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The folks that work for her can not stand her. This is the only con. Interview Phone screening and then an in person interview about a week later. Advice to Management Fix the culture by firing your supervisors through VP's and start over. Don't give them generic answers that are unproductive. In addition, there are commissions paid for successful up-sells and sales calls. Last, we have a balanced scorecard that measures all aspects of the counseling role — customer experience, efficiency, revenue and culture.

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Furthermore, being able to help cultivate one's sales ability to adapt to a unique and fulfilling industry keeps me motivated every day. Constant feedback and creativity are welcomed and appreciated, which can be injected into the evolution of Team and Dept.

Your story is an inspiration, thanks for sharing! We are grateful to have excellent Leaders, like yourself. Best wishes in Diet Season! Has been the best decision in my career to join the Nutrisystem Team.

The Contact Center is well run, organized and filled with positive energy. Lots of activities for the reps throughout the year. Very happy to be a part of the NS family! Thanks for the insight on Nutrisystem!

Strong, experienced management team available to mentor at every level of the Contact Center. Tremendous inside sales opportunity for motivated professionals. Company continues to GROW! Thanks for the feedback! We appreciate your commitment to your team and your department. Unexperienced upper management and no communication. If you're not part of the butt kissers, you won't be there long. There is too much change everyday. It's hard to be on the same page when there is no communication.

Hire a real experienced upper management team. Tenure doesn't mean your qualified. Learn to think decisions from A-Z and not A-l so that the end results are positive. Your response will be removed from the review — this cannot be undone.

This will replace the current featured review for targeted profile. We offer 8 weeks of job protected leave in addition to 12 weeks of FMLA to help our employees heal. Sometimes they are not able to return and unfortunately we can only provide up to 20 weeks of leave.

On compensation, our retention team was newly created in and accordingly, a compensation plan was put in place based on initial assumptions and expectations. The compensation plan was reviewed annually and adjusted to maintain a competitive compensation program that attracts and retains our staff.

In , we engaged an outside compensation expert to assist us in reshaping the plans with employee feedback from those being compensated in the current structure. As a result, we simplified the plan to provide a base structure for more predictable earnings for staff as well as variable commissions for additional earning potential.

This feedback was requested by staff and embraced. Certainly a sales environment is highly metric oriented and performance driven. Our management team focuses on driving results while treating people with respect and dignity.

It is a delicate balance but one we take seriously. I do wish you the best and sincerely hope that you find a situation that will be better for you.

Modern, bright, and clean facilities. Nice group of people to work with. Commission potential is excellent if one can truly sell.

I have been in the sales department for quite a few years, so while my scope of knowledge is limited to that department, I've been privy to and seen enough to make the following factual statements: Sadly, for this financially floundering organization, the cons outweigh the few positives I mentioned above.

Management operates under a negative reinforcement mindset and employees are valued about as much as an old newspaper; this fact is evidenced by the enormous turnover rate and supported by the constant hiring.

All one has to do is open the Help Wanted section and see the just-about-permanent ads for sales reps. That and glance at the revolving door of employees that come and go. Supervisors are a joke and are unhelpful to employees; rather, they are condescending and outright belittling to some employees.

Management is ineffective and clueless. As I said, I have been there for many years and have said nothing; I have kept my mouth shut for fear of finding my belongings boxed for me and being escorted out, pink slip in hand. But after this season, I am speaking up. I earn a very very very good salary, but it is just not worth it anymore.

For those of you considering a sales position here, don't. The company is heading south fast, in more ways than one. Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback. It is definitely not for everyone, but for those it fits they really can thrive.

We do have seasonal hiring campaigns during our busiest times. We do retain those folks who are good performers and if business need dictates. We do not indiscriminately terminate employees, but make decisions on facts and, if performance based, individuals have had the opportunity to improve. Thank you again for taking the time to provide this feedback.

The people not in management. Nice people until they get into management. Had a recent person promoted to management.

She is fake as a 3 dollar bill. The folks that work for her can not stand her. Hours worked late hours, flexibility is not there. Management needs to be looked at closely. Sales management rule with an iron fist.

I was added to a special line where we were not making any money. I was told we would get a gift card when the project was over. I asked in a meeting if the sales manager was going to be there. I was canned within days they don't want you to think for yourself. Thank you for your feedback. This experience does not reflect the majority of our staff in our Contact Center. Additionally, as an organization, we thoroughly review any decision made to end a person's employment to ensure decisions are based on the facts.

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Close Your trust is our top concern, so companies can't alter or remove reviews. Pros Colleagues were fun to work with; most had really great personalities. Cons Very, very slow during the summer months. Advice to Management Reps get burnt out quickly in their position. Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate. Pros initial good earnings and nice offices. Cons metric system used to evaluate performance is not fair or honest.

Advice to Management you want to do right by the consumers who use your products Join the Nutrisystem team. See Our Latest Jobs. Pros The job is simple yet overwhelming. Cons As a weight loss counselor you're doing everyone's job and not getting paid enough.

Advice to Management Improve the company then maybe the turnover rate would not be so high. Pros During my first 5 years as a Sales Rep, I had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented and appreciative co-workers and managers in the business. Cons All of this ended abruptly with a change of management or I should say "mismanagement" and corporate greed, to the point where many talented individuals were terminated by way of micro-management and the need to find reps who were willing to work for far less compensation than those whose jobs they were replacing.

Advice to Management Treat employees with respect and the way you would like to be treated by others; Stop micro-managing and allow your employees to feel good about themselves, reward them for doing a job well-done, instead of the intense scrutiny that is imposed on them on an ongoing basis.

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