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I thought, if just drinking this makes me drop six pounds, what would happen if I also ate better? Thank you for sharing!! See how you react to it, but my opinion would be to avoid. I have health issues from a brain injury that keeps me in bed some days which I then eat almonds to get by. So, I decided to contact her and see what it was all about. The sweetness passes over the tongue to alert the pancreas that sugar is coming in.

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All Vemma has going for it is Mangosteen and Aloe Vera, 2 super foods. Shakeology has over Which leads me to my final point: Thick-It was prescribed for me to thicken all liquids to the consistency of honey and it has malodextrin in it. Do you know of anything that I could use instead or of any thickened juice or whatever is available.

Thank you for your reply. Hey Mary, I found this youtube video that may help: I would in any case, talk to your doctor before making any changes though. I would try getting some organic chia seed and grinding that into a powder with your blender. Chia will thicken wonderfully and it also helps to keep your body hydrated. And as an added bonus is very good for you! Hey Marilyn, thanks for the question. I am a little skeptical of JuicePlus, though not as much as some health supplements.

Given that it is in pill form is what makes me most skeptical: If it was a bunch of super foods that have high and concentrated amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. Contrasted with my favorite supplement, Shakeology, JuicePlus is just a really expensive and not very potent multivitamin, whereas Shakeology has far more whole-food sources; is a meal replacement with protein, carbs, and healthy fat; and has much more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients, plus prebiotics and probiotics.

Thank you so much for this helpful information. I have been a type 2 diabetic for over 20 years now and have been cutting down and in some cases eliminating any type of artificial sweetener from my diet.

I have also found that if I eat anything with maltodextrin in it I get lose stool and very bad smelling gas and stomach cramps within 1 to two hours after ingesting it. The information you added about elevated blood sugars is helpful and important.

Hope you liked it! Thanks for pointing that out Vicky. There are a few non-gmo Maltodextrin brands out there, so that would be my recommendation. I have a question for you. I have celiac diease and when I took my probotic pill or plant enzymes i got very bloated and my stomach got sick feeling.

I look up the ingredients and it had maltodextrin. My friends doctor informed her not to take maltodextrin due to it being gluten. Please give me your input. It depends on the grain that was used to make the Maltodextrin mdx. I have severe Chronic Lyme Disease and sugar is an intense inflammatory problem for me. I am working at following a diet which helps to lower and repair the havoc caused by this hideous disease.

I eat super fruits and lots of good vegetables but there are times I want to eat something that requires a sweetener. Outside of agave nectar, is there a sweetener to put on fruit,cereal or to bake with? I had heard Stevia in the Raw was much healthier than refined sugar so recently purchased a bag of it. First listed ingredient was maltodextrin.

Do you have healthier suggestions as a substitute to use when I feel I absolutely need a sweetener? If you take it sparingly, it may not be that bad. Agave nectar for me would be the go to. You should be able to find some stevia without Maltodextrin in it though. You said md can be made from corn, rice or wheat and soy?

How will this percentage affect me? See how you react to it, but my opinion would be to avoid. Remember, md is only really good to have after a workout in a drink, not in a snack or food. Lower GI foods such as agave, and table sugar often founds in muffins,sweets,cookies,and soda also have fructose which gets stored as fat initially. Hey Kris, it seems a lot of your points are unfounded.

First, carrots have a GI of 35, which is really low, not high. You also make it out to be that carbs of any kind, even whole food derived complex carbs, are bad. The body was designed to utilize carbs for energy.

Whole grains have a lot more going for them than fiber, they have protein, vitimins, minerals, and antioxidants. Whole grains can still get stored as fat for someone not exercising, but not nearly as fast or as bad as fact acting sugars can.

Furthermore, you are slightly mistaken that fructose get stored as fat initially. When fructose is digested, the liver has three options of what to do with it: Strawberries , you will probably not store fructose as fat in most circumstances. I had a lot of ensure and some sport drinks powerade with my last child. I was eating LOTS of food ensure and bananas being the main 2. Could this ingredient have anything 2do with it? Surprised that no one having systemic yeast infection has responded.

Even more expensive than pure Stevia but also available in health food stores. Which caused me to check the list of ingredients.

Not legally wrong but do these companies have any morals? Or is it just greed? Thanks for the forum. Also to note, Stevia even by itself in large quantities can be harmful.

I also learned that people wanting to use stevia are being screwed by the companies selling it! It would take extra work, but the stevia plant can be bought and grown like a houseplant and used without the need for additives.

I have no idea how strong that would be or how many plants you need. I grow stevia for personal use. I plant nursery sets very poor results when I started from seed, which are quite expensive a couple of weeks after the last frost in mediocre soil and water every other day I live in a very dry climate. Dry the leaves on a screen, or in your dehydrator at degrees for a few hours. When completely dry crumbly when rubbed between fingers cool to room temp and store in a jar with tight-fitting lid.

Real, unadulterated stevia, when dried, looks like dried leaves, not like the lily-white powder of the processed stuff. Maltodextrin is a real hazard to diabetics. My wife is a type 1, insulin dependent and she cannot use any product with maltodextrin in it. I was impressed by the viewpoint from all angles, and by the general attitude in the comments. Cascadian Farms Granola Any thoughts on it?

Other than it being excessively sweet, I quite like it. Glad you like the article Eric! I personally love making my own granola from scratch with oats, macadamia oil, raw honey or raw maple syrup, and other stuff like different nuts, maybe some dried fruits, and even some flavorless whey protein.

Im trying to tell my mother in law to stop using herbal life products for te ingredients in there ae horrible here re some in her herbal tea concentrate supportsenergy and metabolism… maltodextrin, fructose, orange pekoe extract and other extracts now the other supplements a liftoff tablets by herbal life ready for this… citic acid, sodium BENZOATES, sodium bicarbonate yellow number 6 corn syrup solids and other interesing ingredients sigh how can i scare her more when i have already told her about the effects of these ingredients???

Perhaps a documentary on such ingredients would help. Also, familiarity breeds contempt, i. Perhaps hearing it from someone else will give her a fresh perspective. Thanks for the article Jed. I really like it, but found when I took quite a lot of it, I. I normally have no adverse reactions to food. The ingredients list a heavy inclusion of Maltodextrin. Any thoughts greatly appreciated, thanks.

Not sure I follow Brian. Maltodextrin is a complex carb because it is a long-chain saccharide polysaccharide. As I mention in the article though, Maltodextrin still has a high glycemic index despite the technicality of it being a complex carb.

I arrived at your article about maltodextrin while researching some of the ingredients in the popular probiotic supplement: Keybiotics, by Whole Body Research. I am disappointed to find unfavorable comments about maltodextrin as well as about fructooligosaccharides FOS. Maltodextrin with a glycemic index of ? One index uses White Bread as the main reference point i.

Glucose on the White Bread Index is , as it is much more easily absorbed than white bread. The number I used in this article is from the White Bread referenced index. Maltodextrin enters the blood stream faster than White Bread, and thus has a number greater than I came across this post while researching additives in a supplement I have started taking, which contains maltodextrin. I am a little confused … is it added to some of their items and not others?

Were one of those the supplement you are referring to? As you can see from my article, Maltodextrin can be used post-workout to help speedily deliver protein if also included to broken down muscles. This is, in my opinion, the only beneficial nutritional use for maltodextrin.

If you want to know more about shakeology, check out my Shakeology page. I am seriously thinking of drinking it. Soylent is awful, too much processed crap, and Maltodextrin should not be a primary source of carbs. Shakeology is immeasurably better, and even then you have to eat whole foods to make up most of your diet. You want results, you have to work for it, just like anything in life.

Wow, I came across your article when I googled Maltodextrin because I noticed it is in my iced tea powder — which is just plain Lipton tea, supposedly no sugar or flavors. I have been on a sugar-free diet and cut out everything including sugar-free gum and thought I was doing well. How disappointing to find that I have been guzzling this sugar-like substance! I do usually drink just water or brew green or black tea, but when I am super busy I was using instant.

Just goes to show how insanely processed everything is these days! Thanks for your info. Any thoughts on this new product Soylent? One of the main ingredients is maltodextrin. Apparently, you can use it to completely substitute food.

The creator was recently on the Colbert Report, so the product is getting a lot of publicity. It is one thing to use a shake for a meal or snack replacement, I do so with Shakeology all the time, but to have Soylent as the MAIN source of food?

No, there is no way that is gonna be good for you. The fact that maltodextrin is one of the primary ingredients should be reason enough to steer clear of the stuff. I have two questions for you.

I do have concerns about Shakeology, though, as Consumerlab has raised concerns about the lead content Is Bestbody working to change this other vegetable sources…? The fact of the matter is that the Shakeology sample that was used in the Lead study was an old Greenberry formula, which was already being replaced when the study came out. You can read more at this link here. When possessive, use its instead. Thanks for all your research! Shakeology still remains undefeated in my book. The best article in this post, i love it thanks for this ideas and i really happy to follow you.

Thanks for this post too much! Check with your doctor on the extra iron to be sure. MSG is just free glutamin acid, having no macronutrients or caloric content. Do you get paid by Shakeology or receive any benefit? If someone purchases Shakeology I do get a benefit, as well as other Beachbody Products.

Beachbody sells Whey Protein, but I would never recommend it because you can get better for cheaper elsewhere. Mdx is the product of an industrial process right? Why are food manufacturers allowed to lie and pretend their products are natural when they are not? Food companies are allowed to do this because the FDA is a joke. You always have to do your own research to see if what a company is purporting to be true really is.

I was reading a earlier artical about maltodextrin which stated that the ingredient was not a complex carbohydrate but your artcle states that it is. Which is truth here? It is technically a complex carbohydrate. Maltodextrin is by no means a healthy sugar substitute. Unbeknownst to me, under ingredients, Maltodextrin is listed at the first ingredient, with Stevia second.

This ticks me off. Reading labels is a must. Ingredients are probably the only true thing on the label. Thanks for posting this blog. Also, beware its other names. Maltodextrin is bad if it has nothing to do in body like repairing muscle tissues or giving energy. So if you are not working out, doing any sports, do not need high energy level, avoid using maltodextrin containing products. That is the message I picked up from this article. Vegetables carrot, celery, onion ; salt; hydrolized corn protein; Maltodextrin; Cane sugar; canola oil; Yeast Extract; corn syrup solids; dried potato; natural flavor; turmeric.

Well, at least your not using loads. I have knee problems and i been taking turmeric but it contains maltodextrin. Is that ok or what other herb supplement would you recommend? It has help me a lot. Just get a different brand of turmeric. Not every brand includes maltodextrin. I would imagine that the amount would be very small in such a supplement, but if you are trying to be as natural as possible, just search for a brand with better integrity.

Herbalife has crap ingredients in them for trying to be meal replacement shakes. Shakeology is way better. One reason to keep an eye out for maltodextrin in ingredients is that for some people, it can cause extreme discomfort and IBS symptoms within minutes of ingesting maltodextrin.

For example, with myself, within minutes into eating a dish with maltodextrin in it, I get severe gastro pains and IBS issues think explosive , and find myself in or needing to stay near a bathroom for the next 48 hours.

From my looking around, it seems quite a few people have this issue. So if anyone is finding they have the runs immediately after or during eating certain things, and no dairy is involved, this is a possibility.

This is a lot to absorb. I also have hypoglycemia which further complicates this. Could this be a short term solution to helping me put on some pounds until I can get this dialed in better? Is there any difference in buying malto from a brew shop vs. Not entirely sure what you are asking, but I know from others with IBS, supplements in general are hard to handle unless accompanied by a well-balanced diet. I have a bag in front of me and number one under non- medicinal ingredients is Maltodextrin So what gives Thanks.

Hi Joe, you are actually correct. Likely the small amount of maltodextrin is for better dilution with liquid. I notice that even Stevia, Stevia in The Raw, etc. Is there any way to get Stevia naturally without these additives, and is Stevia ok? Thank you so much for this information. I am on the Ketogenic diet and bought a big bag of Stevia for use in tea, etc. I saw Maltodextrin on the label, and Stevia Leaf Extract and decided to look it up. I had a fleeting thought when I bought it wondering how they get the stevia leaf, which is green, into a white product.

It is so misleading for companies to put a sugar-free natural product onto a worse-than-sugar product, and then label it as no carbs and sugar free. I am so tired but not giving up! You can buy green stevia dried, with crushed leaves but it is a matter of whether you have a taste for it. Thanks for the clarification on maltodextrin.

I have a really hard time getting enough calories because paleo is so expensive and I have lost a descent amount of weight. I am really working hard on finding the right protein to gain weight and finally found one that has a lot of good calories.

Would it be acceptable for me to use this protein? Is it closer to a sugar or a grain? Maltodextrin is almost grain deprived, either by rice, or most comply corn, though sometimes from tapioca.

But it also act similar to sugar. So can glyphosate cross over the process? The main question I have is how does Maltodectrin affect diabetics. Since maltodextrin is absorbed more quickly as well, sugar spikes seem very possible.

This 1 keeps bad bacteria from being excreted and 2 prevents nutrient absorption. Hi, thank you for the great article. I have some questions I would be grateful if you answered. First, you mentioned how maltodextrin is only good to use as a workout recovery supplement. How intense does the training or duration need to be for this product to be suitable? What type of training or group of athletes will it most benefit? If your goal is weight loss or trimming down, is it best to avoid maltodextrin at all costs even if you train intensely?

I really love this product versus real stevia products because it is not as concentrated and bitter as the ones with only pure stevia as the ingredient. The maltodextrin in stevia in the raw definitely helps dilute the sweetness to the perfect level for me…. I use a lot of this stevia in my recipes and would not want to raise blood sugar.

Lastly, I heard that malto causes water retention, is this true? Jed, Thank you for the information. Would it take more than that to cause an issue? I would imagine such a small dosage not to be an issue, though it depends on your diet and individual biology. Just want to make sure Cacafe coconut tea that had maltodextrin is safe to drink?

Maltodextrin is considered safe by the FDA. Should the amount of malto be a concern if I, lets say, eat two chicken thighs. Last thing I want is a sugar spike. The overall production process of maltodextrins starts with the wet milling operation which consists of food grade enzymes.

The delicate production process has been witnessed in Shafi Gluco Chem with not only exclusive quality but also the moderate carbohydrates preserved in a product. Is Maltodextrin Bad for You? Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Also, one commenter also pointed out that most of the corn used to make Maltodextrin is GMO sourced i.

So once again, be warned, Maltodextrin has very limited useful purposes. Jed Olson 24 Posts Jed is a fitness and travel enthusiast. Any suggestions… Post a Reply. Krista April 24, Ron Martynow December 20, Shakeology does not have malto Post a Reply. Jed January 25, Lulu March 9, Jed Olson June 2, Jed Olson February 15, Harlem February 26, Have a great week. What were the results of the Clinical Study of Shakeology? On average, Shakeology drinkers lost nearly 10lbs after 90 days and the highest weight loss being at 24 pounds.

Best of all, people continued to lose weight throughout the course of the study which gives a nice and steady healthy weight loss. Finally, Medicus took a look into the blood sugar of the participants… Instead of testing a single days blood sugar, which can differ based on what you ate today or what you ate yesterday, the hemoglobin HbA1c looks at their average sugar over 3 months.

Imagine the kind of results you could achieve if you started eating healthier and exercising while also drinking Shakeology. We already saw from the Clinical Trials of Shakeology that Shakeology does help with weight loss. Feel free to flip through the Shakeology reviews below:.

Every Shakeology review above is simply amazing. My sleep apnea went away. From the moment I started drinking Shakeology I could feel the immediate boost of energy. That changed when my Coach told me about Shakeology. Want even faster weight loss results and a sexier toned body?

Check out the amazing body transformation you could obtain from combining Shakeology and a workout program. Every Shakeology weight loss review above had an amazing story to share. Our first unbiased Shakeology review comes from a 3rd party resource who took the time to taste, research, and compare over 50 different popular meal replacement shakes.

Here is their Shakeology review, unbiased:. Here are two important notes to consider about Meal Replacement Shake Reviews. This is an interesting Shakeology review because it describes the Shakeology ingredients and what the shake offers.

Darin Olien works closely with every Shakeology ingredient provider to guarantee quality for you. Here are a few important notes on the Shakeology ingredients from the Bloomberg Business week article: Overall, the Bloomberg Businessweek unbiased Shakeology review was about explaining the Shakeology ingredients and how Darin Olien decides which ingredients to use from around the world. Why are whole food ingredients better for your health? Ingredients that have very powerful antioxidant and adaptogen abilities like acai berry, Camu-Camu, maca root, and Sacha Inchi.

Darin Olien is on a mission to find the most potent superfoods that the western civilization has never been exposed to or know very little about…. Enough that they can get off their prescription medications. Besides working with Shamans who have used superfoods for generations, Darin is working with Dr. William Li at the Angiogenesis Foundation. Why do superfoods, from around the world, matter to you?

Why did Alissa offer a Unbiased Shakeology review? Is there a difference in benefits between the Vegan and Non-Vegan Shakeology flavors? Outside of how the Shakeology flavors get their taste, the only difference between Vegan and non-Vegan Shakeology is the protein source. Vegan Shakeology uses a rice protein source and the non-Vegan Shakeology flavors use a high quality whey protein source.

Plain and simple, Shakeology is a pure health shake. Susan Casey wrote 13 pages on Darin Olien and the Shakeology ingredients! No one understands Shakeology better than Olien, who created it in , after Carl Daikeler, CEO of the fitness company Beachbody, challenged him to come up with a supplement to match the tagline The Healthiest Meal of the Day.

His customer was someone who wanted optimum wellness, wanted to lose weight, wanted cholesterol levels to drop-but had no intention of eating a platter of broccoli each day. And Olien found them: An alphabet of vitamins and minerals from the purest sources.

Green tea and grapeseed extracts, chlorella and spirulina and hydrilla, a spectrum of enzymes. An amazing thing about Darin is the connection he makes with the farmers… Susan reported the following: He believes in cultivating relationships first, supporting indigenous practices, seeking the highest-quality products and paying generously for them.

The farmers he works with have become his close friends. Beachbody even takes the time to educate farmers on sustainable agricultural in order to get abetter quality ingredients and to not damage the ecosystem. Since O, the Oprah Magazine reported on Shakeology in Darin Olien has gone on to include several more Shakeology ingredients from around the world!

Why does having high quality Shakeology ingredients matter? All the Shakeology reviews above have been pretty amazing. Yet, you still may be wondering what people really think about Shakeology. After all, many people run away from even looking at Shakeology once they hear the Shakeology price. And Qi Heart was the exact same way. That is an amazing Shakeology review and I would like to point out a few things that Qi mentioned….

Shakeology is a Expensive Shake! Often, people will look at the Shakeology price and then not even look at what Shakeology has to offer. Almost three years later, after Qi heard about Shakeology, she bought Focus T25 and started working out with her mom. Qi was simply amazed when she saw all the ingredients that Shakeology has to offer. She read the Shakeology ingredients and saw that it had Chinese medicine herbs, western medicine herbs, and much more…. In short, Qi Heart states: After seeing the list of Shakeology ingredients, she knew that all the herbs and superfoods are pretty expensive and the price started making sense to her.

Need more energy to workout or need more energy in general? After only 3 days, Qi noticed a huge difference in her energy levels. Additionally, she says that she takes Shakeology in the morning in order to give her sustained energy throughout the day. Shakeology is not like a energy drink that will have you crashing a few hours after you take it!

Do you need more energy? And Beachbody does offer several different flavors that you can enjoy:. Qi Highly Recommends Ordering Shakeology. How do you know when something is worth buying? Can you Really buy Shakeology at Amazon.

Many Shakeology reviews will say to look at Amazon. Beachbody does not officially sell Shakeology on Amazon nor on Ebay. And Beachbody Coaches are also not allowed to sell Shakeology on either site.

Click Here to see for yourself! This was reported in NaturalNews. In short, Buyer Beware! If you want the real Shakeology shake that comes with a Money Back Guarantee, then you need to order directly from Beachbody. Chocolate Shakeology mixes up thick and creamy. Out of all the Shakeology flavors, chocolate is the most ordered and preferred flavor.

It mixes up nicely with only water and ice but you are welcome to try several other Shakeology recipes which come with your order or you can find them easily online.

It has a stronger Chocolate taste than the Vegan Chocolate but is not overbearing. Overall, this Chocolate tastes much better than whey protein powders and meal replacement shakes. Chocolate Vegan Shakeology Flavor: Chocolate Vegan is not as creamy or as strong chocolate tasting as regular Chocolate Shakeology. It offers a nicer Chocolate aroma with a very light, dark Chocolate taste.

Enough that they can get off their prescription medications. The reason big time junk food companies are making so much money is because there is no nutrition in their food! Once our body gets enough vitamins, protein, carbs, fats, fiber, and so on… then your stomach will tell your brain that it no longer wants food.

Which results in us eating and eating until out bellies are ready to bust! How does Shakeology work? It includes the following core nutrients:. Oz, the Doctors, Health Magazines, and several News stations have also covered them over and over again as the best for health and weight loss…. I have been drinking Vanilla Shakeology for almost two years now and I have never missed a day.

My husband loves it too! He prefers the Chocolate Shakeology flavor…. Thanks to Shakeology I no longer crave those salty and sugary foods that Big Time Weight Gaining Companies would want you and I to keep eating in order to get fat, destroy our health, and make them big time profits.

This will get you craving less junk, get you energized, and feeling better about yourself in no time at all. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. There are a few other ways to save money Shakeology… Like becoming a Coach or buying a Beachbody Challenge Pack that includes Shakeology and a workout program of your choice.

However, if none of that interests you, simply order Shakeology below and select Monthly Autoship as your Order Type if you want to save money. Create your own review. I read about Shakeology and decided to try it, mostly to see if it would increase my energy like it said it would. I am doing this for my heart health and feel like I have hit upon a real treasure. It's worth what it costs I just gave up my daily cappuccino and it was a good trade!

I have hashimoto's hypothyroidism which is an autoimmune illness that attaches the thyroid gland, which results in a unexplained excessive weight gain. I also have PCOS and am a diabetic, all of these medical condition cause weight gain. I have tried everything with no results I did all the shakes and pills and diet out there.

My doctor even suggest that I do weight-loss surgery. However after a friend suggested this to me I tried it. Drink shakeology and doing T25 I lost 10lbs in one month while it may not seem a lot to me it was hope that I can lose weight with my medical conditions when my doctor said only way I would lose weight was through surgery.

I am a beachbody coach and have been drinking shakeology since January I absolutely love this product. I have done the cleanse twice and feel great everytime I do it. I have so much energy. My hair and nails have seen great improvement. I went from 3 cups of coffee per day to 1 within in 3 days. I still have the 1 cup because I like the taste not because I need the energy boost.

I am sleeping better and wake up refreshed. I like the greenberry and the chocolate. I can't say enough good things about this product. I have tried many shakes over the years and this is hands down the best shake I have ever used.

Love the taste of the chocolate. I use 1 scoop with almond milk and blend in ice. My cravings for sweets has lessened, energy level is through the roof! I ran out for a few days and could really tell a difference in how I felt.

I do wish it wasn't so pricey but I guess you get what you pay for! Honestly, if you tried it once and you think it tastes "horrible" you didn't mix it right.

It WILL taste horrible if you don't add enough liquid. I've been drinking Shakeology daily for almost 17 months and I truly look forward to it every day. I noticed a HUGE increase in energy and overall well-being within the first week of drinking it. I know without a doubt that if I had started my fitness journey without incorporating Shakeology, I would not have been able to stick with it. More energy now than my own children!!

Everyone has an opinion. My suggestion to everyone out there is to try it for yourself and TALK with someone who knows how to mix it. Get their recipe and then try it out!

So good and you will not be sorry for sure! I tried to purchase from Gymbody they sell Shakeology. So just a warning to people looking to save some money ordering.

Thank you for sharing this Nadine. I have noticed that Gymbody has been paying for ads and claiming to be selling Shakeology at a lower price.

Even Beachbody Coaches direct their customers to a trusted Beachbody managed site to place Shakeology orders. Theres shakeology products at walmart now for very cheap is this new , my friend is now drinking them. Thanks for the question. Not even on Amazon nor Ebay.

You can only buy Shakeology from Beachbody online. Outside of that, Shakeology is not sold anywhere else. However, there are several meal replacement options on the market that are much cheaper than Shakeology. Yet, Shakeology continues to be the only shake on the market with uncompromising, strict quality guidelines.

However, Shakeology only makes use of potent Vanilla Beans from Madagascar. Also, Shakeology is made with only whole food ingredients. For example, one product states the following on two of their products: If your friend finds the product claiming to be comparable to Shakeology helpful for them, then great. If you want the real Shakeology formula, then you need to order from Beachbody.

Here are some resources you may find helpful:.