and Egypt.

How old is Ishmael when he is circumcised? Finish and present your project. Decide how to record this project for your portfolio. Take pictures, print it out, etc. Hi Jessica, thanks for asking! Good luck with your guy! I have a palomino mare and she will not put weight on. Where I was first boarding her the barn owner was not watering them. I had a vet come out and she said she was dehydrated. Ever since she wont put weight on. What can I do? To be safe, please continue working closely with your veterinarian to make sure she is receiving the feed, water, and other care she needs to be happy and healthy.

Previously it was just 1 scoop of this, a couple scoops of that. Like any commercial feed product, ration balancers are meant to be the only concentrate fed and not mixed with a fortified grain or complete feed.

However, it sounds like your horse might actually benefit from the additional calories that a fortified grain or complete feed offers. Serve It Up Right: The Facts On Feeds: Our 20 year old mare, who has heaves, has lost a bunch of weight off her top line in the last year. The vet says she is burning calories with increased breathing problems and he put her on prednisolone. We already feed a small amount of beet pulp with vitamins which she loves. It would be easy to increase the beet pulp.

What is a good amount to give her for added calories? We will increase the amount slowly, of course. Sadly she was auctioned before I got her over 3 times has lost pounds.

And then there is vegtable oil which she hates. But I have read about cocunut oil. I have a hard keeper. I was told to try a oil for him like cocoasoya oil read good thing about it. But my questions is could u do a oil like that and add success from smarkpak??? Also read good thing about it… Thank you.

A good source of ulcer treatment is Aloe Vera juice. This is all recommended by my vet and has healed at least two of mine for sure, precaution for the rest. I also have a 30 year old Arab, x-Barrel and x-Endurance horse, with no hind teeth, he has gained and held beautifully on 6 pounds senior with 6 pounds alfalfa pellets soaked and fed in two feedings daily.

Hope this helps someone. I have a nine year old TWH that is a hard keeper. She is used as trail horse and we ride and camp quite often — she is not in used in the show ring. My vet recommended Purina Amplify but it made her very nervous and hot. I am looking for something to help have her gain a little weight and maintain it with out making her nervous and anxious. Also, she was not anxious, nervous, or hot prior to using the amplify…. What would you suggest? It sounds like you have been working with your veterinarian, which is fantastic!

We would encourage you to keep working with him or her to make sure that there is not an underlying issue that is making it harder for your horse to maintain a healthy weight. If these areas are being properly managed and she still needs extra support, you might consider including additional sources of fiber from things like beet pulp.

These ingredients can be a great way to support senior horses whose digestive systems may not be working as efficiently. Hello, I am pasture boarding a 5 horses for a women. I am doing everything, they have great pasture along with either a round bale constant and or square bales, but them seem to always waste the sq, they do much better with rounds. One 29 year old TB has EPM which should not effect her weight loss, but she is loosing more and more every day. The other is a Arabian 27 years old he is missing teeth ect.

They are on Dumor Senior, along with extra rolled oats, Alfalfa pellets and beet pulp. None of this is working and they both continue to loose weight. For awhile I had the arabian also on Dumor Weight Booster but that did not help either Please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. For all 5 horses that you are pasture boarding to be underweight sounds like a serious situation and one that you may need professional help with.

Somewhere in there may be the answer to why these horses are struggling to maintain a healthy weight. Additional diagnostics like bloodwork, fecals, or other tests may be necessary to get to the bottom of this major issue.

I have a 21 year old T. You can see his ribs and also his spine and hips. Just wondering what you would suggest for a supplement or grain to get. It sounds like you have been struggling with a hard keeper, which unfortunately can become more challenging as your horse ages. At this point, I think an important next step is to have an in-depth conversation with your veterinarian to try and determine why your horse is having trouble maintaining his weight.

You could consider asking your veterinarian if additional forage sources, like beet pulp or hay pellets or cubes, or if adding supplements that provide weight gain or digestive support might be an option. However, it will be important to first determine with your vet that there are no underlying issues contributing to his weight loss.

I have a 18 yr old Appendix quarter horse mare that is an extremely hard keeper. She was taken to the vet recently and had a thorough check up. She also just had her teeth floated recently. She is currently on 9 quarts a day of Purina Strategy Healthy edge, reccomended by my veterinarian. She is fed twice a day and is given free choice grass hay and is turned out 24 hours a day. I have tried Cool Calories but that supplement did not work well. She is rode almost daily for almost an hour.

As a pair we are very active in local shows. Please help get my baby to the weight that she needs. Thanks for your question. For example, have you considered adding alfalfa hay to her diet, or feeding her more frequently than twice a day? I have high hopes that you and your vet will find the key! I have an ex racehorse that is going on around He was severely under weight when I bought him, but he gained his weight no problem then, that was about 9 to 10 years ago. This year we bought our own property and he is loosing weight, where we was the grass was fescue and there was 13 acres, now we only have 2 acres and barely any grass yet due to it just being spring.

YOu think the beet pulp is safe for a 35 year old? Congrats on purchasing your own property! I have a 20 year old pure Arabian that has like 3 teeth left and is badly under wait and looks like she has been starved wut should I feed her to get her bk in good shape. Thanks for your question, Haylee! Unfortunately, there are many reasons that senior horses can struggle with their weight, including dental issues.

At this point, I think an important next step is to have an in-depth conversation with your veterinarian to try and determine why your horse is having trouble maintaining her weight, and what types of feed will be the most appropriate based on how effectively she can still chew. You could consider asking your vet if additional forage sources that are generally easier to chew, like beet pulp or hay pellets or cubes, or if adding supplements that provide weight gain or digestive support might be an option for her individual situation.

Hello, I have a 9yr gelding who I just bought this fall. He likes to pace and stay busy. He has free access to hay at all times. What else could I give him to assure some Weight gain in a safe way? I have a 7 year old paint pony cross gelding. I have a 9 year old OTTB, 17hh, hardkeeper that we just relocated to another boarder barn with better conditions. He was loosing weight at the previous barn.

He was being fed the triple crown, then was on Pro-Elite. He was also being given 2 flakes of alfafa at both feedings.

In addition, I had him on a weight-builder called DacBloom, U-guard and also to help keep his coat dark bay he was given the black sunflower seeds in the feedings.

With all this he still continued to not gain weight. I contributed a lot of it to poor pastures too many horses in pastures. Now at the new boarder barn excellent pastures he is turned out to the pastures from 8am to 5pm. He remains in stall at night and is given hay after his pm feeding. He is still on the dacbloom, uguard. He has showed some improvement such as his coat is beginning to come back and not be faded. We have been at the new boarder barn for 3 months.

We are pleased with everything but he still needs more weight. It was suggested that we also try corn oil, but mixing it in his grain. Any suggestions as to how I can get weight on him would be appreciated. The dacbloom is not doing anything from what I can tell. He is currently being fed nutreina.

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