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In the fall, the oak tree leaves can be just as colorful as in New England. Be very careful with your knee: I am 51 and am very fit. Something clicked in me. Hi Maddie, considering the fact that you probably should feel some muscle aches the day after a Power Pump class, an idea for a weekly schedule could be the following: Yes, I eat a lot vegetables. However, I was wondering whether lifting heavy weight in squat increase the capillaries tearing or not?

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Thanks to everyone for all of your comments. Hi Gee, congratulations on your weight loss! Be very careful with your knee: Stop immediately any exercise when you feel pain. The only pain you should feel when doing bodypump is your muscles burning!

Check your on your front knee…it should be stacked directly over your ankle and your shoulders should be over your hips. Any forward motion can put too much stress on the knee structure.

I have been a BodyPump instructor for 10 years and also teach other formats, including yoga. Cross training is the best way to achieve your fitness goals…do a little of different cardio and strength formats and add yoga for a different kind of strength training as well as flexibility and balance.

And it will help you learn how to handle the daily life stressors as well…. Body Pump will help you get toned but the reality is most people do not use adequate amount of weight. I am a former instructor and the class was actually designed utilizing heavier weights. If pay close attention to the instructor each track she tells the participants the percentage of weight to increase.

The reality is that most participants are just going through the motions and not challenging themselves. You should try foam rolling your ITB for 10 minutes a few times a day, and hopefully the pain will go. I see this with many of my clients and have experienced it before myself. But, hope its fixed by now!!! As long as a weight is challenging enough it can build muscles when on a caloric surplus and definitely can maintain muscles when on a caloric deficit And there are many studies showing that low-weight with high-repetition build muscles as effectively as heavy-weight low-repetition as long as you reach the point of fatigue.

This is just one of the many studies on the subject: The majority of people have enough mucles, we naturally carry, under the fat and most workouts and diets are meant to decrease the fat while maintaining the muscles. Lifting heavy weights can do nothing for definition since only losing fat can increase definition. Lifting heavy weights can build more muscles under the fat but definition will decrease as fat increases. Hi Danny, thanks for your input.

English is not my native language so please excuse me: I really liked the bodypump class but only used 2kg on each side as this is what the instructor said I should do for the first few sessions. Also mid way through the workout I probably would have dropped out if I was lifting much more than that. How many times per week do you think BP would be beneficial to me and what other classes would you recommend?

I hate working out alone so would only really do fitness classes. If you can, try different body pump lessons with different instructors to see who is the most motivational and gives the best tips.

About the number of body pump lessons per week: Weight selection needs to be personally challenging and technique must be perfect. No one is perfect, and pizza is delicious, but we must be aware of what we eat and try to limit junk food!! Great instructor, great cues, sore this a. I agree with Jennifer, that to keep your body at its fittest, you must vary your activity over time, and continually stress and challenge your muscles, mind, and bones.

I plan to incorporate BP into a x weekly activity schedule, including BP 1x, sculpting with another instructor 1x, pilates 1x, and 2x weekly runs. I teach the pilates class and it actually kicks my own butt, and running keeps me skinny and outside in the fresh air. I also sail, hike, and race in 5KKs x a year. I would not subscribe to a full — time BP class for my only activity. Core work was minimal, and the warm up was a little strange.

Really interesting post …I have been doing body attack and body combat now for a number of months …and as my husband plays squash i have started this too as well as cycling twice a week ,combined with a healthy diet i have lost just over 2 stone …I absolutely love high energy fitness always have done and i am totally addicted to the buzz but i desperately want to start pump.

What i would like to gain from pump would be overall tone in my arms shoulders and get rid of the baby flab around my middle would pump be able to do this? I would say that my level of fitness is pretty good and i dont mind pushing myself as i find it challenging.

Oh i must add that my weakest point is my stomach muscles i really dont seem to have any LOL and no amount of excersize that i have done in the past has ever been able to flatten or strengthen my middle section. This is very frustrating as you can imagine. Pump maybe my way forward fingers crossed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Hi Netty, yes give body pump a try!

Hi Elise Thank you …i will keep you posted my first pump class is saturday morning.. Two classes in a row? One intensive hour where you give everything you got and then call it a day is enough: Hi Elise Well did my first pump class today straight after attack …wow …what can i say..

It was hard … Started with very low weights to just get the feel of it and learn the moves etc …but after about 30 mins these weights in my mind could well of been 2 baby elephants on each side …I can totally understand starting with low weight and increasing over the weeks the more confident you get.. Moreover i think it may of been a better idea if i had of done just BP on its on rather than a follow on from attack, because although i would say i was probably one of the more experienced in Body attack when you have done this high impact for 45 mins your legs are definately not as strong for pump.

When it came to the lunges in pump it was extremely hard work and this was pretty much at the beggining of the work out …Having said this i could not believe how quickly the class flew by.. Strength training will always achieve results, if accompanied by the right diet! The body will respond to how you treat it. If you enjoy doing Pump, then keep doing it but remember to keep adjusting your weight.

Remember the first time you did Pump and how much you ached for days afterwards. Remember, society has got fatter as we have gained more automated machines, i. Maybe swap Body Pump for circuit classes or bootcamps for a few months. My point writing this article was just to share the following opinion: You need a good personal trainer to gain the fundamentals when performing lifts such as deads, squats rows etc.

From my own experience…doing BP 2x a week with light weights will get you strong and make you stand tall and proud, you just get that feeling however i was working out 5x a week also doing Zumba, Spin, BodyStep, and cardio on various machines and I just would not lose any weight spending 3 hrs at the gym Mon-Fri…I talked to the instructor 1 to 1 and we decided to stop killing my self in vain, and now doing hrs only 4x a week, Zumba, BP, Step and Spin, and to increase my weight for BP!

I was also scared to bulk up but then I looked at my instructor she was tiny and toned and packed on the weight on her bar for her classes.

That was my inspiration and once I finally added weights, worked out less, and ate more often instead of just 1 big meal late at night with snacks all day…the weight melted off my body, I lost 25 pounds in about 6 weeks. I was amazed that it worked…my only rules were have a snack within 1hr of waking up and NEVER go longer than 4 hrs without eating, last meal 2 hrs before bedtime, lots of water and That was how I did it!

Got through my plateau. Your comment about the person who uses one kilo weights for the whole class is WAY off base. How is it that you think YOU know what is appropriate for somebody else? Are you inside their body, experiencing what their body experiences? Do you think the class is a competition, to see who can lift the most? I find that for most of the lifts for the arms, 6.

My muscles burn by the end of the set. I have taken on more weight for lifts for other parts of the body, but my upper body strength needs a lot of work. As i continue, I will raise the weight I lift, but so far, that is definitely sufficient. I took my first Body Pump class over the weekend and was very dissapointed.

Instructor provided no guidance or advice. I prefer to focus on certain muscle groups at a time — not all of them at once, in one hour. The best definition or tone I ever had was when I had a trainer just twice a week for about an hour and a half. True that you really do not ger muscle definition doing body pump because you do not work any muscle group long enough.

You have to increase the weights and try harder each time. I have never seen a Body Pump instructor keep track of all the people in the class, unlike a trainer that is all about that.

Hello, I just recently have gotten serious about going to body pump. I have gone to classes before but ended up not continuing. I usually stopped coming after 2 classes. What is a good diet? Try performing the move without the bar to get the form right. Yes, exercise is also important to health and to speed up fat-burning, but most of your results will come from how you eat.

A good diet is a balanced diet that includes lots of veggies and enough protein, carbs and fat. I am body pump instructor so your article caught my eye.

I agree with all your pros to class, and your cons. I also like what you said about the instructor not saying anything to the woman who used very little weight, it is the instructors responsibility. In training we are taught to be fitness role models we set the tone in our classes.

At the two gyms i teach at I Think only 1 female instructor and 1 male instructor does equal to or more weight than I do and increases.

Les Mills grades us in our assessments on how much of a Fitness Role model we are, I think many instructors have been certified for so long that they just let go. If you force your members to use more weight the chance of wrong technique is there and they could injure themselves.

Of course you need to be a role model but not by ruining your own body by overdoing it. It is more important to have the correct technique than the amount of weight lifted. I had little muscle strength 3 years ago and was flabby in most areas. Now 3 years later I use 47kg for squats chest and back 29kg tris and bis 19kg lunges 19kg shoulders i use 19kg on the bar and use 10 pound hand weights and all pushups on my toes.

Abs i use a 10kg plate and can hold a plank easily. I can tell you by my experience that body pump works!!! I am now fit and strong and by combining cxwork with pump I am very close to a 6 pack. I do eat fairly healthy but still drink beer with the boys and do pizza days with my son.

I am 35 years old, 6ft lbs and have a very toned swimmers body look because of the lean muscle I have put on because of Body pump. When I first started body pump I had no idea what we were going todo and I used 1lb weights on my barbell. So I can relate to the first timer.

And you can tell who goes to every class and who doesnt because the majority of women who were older than me all had crazy defined muscle also its not how much weight you use its about if your doing the move correctly or not. I use kgs plate that is 10 kg for triceps,then 30 kgs for legs,shoulder,back,biceps etc….

I have done 4 classes: I am a beginner … i have received some definitions in my body though but still not too much surprising gains: I know from experience that it will bring definition.

I am naturally toned looking, but I have several friends in class who are NOT and they have also seen results. They are proud of the muscle they can now see. However, I have recently added more cardio because I noticed I was gaining weight — probably due to gaining muscle in BP and the end of my circuit training classes a few months ago.

I am waiting for the results of these changes. I would just like to say good on you for your article. This is true, however most gyms tell their instructors to play the new release in its entirety for weeks. Then the instructor needs to mix it up. I have learned and read that BP is primarily a cardiovascular exercise that increases cardiovascular capacity.

Thanks for your comment! Maybe because they already forgot the choreography of previous body pump releases! I am a Personal Trainer who worked at different commercial gyms over a 10 year period.

I have a very good understanding of what works for a majority of people, and i think my opinions and experiences are worth something. If you want muscle definition, you need to burn the fat covering those muscles. And something that has been said before: Meaning that after strength training, your body will continue to burn extra calories to recover from the intense exercise. If you like BodyPump, then please by all means keep doing it.

But if your goal is the best physique, then you are wasting your time with a Pump class. If you have an injury, go and find a good physical therapist or Personal Trainer who knows about corrective exercise.

But you are the exception, not the rule. As i said, i worked and trained at a lot of different gyms, and actually joined in on a few BP classes myself. Even if they use heavier weights and join the class multiple times per week. And having met you personally, i can tell you not to feel offended by or become defensive because of some comments here. And for everyone esle: Thank you for taking the time to write this elaborate comment sharing your experience!

Robin and Elise are correct on all points. I have taught fitness classes on the side for over 25 years and been a pro athlete in seven different sports so I know quite a bit about burning fat, building muscle, and more. I got Bodypump certified but due to my horrible experience with Les Mills, will never teach their formats. It was originally called Power Pump and was started by another company. And that company had the exact same setup but in their classes worked every muscle in the body, unlike Les Mills version, and was much safer.

I submitted my video to get certified and was horrified when my assessor wrote for me to do a move that could result in a broken neck. In addition when I called them noticing how many instructors were allowing members to do things that would injure them, they blew it off.

I am glad some people like the classes but for the company Les Mills, it seems like all they care about is money. Now knowing what I know and the lack of health experience and knowledge Les Mills requires of their instructors, and the lack of knowledge at the corporate level, I would never suggest anyone get certified in their formats or take any of their classes.

I too have witnessed instructors teach improper form and teach with too much weight, and not interact with members to help them have proper form. The stuff Elise and the trainers have said on here are true—I would listen to them. In addition I know as an instructor, I paid Les Mills for my certification and met their requirements, and even though I passed I was told they would not give me my certification until I paid them more money.

Then to top it off they now have a new contract they are applying to past and current instructor certifications that says they can take your certification away at any time now, and for no reason at all.

I hope gyms wise up and remove them from their gyms. They also illegally captured my credit card information and made unauthorized charges on my card. Thank You for the advice on Les Mills.

It make me think twice before go into training and teach BodyPump. Body pump is a great intro to weights and classes — I used to feel sick at the thought of being a gym member and the first time I did BP I couldnt sit down on the loo for a week without moaning in pain! Our instructor rarely plays the same track twice.

Yes I totally agree that Body Pump is a great intro to weights and that a good instructor is essential. I think being a Body Pump instructor is kind of a though job!

I go to regular body pump classes, and I am very toned because of it. If you work out correctly, challenge yourself and go at least 3 times a week, you WILL see results. And of course the critical part: Third I do BP and other les mills programs. BP is not a new technique nor should it be a standalone all encompassing routine. High reps low weight has been practiced by bodybuilders for decade.

It should be incorporated a n overall cycle of higher weights pyramiding exhaustin etc. It should be used to cycle thru for 3 months or so and move on. Hi Jay, yes I totally agree that Body Pump is not a standalone all encompassing routine.

I started at the gym 5 weeks ago and thought I was improving until I did a body balance class today. I found this class extremely hard unlike previous times. I did do a body pump class yesterday and I thought that maybe my muscles were still recovering. Can anyone shed light on this. Is this a resonable progam. I am 53 and havent exercised properly for years. I do not agree that you cannot tone with body pump. Toning comes with time under tension and time under tension is what you will get doing pump.

If you put pressure on your muscles they are going to grow and tone your body. If you put on heavier weights you will be building the pressure in your musles. I have never seen something done 3 x a week for 6 weesk, change the shape of your your body and burn calories at the same time, so quickly Body Pump Rocks!!!

Very interesting sets of opinions on Body Pump. But I have a question about doing different weights. Hi Di, yes, lower reps 6 to 12 reps are traditionally advised for gains in muscular size. I am about to try Body pump. I do yoga, pilates body bal most days, and am about 50kg and 48year old. I need some strength as my arms look thin and getting old ladyish!! Trouble is I dont have a lot of energy and strenght. Hi Ellie, I think Body Pump is a great way for you to start some kind of weight training, so yes, go for it!

The same class with the same music can be totally different with a different instructor. I am taking the training tomorrow and have been checking out the dvd.

I have to agree with the comment about not helping with sculpting the muscle. For that many repetitions, the weights have to be too light. I practiced an hour just doing the tricep workout …I thought that I would be sore in the triceps the next day. However, getting people into class who would otherwise be bored with any type of workout, and Body Pump scores high.

I can see the appeal. All these comment have been so helpful. I have been doing body pump ,3 times a week and box 2 times a week and bike 2 times a week at the gym for about 6 months. Its improved my motivation but done nothing for my body tone. After reading this im going to cut down on the classes and try my own programme for a while with more resistance work. I watched my diet but still have a tummy but at 57 it might just have to stay that way as it hasent got the same spring back anymore.

Any suggestions glad to here. Hello Sally, if you eat a very clean diet and still have belly fat you may want to go see your doctor for a checkup. Hypothyroidism for example is a very common cause of unexplained weight gain that mostly occurs in women over The reality is doing these classes a good mix of 2 pumps and 3 cardios combat, attack or rpm per week, plus a healthy and clean nutrition plan will change your body significantly over time on the outside and more importantly on the inside.

The most important thing to take from all this back and forth discussion about physical appearance is are you healthy on the inside. If you are than the outside will take care of itself. How many times have we seen muscle bound indivduals who cant last 10 minutes in a class that gets your heart rate up.

Please everybody focus on a healthy inside strong heart and lungs , because in most cases if those are health, your outer body is also healthy. Body Pump is awesome, the best way to get guns!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it, but I hate it!!! I love BP because once you have chosen your weights you are committed. I will push myself much harder in a BP class that I do in the gym because in the gym you can always drop the weight a little between sets or take a break to let the muscle group recover.

Dropping the weight or missing a rep in BP is possible but I will do my utmost best to avoid it if I can! I do a lot of training during the week — running, circuits, spinning, boxercise, Aikido, JuJitsu — but my single weekly BP class is the session need to mentally prepare for the most due to sheer amount of effort it takes to get through the hour, both from a Strength and a cardio perspective… Thank god its only an hour ; ——————————————————————————————————————————————————— Weights excluding bar: You must be Arnold Swarzenegger.

I started Bodypump classes about 5 months ago but have only recently become more serious about my fitness routine. I absolutely love Bodypump classes; the instructors are all great and so is the music. Take your time to learn the moves correctly, increase your weights when you start to find it too easy and you will start to benefit from your hard work.

You must push yourself and work your muscles in order to see changes. Stretching is also very important and your instructor should insist on this between tracks and at the end of a class. Iam 53 years old and been taking body pump for the last few years. I have always been petite and want to increase strength and muscle especially in my legs. I have lost muscle in my legs! I do cardio during the week as well.

I am feeling a little defeated. Personal trainer is just not a financial option for me. I do travel quite a bit for work. You do need however to spend a little bit of time researching and educating yourself about fitness. Tosca Reno for example is a year-old fitness guru that may have some good tips for you: Many individuals mentioned in the comments that body pump works very well for them. The result seems to be that individuals to whom fitness is not natural tend to either A.

This leaves only individuals who find body pump to work left to speak its praises. Some more for endurance, some more for strength, some more for power.

It all depends on our muscle fiber type. Individuals who find success with body pump are definitely more predetermined to be endurance based individuals. That being said, everyone must explore different areas of fitness and find what works best for their body type. I take Group Power and I love it………..! There is not really any difference, looking at the site of Group Power.

It just means that your gym pays that company licensing costs to use the program, the music etc. The one think I found is different between body pump and group power is the fact at group power we are incouraged to lift heavier weights when we have out grown what we are lifting. I absolutely love both classes and attend both regularly but not back to back based on the recommendation. The recommendation is not to do any heavy weightlifting after CXWORX because if you have done CX correctly, you have fatigued your core and lifting heavy weights immediately after might be unsafe.

Cardio immediately after cxworx is fine. This is the recommendation from Les Mills, not just local gym policy. I teach pump and cxworx back to back regularly, but in that order: Body pump, then cxworx. Challenging, and can be fun. The science of raw food. Veganism in a nutshell. What is a Mediterranean diet? MNT is the registered trade mark of Healthline Media. Any medical information published on this website is not intended as a substitute for informed medical advice and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional.

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It used to be 7 PP. Some points are worth it and this easy recipe is one of them. Heat oil in 2-quart flameproof casserole dish over medium heat. Add onion, garlic and pepper flakes; cook stirring, until, onion is softened, about 5 minutes. Add beef and cook, breaking it apart with spoon, until browned, about 10 minutes.

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