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Reviewing The NutriSystem Diet.
Smart ones and lean cuisines are portion controlled too, but I wouldn't rely on those either. Once those 7 days are over, your card will be charged for the subscription amount you chose. Not only seeing the pre-packaged meals, but because of the items they have you add. Originally Posted by Crissy. Just read these post and find the good foods to eat. It seems well-balanced, though I add a bit more food mostly protein than recommended. NutriSystem I am currently dieting using NutriSystem.

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I am actually starting to agree and have enjoyed incorporating some NON whole wheat pastas and tortillas back into my diet. Desregard GI's and all that, it's all about the calories. We all come from humble beginnings.

Studies everywhere tell you everything, listen to your body instead and you'll succeed. I'm not saying the commercials are lying, and i'm also not discrediting GI, but overall in the grand scheme of things calories in v. What the calories come from is important imo, but if you wanted to eat less calories of snickers everyday than you do of chicken breast it's still less calories, less food, but less calories.

You get back what you put in. Vegan "there are ZERO conclusive and definitive peer-reviewed studies proving detrimental effects of phytoestrogens in dietary soy intake". Originally Posted by cheeseandrice. Originally Posted by Shr3dJunki3. Home gyms arent even that expensive, all you need is a bench, and a rack for squatting. Dumbells, barbells and the weights, thats all. They lost weight because the Nutrisystem portions are freaking tiny. See that plate of spaghetti?

It's like four bites. The only draw back is that since you are given your meals you are not learning how to eat healthy for yourself. Which is fine if you know how to eat healthy but dont have time or the will power to cook that way for yourself. But in the long run you should learn it or you will gain it back.

As far as working out. Their shouldnt be a problem with it interfearing. Upping the protein like you are might be a good idea if you are working out hard.

Well, actually, it's given me a better idea about portion sizes than I had before. Not only seeing the pre-packaged meals, but because of the items they have you add. I know how to cook healthy, that's not a problem. But time is definitely a factor. I wouldn't trust anything they call a full meal that has a shelf life of months. Smart ones and lean cuisines are portion controlled too, but I wouldn't rely on those either.

And if these are still your current stats here: I agree with upping the protein as well, how are you doing this so far? Another 2oz of chicken breast etc etc???? I would start incorporating less and less of the Nutrisystem meals and more home cooked food as time goes on. Thanks, cotterpin I do see this as a temporary measure. It's a vast improvement over the habit I started when I was visiting my mom in the hospital every day of stopping for fast food, and doing a lot of emotional eating.

I love to cook, and do when I have time. I prepare meals on the weekends and have them portioned out during the week. I'm a former chef, so really, cooking is not a problem - most of the time.

But a lot of that weekend time is now blown away because I'm training for a 60 mile walk in two months. When I'm walking a long distance, I add an extra snack if an organic protein bar with oats and a piece of fruit, plus I add an extra meal or two 8 oz of chicken or lean beef or fish, beans or brown rice, nuts or oilve oil, and a salad or a cup or two of veggies I may also ass a protein shake on those days, usually micellar, before bed The NutriSystem plan also heavily uses the Glycemic Index as a way of determining whether or not a food should be included in a particular diet.

The creators of the diet stress that it is a great way to support already healthy blood sugar levels and only take in carbs that will be broken down slowly by the body. They feel too that by increasing intake of these particular carbohydrates you will also at the same time increase your intake of protein and fibre since these nutrients often come along with low GI carbohydrates.

There are six different programs that you choose between including Women's, Men's, Silver for Women, Silver for Men, a vegetarian option, and more. With each plan you will get a menu and a checklist so you always know what you should be eating and when you should be eating it. They also recommend an intake of at least 4. While this plan does provide a decent balance of the three major macronutrients, proteins , carbs and fats , there really isn't anything special about it.

You likely can lose weight on this plan, especially since all your foods will be monitored. The downside however is if you enjoy home cooked meals - since you likely won't be getting many on this diet.

Granted some individuals may really love the foods that NutriSystem provides but if you enjoy the actual cooking process, this part might be lost on you. Furthermore, as stated earlier, since you are not cooking any of your own foods, this program isn't really teaching you how to eat healthfully on your own without the direction of their menus.

Since the menus are quite varied though you will likely be getting all your major nutrients, plus they don't take fat intake too low, which is a good thing. The recommendation for plenty of fruits and vegetables also ensures that you will get plenty of vitamins as well.

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