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That is what we specialize in. Well, it just so happened that I used to live in Cape Town, ZA and happen to know a little bit about the fuel industry there. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Works on 3 AAA batteries not included and even shuts off by itself if left alone for an hour. English Choose a language for shopping. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations.

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Hi, I am interested in the purchasing and reselling or selling of petroleum here in South Africa. Suggestions on which to buy from and what I would need to get started would be very helpful please and whether I can actually do it…. Well, it just so happened that I used to live in Cape Town, ZA and happen to know a little bit about the fuel industry there.

In order to keep the prices low, the government operates and subsidizes gasoline and diesel. Because of that, to become a reseller of petrol would be difficult if not impossible.

Because of the government run nature in ZA, that market does not exist. On average if you buy bulk, you will be saving about cents per gallon. It comes down to relationship and buying from as many suppliers as you can.

Is there any way you can purchase wholesale gas without having a c-store? If there is where could you properly store such a large amount of Gas?

Look forward to your reply! Yes it is possible. But you need to own tanks. Tanks come in many sizes from gallon totes 20k gallon beasts they get much bigger too.

If you want to get a quote to buy a tank reach out to http: Unfortunately we do not sell outside of the United States and Mexico. So we are unable to help in Turkey or Dubai. I have been wanting to buy a better car that is more fuel efficient.

I definitely think that we should find one that we could stock up on diesel fuel that could help us to save some money before inflation affects the local prices.

Chris, realistically if you are looking to just buy bulk for your personal use, you probably do not go through enough volume of fuel to warrant paying for the infrastructure to hold the bulk fuel. Your investment to store even gallons very small of fuel would be a couple thousand dollars. Think of it this way, you could go to Costco and buy pallets of toilet paper to stop from potential inflation not the best analogy because I know fuel prices fluctuate MUCH more than TP , but then you would have to store it.

Leslie, Sorry for taking a few days to respond. A truckload comes depends on the state because of weight in gallons of Diesel and gallons of gas. The freight company will charge you the same price for freight whether they are hauling gallons or gallons. That is a BIG difference! So generally if you are going to get a short load, the smallest amount we would recommend is Otherwise, the discount of buying bulk is lost by the higher costs of freight.

JJ; What does it take to have a direct relationship with a refinery in order to become a mid-size wholesale supplier? John, Thanks for the comment. At those volumes kk bbls per month you want to be buying direct tenders from the refinery. But if you do not have the relationship with the refinery, that is why you would use someone like us. We know the refineries, the best pricing, how to contract correctly, buying from multiple refineries, etc. Danny, If you are interested in being a partner with us in distributing fuel into Mexico, please fill out the quick form here.

I am interested in getting into the fuel wholesaling buinsess and I have a few questions. What kind of experience is needed in order to become a fuel wholesaler? How much capital is needed on average to start out in this type of business? I would not recommend it. It is the largest learning curve of any business I have been a part of and it takes a lot of capital for small margins.

You have to be able to cover losses. That should be enough to start. If you want more info, feel free to call. Hello JJ i am insterested in buying bulk fuel, i can buy the gallon maybe every other week how can i get prices please advice.

Do you have any recommendations or guidelines I should follow? I most likely will not be buying the gallon minimum and not necessarily looking for great discounts on fuel just trying to cut costs on employees wasting time at the gas station. Wet hose is where they come with a small bobtail truck after hours, and fill up all of your trucks for you.

Search for wet-hose, bobtail, fleet fueling, in your areas and there is bound to be someone who provides that service. I applyed for Texas Sale distribution.. Give us a chance! That is what we specialize in. Other than that, just do research on wholesale fuel suppliers in the region. Feel free to reach out to Skip Roberts to get a pricing quote. Can you help to connect with some suppliers? Unfortunately, we do not sell fuel in West Africa yet. So we do not have any insight into that market.

If I bought a gas station with 8 pumps, how much the wholesale price I can get? I live in California San Jose area. That is a very complicated question. I would recommend going to OPIS and look at some of their retail pricing products: I have an airport transportation business. I use passenger vans. Would I be eligible to buy wholesale fuel from your company or affiliate? Do you have your own tanks? Is yes, the en yes you can buy from us or another wholesaler. You are not in the category of bulk fuel.

It will in cents per gallon per 10 miles, with a minimum of gallons most states. And they would give you a table for mileage calculation. DSL is heavier and thus more expensive than gas. It depends on the supplier. D6 is also known as bunker fuel. And because large freight ships use D6 it is in plentiful supply near any large coastal city in the US. Hi, are there any consulting type companies out there that can manage my fuel purchases for a fleet of trucks and other equipment.

I use to work for a procurement consulting company and we used a company like this to manage our fuel purchases to get us the best pricing for each of our rental car client locations in the country. I cant remember who this company was nor can I find them by Google. Both unleaded and diesel..

And if you exercise, caffeine can offer even more functional benefits for your workouts. Recent Japanese research studied the effects of coffee on circulation in people who were not regular coffee drinkers. Each participant drank a 5-ounce cup of either regular or decaffeinated coffee. Afterward, scientists gauged finger blood flow, a measure of how well the body's smaller blood vessels work. Scientists at the University of Illinois found that consuming the caffeine equivalent of two to three cups of coffee one hour before a minute bout of high-intensity exercise reduced perceived muscle pain.

Researchers gave people who did not regularly consume caffeine either a placebo, or mg of caffeine five minutes after studying a series of images. The next day, both groups were asked to remember the images, and the caffeinated group scored significantly better.

This brain boost may be a real boon during workouts, especially when they entail needing to recall specific exercises or routines. In an animal study, sports scientists at Coventry University found that caffeine helped offset the loss of muscle strength that occurs with aging.

The protective effects were seen in both the diaphragm, the primary muscle used for breathing, as well as skeletal muscle. The results indicate that in moderation, caffeine may help preserve overall fitness and reduce the risk of age-related injuries.

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