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I am very Thankful for creating such wonderful program. What have you done lately? I was looking to substitute fresh spinach for the cabbage. You will lose the weight you want to if your determination, willingness to listen and adherence to the program is reasonably compliant. Is the serving size 1 cup per meal?

Weight Loss and the Transformational Process

Weight Loss Magic Soup

This smart man does not need to 'imagine' any more, he's done it! He did share with others, that his desire to lose weight was something he planned and thought of and saw himself doing each day.

He described the event as an event he 'engineered' and planned with precision to succeed. He's sharing his story here, to encourage others to create their own success!

Can you match or beat his number? Let's say you 'only' lose 44 pounds in 40 days- would you be 'okay' with that?

Get out your calendar and start planning. Call us at Engaging in regular exercise improves blood pressure, improves insulin sensitivity, reduces lipids bad cholesterol and triglycerides , reduces markers of inflammation hs-crp , and reduces central abdominal fat.

A team of researchers from Germany also report that exercise slows cellular aging and prolongs life! The length of telomeres- the strands of DNA at the tips of chromosomes- regulate cellular aging. As your cells reproduce, the telomeres can shorten or lengthen. The cells throughout the body will have similar lengths to their telomeres, and if enough of the cells die and do not reproduce, you also die! This critical function of telomeres- the control of cellular aging- was honored with a Nobel Prize in !

The researchers proved that in age matched controls people who exercise versus people who do not, but are the same age , the athletes whether age 20 or age 51 had higher leveles of activity of the chemistry that preserves telomere length; possessed longer telomeres; and lived longer, healthier lives! Teleomere length is a measure of cellular aging: There are two types of 'fish oil': One local supermarket advertises their 'great sale' price on 'fish oil' claiming: That much is true- it is also deceptive.

The 'great price' they offer for the 'sale' isn't so 'great' when taking 28 capsules a day heir bottle of 50 capsules does not even last 2 days! A longer and healthier life- now that's a great plan you deserve!

A healthy activity plan for is a plan that will help us all. The only way to have a healthy life and one with less illness and injury is to have a better plan. Consider the wise advice above and get some more activity into your day- stop by and we can work with you in making a simple but very effective plan which will help you live a longer and healthier life!

Telomere's exist at the end of each strip of DNA in every living cell. The progressive shortening of telomere length with each cell division is behind cellular aging and death. A study published in the British medical journal, Lancet, in , showed that people with shorter telomeres are at a greater risk for developing heart disease and stroke. From the JAMA, July , in a study done in a single Italian town researchers looked at 1, people who were cancer free aged They next measured their telomeres and followed this group for 10 years.

Compared with those people who had the longest telomeres: These shorter telomere people were also more likely to die from cancer! So, there's more proof: Shorter telomeres increase death from heart attack, stroke, and various cancers. We now have two very good, very smart choices to positively act upon which will reduce suffering and improve quality of life.

From the Annals of Internal Medicine, October 5th Calorie restricted participants who got adequate sleep lost more fat versus muscle. Prior studies have shown hormonal and neurologic responses to caloric restriction in weight loss. In this study, 10 overweight middle-aged adults were assigned to 5.

Three months later they crossed over to the opposite group for another 14 day period. Fat loss, fat free body mass and several hormonal systems were monitored. At the end of the study: People who slept for 8. Those who slept for 5. Finally, sleep deprived participants 5. The sleep deprived people also reported greater levels of hunger and they released more stress hormone which could prematurely age every organ system in the body!

We've seen this with our Simeons patients- those who get more rest lose more body fat inches around the waist. Sleep tight, sleep right enough and sleep well every nite! Sounds as though the study authors listened to our conversations with our patients in the Simeons Program!

When people changed their previous poor relationship with foods that were not beneficial and started eating healthier: Most important, this study described 'debility', that is developing weakness, loss of mobility, and earning your way into a nursing home bed as directly related to being overweight, eating poorly, and being inactive.

The two older drugs are Phenteramine, a generic amphetamine long used for appetite suppression in weight loss programs. The second drug is classified as an anti-seizure drug called Toprimate trade named Topamax. This brings to mind a visit I had from another health care provider in Santa Fe who was advising me on their weight loss program and that it was 'the only FDA approved weight loss program in Santa Fe'!

To which I laughed and said how funny that was. I went on to explain a point she obviously did not know: That's extremely funny that anyone would brag about that claim as being a badge of honor! Most people have no clue what FDA standards are in place regarding weight loss! Our Simeons patients lose 20 to 40 pounds in a typical 40 day period.

When adding up the initial evaluation costs, follow-up visits and follow-up lab tests as well as medication, this 'new' program for 'Qnexa' is about 4 times more expensive and way more time consuming than a 40 day cycle for the Simeons Protocol.

Worse, the weight loss drug does not change a person's relationship to food and will likely cause a person to regain the weight. It also teaches people that 'the pill' causes the loss. Our patients lose weight and gain personal insight and stregnth of character. As they'd say down South, the Simeons Protocol is mo' better! Please read our section on: In this section we review: We also discuss a very hopeful treatment for type 2 diabetes.

Having treated several diabetics with 'The Main Event' therapy we've had many stop needing medication or needing much less medication after losing 50 or more pounds.

Do some reading of our diabetic section and make a date to bring your man in to see us. Maybe you'll want to shed a few pounds and make it a 'couples' activity. Guys tend to do better when they have support of their mate. On September 15th the Food and Drug Advisory Board met to determine the fate of the 'new' diet pill, sibutramine, brand name Meridia.

Only having been approved in , we've had many patients ask for us to prescribe this medication to control hunger. Meridia is now safely OFF the market due to specific harm it posed. Not once have we prescribed Merida. They plastered ads on TV and magazines telling prople how much they 'need' Meridia. They didn't mention the major problem they discovered in their research study.

Once their study passed the FDA approval, they could care less. They also never mention, that to get FDA approval, they had to document a 6 pound weight loss over a 1 year timeframe. We never prescribed Meridia because we read the studies, and we do care! Our patients typically lose 6 pounds in one week. Simeons treated over , people, safely, with this weight loss protocol.

The protocol is simple yet it is VERY exact, and when followed with the precision demanded, patients get safe, wonderful results. The Simeons Weight Loss Protocol has proven wonderful results typically a 20 to 40 pound weight loss in 40 days and it has proven safe for over 1, patients, month after month, since January at Adobe. Some people have gained 5 to 10 pounds over the holidays, being 'jolly'. What's really 'jolly' is losing pounds of excess weight and feeling Great!

Nothing feels as great as success! Losing pounds is huge! Feeling the weight off your body and looking years younger--Priceless! Take that first step: In a study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, August Most of our patients, following this low carb intake, have better blood sugar readings, better cholesterol levels, better blood pressure and less fatigue, then people on low fat diets and our patients are consistently maintaining loss by avoiding carbs.

High fructose corn syrup is the poster child for all that's wrong with carbs and large amounts of artificial carbs and sweeteners, which previously never existed in nature in such large quantity.

This high fructose 'mess'is 'Big Agra' corporate farms at their worst, making money at the expense of American's health and welfare. Living longer and while alive, living healthier- that's the real deal! In a study from September 30th , in the British Medical Journal regarding loss of kidney function, which happens when people become overweight, have high blood pressure, and diabetes a group of , people were looked at.

People who are overweight are much more likely to be or to become diabetic and to develop hypertension. For every 30 pounds a person is overweight they have 50 miles of blood vessels to support that fat. These miles of extra blood vessels require a higher blood pressure to push the blood the extra 50 or or miles to support the 30, 60, or 90 pounds of fat some people carry around. That brings us to our next point.

You have two choices when it comes to your health and wellness: Having your blood presure rise because you're carrying around too much weight: Or you could have a deliberate and smart plan to get yourself in better shape, avoid the heart attack, not have a stroke and never worry about being on dialysis every other day for life! Our average patient loses 20 to 40 pounds over a 40 day treatment period.

Please call and schedule an appointment today: You'll feel and look decades younger! You can do this! From the British medical journal, Lancet, a worldwide study of 3, patients, from 22 countries, from 6 continents; both developing and developed countries included, confirm many long standing wise and safe practices which both prevent stroke and heart attack. In other words, if the blood clot goes to the heart, or if it goes to the brain, tissue damage occurs.

It's the same process and involves the same risk factors. Neuroimaging was performed to determine the type of stroke: Modifiable risk factors were identified to prevent stroke: You can, and need to make some very smart choices and take better care of yourself this year.

You deserve to feel better and your family needs you to be around and to be in better shape. Time to come in for that 'check-up' you've wanted to get done! Gout is a genetic disorder whereby a person can not break down a specific protein found in many foods: Typically found in foods such as sardines, liver, and mushrooms, it is also present in many common foods including beer. In fact, drinking 2 or more beers doubles the risk of developing a painful gout attack. By not being able to break down this protein into urea for elimination into urine and making water from hydrogen atoms H and oxygen atoms O as in H2O: The uric acid will inflame blood vessel walls and greatly increases the chance of heart failure and heart attack.

In a study from the Archives of Internal Medicine, August 9th , an even greater risk of death for persons with Heart Failure was confirmed. It's clear as can be: Uric Acid Gout is a seperate and controllable risk factor for death from heart attack.

What's sad is some folks do not seek care for this easy to identify and easy to treat condition. Part of our work-up for treating people with the Simeons Protocol Weight Loss Program is to check uric acid and to immediately start treatment. Doctor ATW Simeons, seventy years ago, figured out this important risk decades before this study was done. He would treat the condition before and after his program, realizing 7 decades ago the risks the condition posed.

Join us for the Simeons Weight Loss Program: We know there's a higher risk for developing a heart attack and for developing a stroke from having gout. It would be in the best interest of the country, from a health standpoint, to recognize high fructose corn syrup is basically a poison which needs to be taken off the market.

Until we can get FDA regulators to help keep Americans healthier: Vote with your dollars and your hands- don't buy sodas or juices with this toxic sweetener. Together we can do better! Reported in San Diego, California, at the Obesity Symposium, in a Poster Session, the diabetic drug Victoza showed a consistent weight loss over a 52 week study, extended from the original 26 week study, published earlier in in the journal Lancet.

Victoza is a GLP-1 analog. GLP-1 is a naturally occurring human hormone which helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels. People with Type 2 diabetes have defects in their GLP-1 systems which results in inadequate insulin release, which in turn leads to higher blood sugar levels.

Since human GLP-1 is broken down very quickly, the body will not accept a an injected human GLP-1, and continue to receive benefits, for other than a short time. Early on, in research in diabetics on Victoza, they noticed a significant weight loss in their 26 week trial. The company has finally gotten FDA approval for weight loss! Insurers do not pay for weight loss alone. The 52 week extension study used double the 1.

Currently, on the market, also used as an 'add on' for blood sugar control, and also a very safe agent which does NOT abnormally lower blood sugar is the drug Symlin, a synthetic Amlyin medication.

Symlin showed weight loss of about 30 pounds per month, but required injection before each and every meal. Compared with Symlin, ViSaxenda is not as successful at weight loss, but has a similar high price tag.

Insurers have no patience for people who've 'gamed' the system to get them to pay for weight loss and EVERY time saw absurdly low levels of cooperation in losing weight. On the other hand, in every study where the people pay for the weight loss on their own- those same people are financially motivated to 'get their money's worth' and the level of success in weight loss is better.

The study scientists admit the Simeons Protocol beats out what they're doing for less cost and with higher rates of success. It's hard to get a better endorsement than that from two huge pharmaceutical companies! The questions were simple: Respondants were 6 to 8 times more likely to see themselves as overweight or obese, and were 2 to 2.

Whether we're talking about this month or 2 decades ago, people can walk in carrying twice their normal body mass and expect not to have this 'second person' strapped around their mid-section discussed as applying to their: We dare to care! Until a dialogue is opened, people who could have a wonderful and healthy life are condemned to a life of physical pain, fatigue, rejection, and hurt and will continue with psychological and physical problems until somebody who cares and can give them REAL hope intervenes.

We've had people leave the practice rather than deal successfully with getting off the excess weight. Then there's thousands of people we've helped! There's been the 15 year old girl who's 5 ft 4 inches and weights pounds twice her ideal body weight who gets no invitations to the dance.

She's never asked out for a date, or if she is she's treated badly. But life is about more than dances and dates.

Many people are unaware that companies pay higher fees in unemployment insurance when workers claim they were 'hurt' on the job. One of the leading causes for injuries: Some companies have had to close due to worker injury claims. She's also more likely to be the last hired, and the first fired. Worse, why would they not want to help their child? Some of your children are 'only' 60 or 70 pounds overweight. Please read about our very successful Simeons Weight Loss Program. While we mainly treat people in their 50's's with stubborn, resistant weight, we also treat people in their teens to their 40's.

Please read about our Simeons Weight Loss Program and become one of our many 'success' stories. Obesity is a separate risk factor for heart failure. For every 30 pounds a person is overweight, they have 50 miles of blood vessels to support that fat. People 60 pounds overweight have miles of blood vessels.

That's alot of pumping! This recipe is awesome and just what I was looking for! Boyfriend and I just made this soup today, it is soooo yummy. I will be posting my progress throughout the week! Do you mind if I share this on my website?

Just be sure to credit us back, and we prefer they come to our site for the full recipe. I would like to try the soup but there are some problems: You could blend tomatoes and sub them out for the V8.

Feel free to leave out the onions or beans. Use the soup as a filler before eating a low fat meal to help you take in less calories and get your vegetables in. I sometimes substitute Bok Choy-leaves and stalks- for celery and cabbage. Hubby and I both love it. Erica you are a Saint with an Outstanding amount of patience! You can just leave them out.. I have suffered from low thyroid problems for many years. All of my life I have been very thin which has always stumped the doctors. They have always told me I should weigh around three hundred pounds.

I always laughed it off and chalked it up to good fourtune that I didn! But now I am in my middle fifties and the weight is pileing on at break neck speed! Can this soup help even the people that have medical issues? I am very interested in the results and will try it.

Thank you for sharing something that is healthy and not trying to push those dangerous pills. About 30 years or more ago, my husbands doctor put him on a diet using almost this same recipe.

During the years I lost the recipe so was glad to see this, cause it was great. So full of vitamins that we all need! I never used any beans in it. No just eating soup as anyone knows will not make u lose weight, but you can get your protein by boiling chicken, grilling fish, and walking or some type of exercise. The grill fish or boiled chicken you can use as your other meals with steam veggies. And it does work, and is great for people that have heart problems.

You can change the taste around by using different spices. My husband lost over lbs. Being as apples have there own content of sugar, I would bake them with the sugar substitute.

By the way we changed our way of cooking food and the types of food we ate. This soup is addicting. Thank you again for the recipe. As far as sodium content you can make substitutes. Thank you for this comment Pamela!

I am so glad to hear you like the soup. Can you specify the ounces of broth. I may have missed you answering this question previously. Thank you for a wonderful recipe. Will be making shortly and without having had it I can from my experience tell it will be very adaptable and delicious. Approximately a year and a half ago I bought a book by Dr. Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. Though I did not have heart disease I was concerned about being overweight and my health I as I aged. Your soup is a perfect fit with what he recommends.

My father is a retired cardiologist by the way. The premise is that fat is the biggest issue in the western diet. If it had a face or a mother I did not eat it. I truly ate like a horse. Pancakes with no butter for breakfast, really good cereals with lots of fruit, and I love Silk Soy Milk. For many recipes I learned to puree apple sauce with the appropriate seasoning and substitute that for the fat in saute cooking and oddly enough in beans.

My wife laments the very well stocked spice cabinet, but does not complain when I use it. My 20 year old son eats much of what I do. Yes, and no… Let me explain. I lost on average 5 lbs.

I ate well, and oddly enough to allay worries about carbs, I had beer, wine, and the occasional bourbon during the whole process; lots of bread, rice, pasta, just not the added fat. It is a lifestyle change. One cheeseburger and it was pretty much over. The real benefit is that now I tend to overall make better choices.

In one to two days following the plan, heartburn and indigestion disappeared, constipation was non-existent, weight begins to melt off, and the craving for fatty, salty, sugary by that I mean refined simple carbs, not complex, goes away.

Thank for the Magic Weight Loss Soup recipe! Thank YOU for this comment Milton! Lots of good information there. Magic or not, this soup is good. Im not even dieting, but i love a good veggie soup, paired with a grilled cheese its yummy. Forget about the diet aspect of it, veggie soup is good anytime and this one is a keeper.

I would take it to a pot luck. I am off to the store tomorrow. Need to lose 50lbs. Looking forward to the e-book. Simmering on the stove now, smells wonderful. I will be using this soup as a quick start tool for a week and then as a filler with a sensible diet. Thanks for posting, found on facebook. Good luck to all of us!!! I make a soup, chili or stew like this every week and they are great. Mostly from the South Beach Diet. I will try the 7 day step and see if I lose weight a little faster.

When I add meat, I add lean turkey or chicken. Even my kids love it. I am a veggie lover and think that these soups are nutritious and delicious! Hi, is it a requirement that you sauté the garlic, onions, carrots, and mushrooms? I prefer to just throw everything in the crockpot to cook, but just wondering if there was a reason to sauté first?

Do you really cook on HIGH hours? That is a LONG time to cook vegetables but especially on high! The directions say to cook in a crock pot. It was also mentioned — that you could also cook this on your stove top hours on medium heat. Choose which method you want. I was allowed to be a picky eater as a child, so now as an adult I have a hard time with a lot of veggies due to taste or texture or even getting up the nerve to try them.

Making tomorrow for my husband and I to take to work all week. Hopefully my picky taste buds will play nice. Can you tell me which NI are correct? The one we put on the site originally had the NI calculated from a website we put in all the information and it gave us the info … the one in the book was hand-calculated by a nutritionist. For years now, I have been using caloriecount.

I copied and pasted this recipe I deleted all low-salt references, but otherwise it was exactly as written — and this is what I came up with using 20 servings: It also says the serving size will be g which equals Can you tell me what NI analyzer program you use?? Thank you for the soup recipe.

Not only did my husband lose weight, but his cholesterol came down so much, the doctor was amazed!!!! Mine has lots of beans and lots of other stuff. The magic about mine is that you are full before you can over eat.

Made it with slight variations as follows: To cut cooking time I parboiled the carrots, squash, and zucchini for 5 minutes and added to the saute mixture of garlic, onion, cabbage and mushrooms I already had going. In addition when I mince garlic, I add tsp. Was done in 30 minutes once all ingredients combined. This soup is awesome!! We have been doing great. During the day, we have a protein shake for breakfast Cellucor whey protein , the soup for lunch, and a small cup of soup as a snack my boyfriend also eats a can of tuna during lunch.

Dinner time is also soup. I always drink a lot of water anyways but I definitely made sure to stay on top of it throughout the day.

We never lost our energy. This has been a great boost to our dieting and a great plateau buster. Never got tired of the soup! That is a great idea!!! Thank you so much for coming on here and sharing your story. Great work and props to both you and your boyfriend!!! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. I love all the veggies. I am wondering about adding some browned turkey burger to this to add a little more protein. Would you have any opinion or suggestions on this?

I think cabbage in soups adds a great flavor. I make an unstuffed cabbage roll that is really similar to this, but not quite the variety of veggies, and yes, meat. I am going to make your soup and do my best to drop those added pounds that have creeped back after losing a significant amount of weight a few years back.

Thanks again for sharing your expertise… Also, how much do you eat and how many times a day? My problem is the rest of my family is allergic to tomatoes, so unless I can think of a replacement or my girlfriends all come to visit this will not be made any time soon SAD. We have great substitutions that you can use in our FAQ section of this recipe… see above…. Wow lady you are awesome…just so freaking patient and kind in your response to people.

Keep doing what you are doing you are helping hundreds of folks and we appreciate it. Love your site and love the recipes. Using common sense and doing a little research and trial and error is key for this soup recipe to work with everyone as a healthy diet to lose weight. Exercise is very important for everyone regardless of whether weight loss or just getting fit. Thought everyone knew this already by now. I made this a few weeks ago! I even found a low sodium V-8 juice that was Hot and Spicy!

Added a great kick to it! I made this today to accommodate my tastes and allergies. I did not use V-8 as I am extremely allergic to carrots. I increased the amounts of chicken broth and used boxed organic petite cut tomatoes. Also I only used fresh vegetables: I used whatever fresh, organic veggies they had at my grocery.

I think the fresh rather than canned produce was the key! Thanks for a great soup! Hello, you said to eat a cup for lunch and later a snack. Would some kind of fruit be good or could you suggest something that would work with the soup. Would you eat any popcorn the week your on it. I found the answer to my question in the comments since someone else asked it, but I wanted to suggest: We will try to be more specific— we have the can sizes in the write-up above the recipe but we will get them down into the actual recipe asap.

Thanks for the suggestion! Interesting information about soup recipe! I have never seen before like this. It is really like a magic for weight loss. Hi there-stopping in to let you know I made this last night. I said nope…we love it as is. I thank you for sharing this-I needed a pick me up and something to get my veggie intake back up. I am so happy you and your entire family liked it! It is always a WIN when the family can agree on something! Great substitution ideas, too. I used spinach instead of cabbage and grande Marsala instead of the Italian seasonings.

This sounds super delicious. And to do it again on and off when I am just trying to maintain the weight off. Thanks for your recipe. The soup sounds great, I think it would be better with a healthy splash of red wine and whole bunch of high fat content beef chunks, a cup and a half of bacon grease, and two hundred potatoes.

A great side dish would include french fries, onion rings, cheese sticks and deep fried butter. I realize the weight would probably not come flying off at the rate you would expect by using the original recipe, but, my way tastes a whole lot better!

Would love to try this to get me started in the weight loss. Do you think this would be a problem in helping me get started? You would need to ask your doctor or nutritionist that question. Chris, I am type 2 diabetic also and I gave my Doctor a copy of this recipe and he said he let the Nutritionist look it over and it is fine. In fact he said that they use the same recipe for heart patients who need to drop some weight to have heart surgery. I am using this diet plan and Magic Soup recipe to help me lose the weight I need to lose.

This is the best solution I have come across and I am taking advantage of it. Thanks Echo for keeping this site updated and answering all those repeat questions. Have a nice day as I will when my soup gets ready! Thank you for sharing the approval of your doctor and nutritionist! It is helpful to know. I wish you all the best as you start your journey to control diabetes.

I know you can do it! Do you know how many calories it is and what is the serving size? I will measure it next time. Yes, you can add meat to this soup. It will, of course, change the calorie content, so adjust your diet plan accordingly. But I noticed the second time I bought the ingrediants that the italian diced tomatoes has sugar listed in the ingrediants. Is there any way to do it without sugar and was this taken into consideration for the nutritional content?

I use wegmans organic italian diced tomatoes. Thank you so much! The sugar content of the diced tomatoes was taken into consideration when calculating the nutritional content.

Fresh tomatoes are delicious in soups, it just adds a little more preparation time. Please email and let me know, thank you. I made this soup, however, I did not use the mushrooms, but diced up a sweet potato. I ate a bowl for lunch only. I usually eat a low cal dinner such as fish, that is why I only ate the soup for lunch. I will say this. It was very tasty and satisfying.

I felt full most of the afternoon. After five days of eating this I felt good, and know I at least lost a pound or two. The next week I did not eat it. Thank you for sharing your experience. I really appreciate your feedback! I have this cooking right now and it smells amazing. I tried in my crock pot and I guess it was not big enough. Had to transfer over to a stock pot on the stove top.

I thank you for this I have been looking for something with more vegetables. Need to add more to my diet. Not vegetarian, just want to add more veggies. I will have some before I go to work and take some for later. I think this is the only change I made.

Did use low sodium V8 and low sodium canned tomatoes as well as organic low sodium chicken broth. Will let you know how it comes out. I just had my first bowl of this soup. Absolutely my totally favorite from now on.

I cannot see myself always having some of this on hand. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I feel empowered on this journey of getting more healthy.

So flavorful and the veggies still had a little crunch to them. I need a little jump start on Losing some weight. But I could find where it said the serving size per meal?

This soup is delicious! I added spinach and celery along with the ingredients in the recipe. I even put it on pasta as the sauce for my kids dinner and they loved it! It sounds really good and am going to try soon,and my two questions were answered,by scrolling through! You could probably use a nutrition calculator to find it! Yes you still need to be conscious of what goes in your mouth, along with drinking plenty of water and exercise.

This soup is quite delicious and I can honestly say I have lost 5 lbs in 3 days eating this soup with the assistance of a regular exercise regimen and I do not mean busting my tail for hours on end in a gym , drinking lots of water and eating breakfast.

This soup is to help you lose weight, you still have to do the work, like like any other healthy diet. But for the negative reviewers just be quiet, people want words of encouragement and motivation. You are absolutely right.. You still want to eat enough calories to keep you healthy. This is just something to help you feel satisfied thoughout the day without consuming many calories. Thanks so much for your comment! We are thrilled that you lost 5 Lbs.

I have a 1. And what to put it to good use. If I would half the ingredients, would that fit in to my rice cooker? Also, what cooking time should I substitute for the hours cooking time? How is that even healthy??? I hope you like it! No need for special "Beginner" books, our books work for beginners, or people experienced in the DASH diet. Of course, there is no need to pay! Our online support is free. Being more physically active is an important part of becoming more fit and healthier.

Check out some of the new fitness monitors , to support you in reaching your goals. See some sample menus and check the Table of Contents. Preview some photos of DASH weight loss recipes. See how delicious it will be on this new plan.

Click to order Kindle version at Amazon. In the market for an e-reader?

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