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I keep it simple, nothing fancy, no crazy recipes and no keto breads and sweets just yet. And again, thank you for your site!! I went back on the egg fast diet for 3 days only and lost 6 pounds in that 3 days. Nicole Burroughs December 2, at 5: I'll keep you posting in a few days. I just felt the need to write this down. Thanks for your help.

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But am I wrecking havoc on my body? Regarding the second issue, I will be the first to admit that I am mentally addicted to the idea of lunch. But I sure as heck would like to have it! I mean dinner on a two-meal-a-day diet will still be big like it is now. Nothing else was working, not eating three healthy meals a day and not running long distance several times a week. If two meals a day is shouting out to you as the way to keep it sustainable, it has to be worth experimenting with for a while.

I definitely liked two meals a day and I did lose some weight doing that. I really really need to lose at a minimum about 60 pounds. If I do get hungry, I would pop in a few grapes, or two or three crackers. I am going to now track weight loss and see if I cant get a little slimmer with one meal a day and some excersize.

For instance, I just did a Jillian Micheals workout and I can hardly walk…I cant do this for thirty days……id die. It might not fall off like some of the other fad diets like the atkins diet, no carbs what-so-ever but it may come off.

And, like you I would prefer people I know, not to know I am on another weight loss kick. It will be interesting to see if it works for me as well as it has worked for you.

On a day to day basis tracking weight can be tough but you just have to have faith that as long as you stick to your eating plan the weight will come off. I can really relate to you wanting to keep it to yourself. Adopting this as mid to long term lifestyle change helps. Please let me know how you get on! Brooke Good luck to you and I believe you can do it! I have tried every diet there is, practically, none of them worked. I am soooo determined this time.

I have about 40 lbs or a bit more to lose and then I am going to have to firm shore up the devastation I have caused. Boy oh boy is it gonna be some work.

On week one, I was seeing a daily loss result on the scales but annoyingly it seems to have stalled for the last five days. I lost about two stone over the course of a couple of months doing a low carb diet but have since put it all back on. You are doing so well! They lie big time! It sounds like you have a good thing going on there. Having a wider window during which to eat sounds like a great way to do it. I found it so beneficial in that it gave me something to look forward to.

I knew I was in it for the long haul so it was motivation for me to be strict throughout the week. There are conflicting arguments about starvation mode and plateauing. Which is largely why I stopped weighing myself and trusted the feel of my waistband and the view in the mirror and later, the tape measure.

Thank you for the reply. The scales showed a difference of 3 lbs in two weigh-ins within 10 seconds of each other today. Time to ignore it! I refuel at 20, so I should be fine. Would it be between or lower? One of the biggest favours I did for myself with this diet was to ignore all the conventional wisdom about starvation modes and the like and I just got on with it. I got to a point where I started to doubt almost everything I read and wanted to see for myself.

I go for about calories on my dinner plate and the other comes from the dessert and any snacks I eat during the day. I use a small dinner plate and fill it to the edges. Some days I over eat, some days I under eat. Anyway, your plan to leave it for two weeks feels like a good one. Thank you for the calorie estimate. I managed to sneak in a bag of chocolate popcorn yesterday and justified it.

I won the battle with the Curly Wurly. I gave the wretched thing to my wife and she ate it. Not too fast and not too slow but still allows you some room to manoeuvre. I find that I often learn more from my failures than my successes. Fantastic read and just want I was looking for.

I took part in the fasting period of Lent earlier this year and gave up eating two meals, so just had the one in the evening.

I made sure my evening meal was small to medium size and as I stopped feeling hungry, my meals got smaller. I would also drink green tea with some vinegar and honey in it which helped suppress my appetite after dinner. I did not weigh myself, but I knew I was losing weight because my clothes were getting much looser. I also worked out times a week. I enjoyed eating once because I could have small meals and still have my favourite biscuits or even some chocolate after my meals.

I felt good about myself and had so much energy. Due to developing a chest infection second time around, I stopped eating once a day and started eating times and even started eating bread which is like kryptonite to me……. I love it, but it bloats me terribly. Needless to say my clothes have gotten tighter. I want to start back because eating once a day is liberating for me.

I do need to ask, is it ok to drink cups if coffee with sugar, no milk or cream? Regarding the coffee, I think one of the best things about this diet is that you can adapt it to suit yourelf.

For me, the tea with whole milk and one sugar got me through the day. It gave me something to look forward to and kept me from raiding the larder. I set out on this diet partly as an experiment to see if I could prove the conventional wisdom wrong — and all that I can tell you is that I have indeed gained some muscle.

There are some pictures here from my 10, push up challenge. He might be right to suggest that your results might be better if you chose a more optimal approach to dieting, i. Third world body builders put on massive muscle on dreadful diets. I was thrilled to receive a reply from you. Still going strong eating once a day, but having some difficulty establishing a cut off time for not eating. Want to have my dinner between 6pm and 8pm and never let anything pass my lips after that. This seems to be an ongoing battle.

Any words of advice?? It is indeed a battle and one I still have to fight. I finish with something sweet, like a piece of chocolate.

I drink a coffee like I would at the end of a meal at a restaurant it signals the end of the meal. I get straight out of the kitchen and do something else. I tap into some negative ot positive thoughts whichever has more pull at the time emotions drive actions. Thanks for the tips, David. Will shorten the window for eating to an hour and then find something to occupy my mind and time.

Things still going well and I am finding it easier to stick to this and the hunger pangs are becoming more easier to manage and ignore.

I re-read your blog and have only just seen that you had two meals on the weekend. Did you find eating two meals on Sunday make eating one meal on Monday more difficult? Yeah, I eat two meals on the weekend. Because the weekend is about family, so I like to sit down with them at lunch and eat with them. Because two meals will pretty much be my lifestyle when I reach my fat loss goal. Eating is a joy… why deny it? It requires practice and practice often brings failure.

I failed a lot to begin with, and I fail less often now. I just kept the long term view that I would eventually learn to deal with it… and mostly, I have. When I get it badly wrong, I start over again the next day. Trial and error, refine as you go along. I swear it took all of 1 or 2 mins the first day to eat all my stuff.

Five minutes the second. I will try harder to slow down. This was one of the most intersting post i have read up on about one meal a day diets. I have read them all,but this one really caught my attention.

I have always tryed this way of eating but never made it past friday after starting monday. Every thing you wrote about really made since to me.

I like what you said about eating one morsel extra would just send you off to eat more and for me im better off not to eat often like most diets require because id just over eat. I need to do this for me and my marriage my husband never says anything but i know my weight holds us back from going out and doing activities because im so self consious, im gonna try this concept and let you know how im doing. I believe your post will inspire many people. Do this for yourself.

Do it for how it will make you feel to have achieved a small step towards your goal every single day. Make yourself happy first and that happiness has a way of spreading. Your husband will start to see you differently — more because of your state of mind than anything else. See it as a long term thing but also something where you get to win or succeed every day. Hi David I am so inspired by this whole website!!! Actually, I started out first with intermittent fasting to gain the control of when to eat.

I did only one 24 hour day to challenge myself. But I knew sticking to not eating at all, for several days was not my cup of tea. And when I did start back eating I over ate every time so what weight I did lose I gained back and more. In one week I went from lbs. One day at time. But when u said scales can lie. The jeans is a perfect Idea!!

I think that the bottom line is that in order to loose weight, you have to eat less calories than you burn.

Unless you want to exercise A LOT, you have to decrease the amount of food you eat. I like eating good food pizza, fried rice, bacon, etc and I like feeling full, but I can deal with hunger, so one meal a day was the obvious diet for me.

By the way, I once lived on nothing but MREs for 2 months and lost 20 pounds as a result. Hi Lucy, thanks for sharing your experience. Your own results are fantastic! For anyone who really struggles with hunger, then I guess meal replacements would be a good option! I found your site because I just started this diet and went looking for others trying it.

Like you say, the type of diet working for every individual probably varies. I know it works for me because I did this ten years ago and lost 20 kg in 4 months, from to This suited me at the time as I could eat at a restaurant next to my workplace and as I then lived alone I could have soup in the evening. This worked so well because I promised myself I could have three courses everyday if I wanted: Soup, main course and dessert.

Which I almost never did but I could if I wanted to. If I was going out to dinner, I just had a bowl of soup at lunch. I think this is an ideal diet for me as there is only one rule. No counting, remembering when to eat next etc. Anyway, I got overweight again so I want to use this method. I started out yesterday at It will be interesting to see how this works out now.

I could easily see myself eating a chicken salad for my evening meal during the summer at least. I have been toying with the IF lifestyle and doing loads of research for a while now. On Thursday I started the 1 meal a day approach and you know what, I lived! Granted I have only done 2 days with 1 meal per day as, like you I plan to eat lunch on the weekends. I lie to eat big meals, my husband is a fantastic cook.

I love wine as well! I used to exercise hours and hours a day just to maintain my weight. So one meal a day for me it is. I turn 40 in September and I want to be on my way to my ideal weight then. I started drinking spirulina powder with water this morning. It tastes like pond water which I guess it is actually. It works better for me this way. Kgs are fine by me. I used to do Judo when I was younger and less broken and the weight categories were in Kgs.

And now at the end I realise that the Last reply is from yesterday!! I once did this kind of diet, but unknowingly. I lost 15 kg in only 3 months. Well, today was my First day. I plan on taking a Cup of tea with milk and sugar, If i feel weak. Sorry about the kg and cm, German influence. Yeah, this is a great thread. There are lots of great comments and perspective from others who are trying to make this diet work.

Some are definitely doing it! I am 19 years old going on 20 soon.. Smh yeai know almost 6 years. I would say that I need to lose a GoOd pounds. Which just resulted me losing Muscle and not fat. Because when I stepped on the scale I would weigh lighter than before …. I just have one question …. Are you sure you can eat whatever you want when you have that. One meal a day was a means to an end for me. I wanted to limit the times between which I could eat a meal because it took away any other choice.

I pretty much ate anything I wanted, but to be fair I already had a reasonably balanced diet with fruit and vegetables featuring strongly in many of my meals. And also how big should your portion size be? I did eat some of the things you mentioned but not all the time. Somewhere along the line I think we have to learn to make better choices about our nutrition and this diet has been a great way for me to do that. Portion size is difficult. A plate full of lard is obviously different to a plate full of lettuce.

Thanks for answeing my questions! Alright so ill take it into consideration that certain foods have to be eatin in moderation. And ill make sure that my One meal a day consist of mostly healthy foods majority of the time. Umm… do u think it would be ok for me to drink Diet Coke Zero calories thrum the day? Ofcourse ill drink lots of water also. Reading some of the other comments and your story I am Super excited to start this.

I am more than ready to shed these extra pounds! You can adjust as you go along. Sort of need a bit of encouragement here. Yes, around my waist, clothes are looser, but my stomach looks arwful, much more bloated looking. I look at your pictures and I can see such a difference in your body. I know I do have a lot of body fat around my middle, but I thought with eating once a day , cutting down on carbs and killing myself at the gym would show good results.

Maybe I need to shock my body into letting go of fat as it seems to be holding on for dear life. Limit your salt intake, because you will retain water on a high salt diet. How I look at it, you have to break down a wall. Fat loss is deceptive. You can lose several pounds and see no real difference in the way you look..

Part of the problem here is we look only where we can see i. Maybe in August try a different approach? Keep in mind that this can be a long process and try to get your feelings of success from sticking to your plan rather than the apparent lack of physical results. Also keep in mind that doing it the way I did it… guessing about calorie content and paying little attention to nutrition is far from optimal — so results are bound to be slower.

I was just surfing the web and found your blog. I myself do a similar diet. I work out twice a day and eat one substantial meal for lunch. This is a routine I follow during the weekday and I have my cheat days on the weekend as well.

I feel fuller doing this vs eating six times a day. I have always found that eating that many times a day to stay full just seemed too tedious. Thank you for your words of encouragement. You are right about others saying that I look slimmer.

My sister says it, but I always think to myself.. Could you tell me what you eat on your cheat days? Also, do you think that very overweight people trying to lose weight, should have a cheat day at all?

You must feel amazing and look fantastic?! I unfortunately have to change my plan as from today: On the other hand, i hate sleeping hungry! Skip breakfast, have lunch with enough carbohydrates, Then Dinner with Low carbs or with carbs? I plan on Jogging 7km for two days and Then One day rest! I really want to Take Part in the race, and i want to lose weight too. Having one meal a day the last werk has really motivated me.

Anyone have an advice for me? Hi Fatuma, I hope the diet is still working for you. The most important thing for me is that I eat fewer calories than my body needs each day. I love only eating 1 lunch a day as I feel I sleep better at night without needing to digest food in my stomach.

I have a question for you: After you lost the first 20 pounds and waited a while to lose the last 10 pounds, how long did you wait and did you continue with the 1 meal a day? Or did you go back to 3 meals a day during this period of time? Hi Karen, Well done on losing the 7lbs in a month.

After I lost the first 20lbs I was pretty much straight into the next 10lbs. The first twenty took me five months and the last ten took me just one month. Sorry that it took me so long to reply. Last time I weighed a week ago I was down 16lbs!

I want to look at this as something I can adapt to for the rest of my life. I used to be on a prescription drug a few years back that seriously suppressed my appetite and it just occurred to me that this was exactly how I ate!

I was also drinking almost every night back then too. Not a good thing. I like your blog David so thank you for sharing! I will let you know how I get on!

I want to lose another 58lb by Christmas and I figure I can if I lose around 2. Aelie, You have done a fantastic job with the weight loss! You mentioned the wild variation in your calories and although I have nothing to back it up, I think that can be a good thing. It keeps your body guessing. Somehow that sinks into my subconscious mind and helps me on the days when I under-eat.

I hope it went well. I basically eat dinner only. Every now and then I may squeeze in a small snack. On Monday I feel bloated because I eat more on the weekend. The weight has fallen off. What do you think about my situation? I have to thank you and everyone who has kept me motivated. I finally saw the scales move. Not much, but it did cheer me up. I have fallen off the wagon for a couple of days, but back on today.

So basically I will be fasting till dinner time, but I will be drinking water through out the day. All that matters is that you get back on and keep trying.

I hope all is well for you. Sorry again for the late reply. I started this diet exactly a month ago now simply bcos I was tried from carrying excess weight around. I should add that this was not visible to me in the mirror, am just glad I was not discourage. Thank you again for this blog. The tape measure is a great way to monitor your progress and an inch is a fantastic achievement.

I think you will eventually see the difference in the mirror but if not maybe taking photos will help you. Maybe one day you could describe your food to me, I would love to hear about your diet. I should tell you how am following this diet, I drink a cup of coffee in the morning before going to work and another cup around midday with lot of water throughout the day.

I eat my one meal around 6: I just discover I need to stick to my one hour window by reading some of the comment. I would described my dinner but am African, our food is different. There are just some days when I have to snack.

Keep up the good work!! Thanks for writing this! Iam sure i will be able to contineue. Hi Sonam, sorry for the delay in replying to you. Hi Angela, 4 lbs is a good result for the 1st eight days! Hi Jose, 85lbs in six months is an incredible achievement!

I know that you put the weight back on again but sometimes when life hits you hard you just have to find a way to survive. The key thing here is that you started again and have lost another totally amazing 38 lbs.

Good luck as you continue towards your goal. By the way, your English is superb!! And the I eat my main meal Actually I have been losing weight with the 6meal plan but all of a suden I just stoped losing for the past 2 months.

So my main goal is to lose the last bit of fat 15lbs This type of diet suits my lifestyle perfectly and I wish I had found out a long time ago. I don;t feel I have to worry too much what I order or how much of it I eat within reason. Perhaps what you need to do is give it some more time? Good luck and sorry for the delay in replying to you. I need to catch up on a few things around here, including replying to those of you kind enough to leave comments. Sorry for the delay in approving some of the comments, and apologies for appearing to ignore you.

Hi Christopher, I think as long as we make some changes to our diet, i. But I have a few more rules. I have lost 9kgs which is around 20 pounds in about five months. The beauty of this diet is that it prevents the one mouthful leading to another effect, which was my downfall and the only reason I ever got fat in the first place.

I am in fantastic health as well. Good skin, hair, nails. Trim waistline and flat tummy. This is the diet for me. Saturday is my cheat day and sunday two meals from monday to freiday again the same plan. Where in Germany do you live? I live in Bavaria, maybe we could share more of our experince about the One meal a day: Bavaria i dont really know where it is? Soman, there are no rules to this diet, you just make them up to suit yourself.

I found the best way for myself by experimenting and I still do experiment. See how it works out for you. Hi Bubbles, I love the way you do it. I love your attitude to falling off the wagon.

It really helps to pick the positive angle and just get back to it. I was wondering what types of food you would eat when you did eat. Thanks Sonam, send you an Email………… dj i always say, If its going to be just One meal a day, then ist has to count, i Would otherwise Start craving for stuff that i deprive myself………..

Hi Nancy hope all is well,how are you doing with your one meal,myself in thired week and i have lost only 4 pounds but this time iam not going to give it up. Hi dj, I pretty much eat anything and everything that takes my fancy. There are certain things I avoid like sodas, but from time to time I still enjoy a glass of cola. I eat all the regular foods like pasta, pizza, potatoes, bread, rice, chciken, fish, beef, pork, pies, pastries, cakes, ice cream and lots of fruit and vegetables.

I needed to the time to arrange my return and I wanted to make sure I rememebered my summer for something other than my diet. Now published — click here. Hi just come accross this, i wasnt looking for a diet, was looking for cheap ways to eat. Anyway decided to read and the more i read the more i got it. Now in my 40s i dont want to be a 6 or an 8 but i want to be a darn lot smaller then i am, so tomorrow will be my first day trying it out, how much i weigh isnt the issue so i am not going to weigh myself i am going to go off my clothes size.

Hi Polly, I think you have a good way of looking at it. I look forward to hearing how you get on. Wish I could think of a suitable Arnie quote in response. Ive been reading this website for quite a few days as i googled One Meal a Day diet as this is the only type of diet that has ever worked.

First of all i just want to say HI to David and im totally inspired by how much weight youve lost and how youve managed to keep it a secret from your family ie eating normally with them …have they not noticed your fantastic weight loss? I like doing this diet as i enjoy socialising and i do not want it to affect my life going out for meals with friends etc. A couple of years ago i slimmed down ALOT like 3 stone…. I have planned to change this and decided that today would be the day id finally post on here as i think we could all deffinitely spur eachother on to lose weight.

So far i have gone from 11 stone to 10st 4 but i has taken me a couple of months and i dont know whether my metabolism has slowed down or im not drinking enough water but i cant get the rest off.

Ive been at the same weight for a while now. I go to the gym and workout but i dont do enough weights to bulk up. I am doing 1 meal a day and fruit but recently the last week ive not had any fruit. Today i got a bit fed up and had 2 meals non fattening and im scared to weigh myself im going to leave it another 2 weeks before i do!

I really love this website and read it everyday for updates and stuff best of luck with all your diets guys would be great if we all spur eachother on and start losing weight!!! Secondly, what a fantastic job you did in losing 3 stone a few years ago! If the lack of apparent results is driving you nuts, maybe you could take a slightly more scientific approach and count calories for a while?

Give it another little while and you may discover that your scale weight drops by a pound or two overnight. Just want to ask a question.. Is it good to have my one meal at 5 pm or its better to have it at night?

The thing is, you have to learn to live with this. I choose to eat aroiund 5 or 6pm because it fits in with family life. I also enjoy the fact that I feel satisfied during the evening so I get the psychological boost from spending a few hours with food in my belly. A big part of why this works for me is how I feel about it.

If anything I would drop your weight a little bit for the workouts while still challenging yourself. You will still benefit in strength gains if not more with this type of eating schedule. As for upping your CF sessions to 6 times per week..

Mobility also gives you stellar improvements in Overhead Squats and I say this from my own experience. My first couple days I was way more awake than ever before and had trouble falling asleep because my mental function was up and I noticed some headaches and water craving from kicking food addiction, but I have to say my productivity at work which I work 12 hour shifts , as well as my energy lever at the gym is amped!

Other than that you could safely throw in a BCAA supplement before your workouts if you are concerned with muscle break down. I gained about 20 pounds after starting CF from muscular gain and the fact that intense workouts made me super hungry. Since starting the fast a week ago I have dropped 5 lbs and my skin has cleared up completely.

My stress level is way down and my mood is way more positive. I plan to adopt this way of eating as a permanent lifestyle. I wish you the best of luck on your goals and if you go for it stick with it!

Thank you for your reply. I tried my first fast this week, starting monday 9pm until tuesday 1pm, so that was 16 hours. And it was sooo ok to do it, it suprised me!

Regarding the mobility training you mentioned, I had not heard of it. At least not with that name. I checked it out and we have a pretty good session before our classes start, although it does not compare to one day totally dedicated to it.

I've had problems with my weight underweight some time, I rarely ate when I was on College last year, I couldn't eat all day, I just managed to eat when I came home in the evening every day. That didn't do me no good. Towards the end of the year I ate less and less and I lost totally 7 kg 15 pound? So in the end, it didn't look so good. Also it didn't feel good.

In the last 3 months over the summer I've been eating allot and working out, and I finally managed to put back what I lost, now I'm eating whenever I can, breakfast is the most important, i make meals for college and eat snacks and dinner. I finally feel great. So just because of that I'm not really confident with this challenge, it sounds a little risky for me: But I can't say it doesn't sound amazing…when I read the effects… I really love challenges like this, but I am afraid a little that it will get me back to that state.

I think you should check out leangains. I know it's hard to believe but it really does look like this protocol could be beneficial for muscle mass gain as well. This will minimise protein breakdown and effects of the fast on the muscle.

And then when you do eat, you get the anabolic effect of the fast with the increase of HGH and other processes. Honestly I think it's worth a shot, 1 day won't hurt and it'll be an experience: Usually for about 16hrs, sometimes a little more or a little less. I found my body naturally gravitated to it once I switched to Paleo eating in January. I'm just not hungry during those hours! I've found it to be so convenient as well, as it's one less meal to shop for, prepare, or worry about.

And as you mentioned above, when I do eat it always tastes fantastic! I have great energy, my blood sugar and moods are stable, and it definitely helps with fat loss.

Have you read "Healthy at " and "Dare to be "? Great books on the topic. And btw I think it's totally within our power to live to and be fully healthy. But these days I'm focusing on learning how to most enjoy the present: I haven't heard of those books but will check them out. I also think it's completely possible to live beyond in a good state of health; body and mind both. Enjoying the present is definitely important, too! By acknowledging each day I think we learn to enjoy the journey rather than just training our sights on the end-goal.

Definitely a more fulfilling and fun way to live IMO: I was just thinking about doing a cleanse. Never tried one before so I thought it might be a good idea to clean out the old system. I was actually worried about the not eating part though because like you I have always been a believer of the six meals per day. I am going to take a look at some options for cleansing and also take your research into consideration to try to combine the forces and get some great results. I will let you know how it goes.

My main goal is to get rid of excess foods that have not digested in my body and sort of hit a reset button. Any cleanse that you have done or heard about that you can recommend? Also I have been thinking about digestion lately because of the Gracie diet. As you probably know the Gracie family developed a diet that basically gives food combinations that allow for easy digestion.

Although I eat a fairly healthy and balanced diet I find at times that my combinations or timing of meals causes poor digestion high energy consumption and even a heavy feeling in the stomach at times.

I think that fasting may help me listen to my digestive system by making it silent for a few hours so that it is easier to pay attention when it does speak up again… if you know what I mean.

Anyway I will re share this for sure man.. Yeah I didn't find any specific evidence of the cleansing effect, but I personally believe it. When the body has no food to digest, the liver and other organs can focus on cleansing processes instead. As far as specific cleanses, I tried my own last week, made like 3L of fresh lemon juice and drank a big glass every morning..

It worked well but it was rather, extreme. I know about the Gracie Diet, I love listening to Rener's philosophy on food. I've definitely integrated some of their principles in my own diet. That way you're guarantee to have some live enzymes to help the digestive processes. I do the Warrior Diet and fast every day about 14 hours before my workout and recovery meal, then fast the rest of the day most days till 6!

I turn 41 this Saturday…. I've gotten guesses on my age as being early 30s… it's great! Did you find that it got a lot easier as you went on? Do you still get hungry in the middle of the fast? I'm a little hesitant on this one as well, as I also eat about 6 meals a day, but I'm on day 10 of the cold shower challenge and I absolutely love it, so I might as well trust you on this too! Nice congrats on making it through the first 10 days of the Cold Shower Challenge!

The hardest part is definitely behind you. Give it a try for 1 day.. Honestly if it works, you'll be so happy you don't have to worry about eating all the time. I'm definitely keen to give it a go. I was wondering though and this may sound stupid … is it still fasting if you're asleep? I've heard perhaps incorrectly that the digestive system slows right down when you're asleep so technically if you eat before going to bed isn't the food just sitting in your gut waiting?

So yeah in practicality, if you sleep for 8 hours you only really consciously fast for 8 hours, it's not that bad at all. And could it really make that much of a difference? Everythign is backed by science the links are in the article below the health benefits facts. Have you thought about doing your workout fasted having your first meal post-workout? Today Grokker phildrolet posted a blog on IF.

Amazing how religous ceremonies of ancient times have impact on our body machines. If they knew it all allong without the state of the art science of today. I will start tomorrow with the fasten challenge for a month and will do it 1 day on, 1 day of. I'l wait till the sunset before I enhance eating. Yeah it's interesting how fasting actually is instrumental in certain cultures yet for reasons totally different than those outlined in this article.

Good job for stepping up to the challenge! I reckon 1 day off 1 day on is perfect, I'm thinking it's what I'll settle down for when I'm down with the 28 days.. Fasting everyday is not easy ahha. I've been wanting to do IF since reading about it in the 4HB. Tim does it once a week and it coincides with cheat day on the slow-carb diet, so once you're done you have free reign on whatever you want to eat.

I started doing Occam's Protocol again yesterday and am committed to doing 2 more weeks of it, but I'm gonna add a secret weapon to it: IF once a week. If the HGH spikes it should allow for even more massive growth.

Plus I started eating white meat again, aiming for 5kg of muscle gain in 2 weeks. If our little Perth experiment proved anything, this is more than possible. Do you think IF on workout days would be the best way to do it? I'm just worried if it's done on a workout day, my body's not going to have any fuel for the workout. I'd recommend you look at http: I'm definitely interested to hear how it goes.. I can't get over the 20x HGH levels.. Took a long look at leangains.

Looks like working out in a fasted state is actually recommended, with a massive meal right afterwards. I did that today, big time! Dude I was bottomless it was awesome haha.

But for most of us that are not, would results be similar if we went to bed at midnight 12am, do a 16 hour fast, huge meal at 4pm, then small meals at 7pm, 10pm and then midnight right before sleeping? Yes I do polyphasic sleeping- I generally sleep from 3am to 9am then take a 1 hour "napatation" 30 minutes meditation, 30 minutes nap later on, either around 5pm or 9pm depending on my workout schedule. Anyways, yes the protocol would absolutely work on a more "regular" sleep schedule like the one you wrote.

I'm into paleo nutrition, crossfit, and ocassion intermittent fasts whenever it feels natural. I want to know if you have any scientific qualifications for advocating women try a 14 hour fast compared to the 16 hour male fast. If you don't, I want to ask you sup with that? Because in my research forays into IF I've never seen any mention that women shouldn't fast as long because of physiological reasons. Thanks for your question. I've based my recommendation on the Leangains program which has been having tremendously successful results for many years.

You can find out more here http: Also, check out this interview with Martin Berhkhan http: It appears that women will have lower blood glucose level after fasting, which makes the fast more challenging. But as with anything, I recommend self-experimentation. Find what works for you. But generally speaking, it appears that 14 hours is a good guideline for most women.

If you can do more without negative effects though, I'd imagine there would be benefits to doing so. This style of eating totally appeals to me right now since I find I'm only really hungry within certain hours of the day, and I'm eating at others because I'm supposed to i.

Would love to hear your thoughts or maybe you can point me to resources on results of IF in endurance athletes. These days running is my primary fitness focus, with a little yoga and strength training thrown in for fun and balance. All in all I believe IF for endurance athletes is great, but it's a fairly novel concept, hence why I'm running this little experiment on myself: I have to fast now…. Hahah dude you know you love it: P Stepping out of our comfort zone, a little bit more each day..

The Warrior Diet is very easy to do. Then I fast the rest of the day on tea, Master Cleanse lemon drink, etc. I'm rarely hungry and if I do feel hungry most days I tough it out. I'm a little plateaued at the moment but am going to increase my weights and lower my carbs several days a week over the fall and winter to prevent regain. Actually I'm starting to think this way of eating may have stabilized my weight indefinitely.

I am underweight somewhat but at least I'm not losing more muscle and gaining body fat like I was before. IF is good for that. I'm at Day 20 of the Challenge and it's going well but definitely will be looking to try something a bit different once this is done.

Maybe do IF 3 days a week and something else a bit less extreme on the other 4 days? It's going to be hectic! I gotta get in touch with the researchers actually to get a second sample in a couple weeks. Not fasted for ages, first one of a new weekly regime starts today 4pm — 7am.

Going for 15 hours because it fits..! Yo chienne, j'ai pas tout lu, mais que est-ce que tu crois que l'efficacité de cette méthode a un lien avec avec le fait que le corps fait le bilan des liquides quotidiennement et le bilan des solides à tous les jours. Je sais pas trop honnêtement! Je connais pas encore ce principe la, on en jasera dans le temps des fetes! My motivation to train hard, develop my Jedi Mind Tricks, try crazy experiments, and work hard on becoming the best Phil Drolet reached unprecedented heights.

I really started […]. Not only does it allow you to experience and feel what other unfortunate people around the world are feeling BUT it also has a lot of health benefits like you stated in the article!

Also, there is a lot of other tips about diet in our book that I believe have been backed up by studies to show their benefit for as far as I know, if you are interested I will put in the time to translate and put it up here: I read up on your cold shower challenge a few months back and I had to do it!

Now that the cold showers are a routine, I would love another challenge and it looks like that I found it. Btw, i personally found fasting to be easier than the cold showers..

But, I want to say this, My finace and I went on a 21 day water fast nothing but water for 21 days though harsh but I do understand what you are saying about the benefits. Within 3 days on the water fast, my breathing was tremendously improved,my old sports injury of 5 years was healed, greater mental clarity, and greater ease of movement.

Damnnn 21 day water fast??? Must have been pretty wild by the end.. Did you feel really weak? My nose was always sorta half blocked which totally annoyed me, and within 3 days, boom, perfect breathing. I personally found fasting to be easier than the cold showers.. But, my fiance someone who has competed in ironman competitions and very health conscious he at the end felt very weak. He went from to in the 22 day water fast. We only consumed distilled water for they say it was the best water for fasting.

With the information that energy not being used for digesting goes into healing the body and renewing body parts and a higher sense of mental clarity. We had to do it! But, we did this for spiritual reasons and health reasons. So, thank you Phil for helping me change my life. For I believe in you and the feel good lifestyle. Uhuu, another great article!

And this one comes just in time yeah, a sign from the Universe! My way — twice a week for 24 hours. And about the training while fasting — last time I decided to have my Karate class on a fasting day — was great! Absolutely no lack of energy, would say even the opposite. Made from high-quality Gyokuro green tea leaves that are crushed and pulverized, Matcha Green […].

Hey good article, and very informative. Did you mean increased insulin sensitivity in the benefits column? Insulin resistance is associated with diabetes, weight gain as well as Polycystic Ovarian syndrome. Hey Callie, thanks for your kind words and for the heads-up.

It just seems a little pretentious based on your actual level of fitness. You should be eating about 3 12oz steaks a day, before the next girl you shake hands with breaks your arm off. Do you think that the 4 hour body testosterone boost of 3 brazil nuts, vit d and fermented cod liver oil before bed and upon waking would effect the fast? I eat between 11am-7pm and take these at 8am and 11pm. I wanted to know what your macros and calorie breakdown was for it on training day and rest days or what you think worked best.

I am a bit late to this article but just read it after checking out other info on the web about intermittent fasting. Anyway, I wanted to say thanks for the article it was one of the best and most honest ones I found.

I started intermittent fasting today and so far have fasted for 15 hours. I plan to break the fast with a salad in the next hour or so which I am looking forward to immensely! I will then eat another healthy but substantial meal to then fast again until tomorow.

I have to say it was actually much easier than I ever imagined with the odd grumble which actually was vaguely pleasant! I realise that I do not normally allow myself to get to the point of being hungry like there is something wrong with that normal feeling!? The danger I guess there is that when you feel the hunger pangs you then reach for the biscuit barrel or some other non-ideal food for a quick fix. Since those foods are not a big issue for me I am hoping this way of eating can work for me long term for optimum health.

Love this whole site btw. So much great material. Keep up the excellent work and thank you for helping me improve my life. OUr body is incredibly adaptable. So…you walked to the grocery store but drove home? Not a big deal but these are the sort of little inconsistencies that make me question your credibility.

Come on dude — proof read or something! I just find out your blog today and reading it for 6 hours now. Just wanted to let you know your blog rocks and keep up the good work. I am from Turkey and I am a muslim. We have a fasting month which is coming up nearly in next month.

According to our religion, in fasting month Ramazan we are not allowed to eat or drink between the sun rise and sun set. But after reading this article I think I will starting fasting a little bit earlier this year: Yesterday I have read your article http: I started lumosity, doing more exercise, and I want to get started with intermittent fasting too.

As far as I know your body needs a certain amount of vitamines and stuff like protein, carbohydrates, etc, each day. So does that mean that you basically have to eat all of it in one meal? Diets that tell me to eat less always scare the hell out of me, because I am a big believer of eating a lot but not too much. So I hope IF is about eating less frequently, but not less?

If it really is about eating less, then please tell me how it fills in for the daily amount of vitamines, proteins, carbohydrates and stuff you need. In Intermittent Fasting, you still want to consume roughly the same amount of food as you would usually, except you compress it into a smaller period of the day. Will be a good challenge though! Thanks for a great article on intermittent fasting that is not overly technical, but still speaks to the science behind it.

I have a few questions and wonder if you would be so kind as to answer them. You mentioned somewhere — maybe in a comment to a post? Did you do that? How is it working for you? This from someone who always had to eat immediately upon waking and then every several hours. That brings me to my next question. Mostly I run and bike, which was why I was especially happy to see someone like you trying out the intermittent fasting.

What do you eat for your first meal post-fast? I think different athletes have different nutritional needs, according to their sports and goals. Ah, is there a follow-up to this article? Did you create this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? I also have a virtual assistant from India who helps me with some of the technical tasks regarding optimizing the layout and such. I fast from 3 or 4 until7 or 8am which suits me fine!

I used to be very light and am looking forward to returning to that weight! I took a little break myself and decided to get back to it tomorrow. Not long ago i stumbled on your document and still have already been looking at coupled. I would like to study modern content and also to reveal my personal feelings along with you. Thanks for the motivating article! I just stumbled across IF haphazardly last week. I went Paleo a year ago and it has done wonders for me physically, mentally and emotionally.

That being said, I had hit a plateau and wondered if I would be able to lose literally the last 10 lbs? On Saturday I did the 24 hr 8pm-8pm fast. Yeah I think IF is the best way to lose that pesky last 10lbs it was for me anyways. I switched from the Leangains method to two 24hr hour fasts during the week.

I find this method to fit in better with my lifestyle…. So far I lost 2 lbs, not a huge difference, but finally the scale is moving…and in the right direction! Oh by the way, there was a fasting documentary on the BBC. You can catch it on YouTube http: Thanks a lot for sharing the link to the documentary, I look forward to watching it. Will it still be as beneficial in these hours. I suffer from chrohns disease and looking at new ways to combat it. Also, if the first meal after training is the biggest does that mean the following two meals are smaller?

Today I had 2 meals with meat and veg and subway. Any help for a newbie would be sensational. Yeah like you said, the first meal after the workout is the biggest one and the 2 other ones are smaller not small, just smaller. Really easier than I thought.

Keep it up Chuck! I really like IF. Even after 16 hrs of zero calories my mind is clear and focused and my weight training is better than ever. I also started cold showers and quit coffee about a week ago. I usually run, not jog, in the morning and have a cayenne pepper and v8 cocktail at the end of my 8 hr eating period.

I think the cold showers and high intensity cardio is is important to keep my metabolism from slowing. Keep the strategies coming. Your reference articles are for intermittent whole day fasts an dthis is the only material I can find too. Hey guys i am doing tapout xt, this will be my 3rd week of doing it, and today i am doing the 24hr. So far it is going pretty well, but i did cheat and got up at around 8 a. I will also include some kettlebell workouts during the week!

Thanks for taking the time to read my comment! My best advice to you honestly is to experiment with it! What do you eat after your fasts as it seems counter intuitive to all the things that I know about health and nutrition to slow down the metabolism through starvation all day and then eat one big meal before bed so that it sits in your inactive body all night.

What foods do you eat that late at night as I was always taught no carbs after 6pm and how do you feel about what I was saying? What foods do you eat that late at night as I was always taught no carbs after 6pm and how do you feel about what I was saying. I just found out about IF a few days ago. I wake up, go to school and eat at about 8 in the morning and again around I been wanting to lose weight for basketball and this girl I like.

Today, I found myself after a 2-hour workout having enough energy and the mood to walk 4 miles back to my home. No Bullshit, No Excuses. Thanks for the great article. First, I got myself down to a lower eating window 2: But I am unable to workout until around 7p. Also, to give myself energy in the morning I have been drinking an energy drink called Rockstar Xdurance, It has 20 calories and 2 grams of sugar. Will drinking this during my fasting time break my fast?

Thank you for taking the time, It has been difficult getting any answers other places. Good job for hopping on the IF train.

Too much caffeine and full of chemicals and artificial sweeteners. Green tea, yerba mate and even coffee are much healthier options. Would you mind if I share your blog with my zynga group?

Please let me know. Our stomach can digest and absorb nutrition far effectively if the stomach is only 90 percent full instead of hundred percent. And leaving ten percent space also sens a signal to the brain that we are fasting to some extent and the brain signals the glands to produce some human growth hormone HGH.

I dint know the site already posted something similar. Hi, my name is nikki. For a long time now I have been suffering from mild gastrointestinal distress, and have also not had a monthly cycle in 8 months, but am not pregnant nor on bc. I was researching green tea fasts and happened upon this page. I am going to try it out every other day for a month and see what happens.

This truly excites me, as not only will it help me to eat healthier when I do eat, it will also save me moneyand overall just be a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for publishing this article, it could be the answer ice been searching for. I am in a fasted state right now, day 4. I dont even know when I am going to stop yet. My next meal is at 9pm, thats about an hour after I get home.

I havent been eating the cleanest foods religiously or anything but its still working. Sometimes I dont get hungry, and I have been put off some foods like the mayo in the burger king bun, shees they put alot on. I get full pretty quickly, which could probably tell me that my stomach is shrinking. I dont know if it would be good for everyone, but it works for me. This isnt a diet, diets suck up so much time and wasted energy.

I also lift dumbells at home. I have 3kg and 5kg, but will be upgrading to slightly heavier weights soon. Fat is literally melting off me and ive noticed it in my arms and around my waist so far. Im not quite the superhuman yet, I feel like Im not far from being one! Yes I agree, i was in the prison of 6 meals a day concept for many Years. This is really the best Life style Eating Patter I have ever experienced. I want to ask you a quest. Hi, my question is: When you fast for 24 hours and you eat normally again the next day, do you not pick up the weight you lost and more?

That is according to what I have read. I read your article on 21 ways to loose weight and do most of them but have been battling to loose my last 10kg to reach my goal weight.

Your advice will be highly appreciated. Thanks so much for this post and others. My brother and I are finding some great info in your writing. I wanted to thank you for this article because of an odd thing…I force myself to eat during the day.

In fact, for me to IF every day all I need to do is shrug off what my trainers, doctors, teachers…every other person who has ever heard my eating habit story…and return to what I feel natural.

I have religiously been doing this for a month now and have only lost 2 pounds, BUT I really feel this is a great step for me because it is building my self control muscle. Dieting is torturous for me and I have never been able to stick to it long enough to make a difference but it is a LOT easier to manage when I eat than what I eat. That would make my life a lot easier. Maybe I will try that instead.

You have done really good job! One thing to note here, is that the practice of such fasting is nothing new at all. It was introduced by Islam over years ago for its spiritual, mental, health and many other benefits. The 30 days in the month of Ramadan and that is the most active and productive month for Muslims! If you really want to challenge your mind and body, read more about Islam and you shall find many tips on how you can successfully improve your performance: I loved your article on cold showers.

Your attitude about taking control of your emotions to accomplish difficult tasks is compelling. I am embarking on a 40 day water fast. Have you ever tried a water fast?

If so, how did it go for you? THanks for sharing Mandy! How long are you doing for? What do you expect to happen? Currently i have cereal and toned milk for breakfast — 1 rotil with dal and vegetables for lunch n then tea without biscuits and a light dinner. Hi Priyanka , your diet chart is worth. It actually helps me to reduce weight.

But I am not able to reduce my belly fat , Could you please help me how I should reduce my belly fat. Hi pls guide me, i read the dietchart n willing to follow it bt hv some doubt. I gained 15 kgsafter delivery n my baby is 3 months n i m feeding him bt also providing top feed. Or pls gv me guidance on weight loss frm now. Hii…… I m also want to lose my belly bottom fat…. Plzz give me some suggestions..

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I did follow this diet. I lost 5 kgs in 1 month. Thank you sooooooooo much! I wanted to ensure that d methi seeds need to be soaked overnight or d same morning 15 mins prior intake???? Please let me know asap as am planning to start dis diet at the earliest. I was emotional eating and knew what is good food for me but off late due to stress I ate like a rebel n put on 4 kgs. Thanks I will try your diet plan. Cudnt get up early coz slept late now I will rectify it.

Hi Priyanka Iam thinking of starting this diet plan but the problem is i work in night shifts,i go to work at 5PM come back at 4: Everyday i do gym for 40min. Am starting this first in the morning……………………………: Hi Priyanka…Thanks for the Plan.. I shall certainly follow the same.. Please advise if i can skip Also can dinner be done at 8: Also i have heard one should avoid eating salt after 7 pm ,so should we not follow the same in dis diet plan too?

HI dear priyanka i just entered your diet plan hope it will work on me.. Hi… I want to follow this diet chart…. Anyone wants to do this with me.. First of all I want to ask if I have to soak a methi over night to drink in the morning..??

I heard that your diet is really helpful and I hope it works out for me and I will wait for your reply Thanks a lot Darshita. I will start following this from tomorrow itself. So this would be a very nice diet plan for me. Thank you once again for such a nice article. My heartfelt Thanx for ths post!! I really liked ur article n found it v useful….

I ve got tonned no doubt bt nt lost weight more than 1kg or 2kgs in 1year…so sometimes feel v disapponted…. Bt with the help of ur diet i might get results …. HI, This diest chart looks very convenient and good to follow. I have started it from today. I am just thinking of what all Dals we can have in afternoon like arhar daal or chana daal etc. Also at night what veggies should we take and in which oil it shud be cooked?

Hey your article seems wonderful! I have delivered baby just 6 months ago. I want to lose my baby weight as soon as possible..

So is this diet chart suitable for me? Hiiii priyanka i m goning to start ur diet chart………….. I will be following your diet from tomorrow. Hey, I read this plan today and i am starting it from tomorrow. I hope it works for me, looking forward to look more slimmer than what I am. I need to do it any how as I have promised my self.

The best part is I was browsing for perfect diet plan and the 1st option I got is his one , so lets try and Chak De. Hye priyanka,i just love ur article. Hi really nice diet chart….. Hi, Priyanka i am doing job for 8: Please guide me can i take Musli with Milk in Morning?? Please guide me madam. I am starting this plan from tomorrow itself. I wish to loose kgs in the month itself. Hoping for the best.. Hi Priyanka, your diet plan is very interesting.

Blend and have it in the morning. Most of the ingredients here are essential for weight reduction, does combining it all help further. Will this help me? This is an awesome diet plan. I will get onto this diet plan from tomorrow. So my day typically begins at 2 pm when i wake up and i am off to bed after early breakfast am. Do you have any special tips for this routine as well. I am eager to follow this too. Hi priyanka, Just read your diet plan…plan to start from tomorrow…been regular at the gym..

Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping it works for me! Your email address will not be published. I think you got confused. This post is written by Priyanka. Anyone who is willing to follow the plan may join in. Hi Priyanka -great post — just curious to know what benefit does the kali mirch do? Hi Mam want to loose weight followed ur 8 weeks plan lost 8 kgs wat to follow next.

Have never had barn roti. Ya you are right it actually varies from person to person.. Thank you so much Jomol.. Smita, my blog likes to play games sometimes. I so wanna read that book.. Hi Priyanka… Thanks soo much for sharing this diet plan. Guys… Its a simple plan which everyone can follow.. Thank you Priyanka for this diet chart.

I have already started following your chart. Once again, Thanks and keep us updated. Top 10 Diet Excuses: Hi Priyanka and Rati…. I loved this diet but instead of methi and kalimirch is there any other option? Dear Priyanka I was wondering what is the need for having lal mirch?

Need some good diet plan ……. This is an amazing post on dieting. I am going to start it from tomorrow. Hi Rati, Thanks for the diet plan. HI Priyanka, Thank you for posting a very healthy diet plan.

Hi, i will b following the diet chart from 2day..!! Hey, Is is possible to have a drink on this diet? Thank you for the diet.. Hope it will work on my body.. In the mean time take care Mitu. Waiting for your valuable inputs. Hi, I am thinking to follow this plan. Kindly let me know. Kindly let me know.. My question is after 4 weeks, do we go back to week 1 diet? Hi Priya, I have almost similar case.

Hi Priyanka… Firstly accept my heart felt thanks for posting this diet plan. Dear Priyanka I enjoyed your diet a lot and lost 2. Hi All I am Anita, After reading ur blog ,even i have thought of going on this diet plan. Hey Priyanka, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. HI Priyanka, I wanted to ensure that d methi seeds need to be soaked overnight or d same morning 15 mins prior intake????