What Causes Insulin Resistance?


Low Carb Diets Found to Feed Heart Disease
Republishing "What Causes Insulin Resistance? The Loyola University did some research and found that And so, with nowhere to go, sugar levels would rise and rise. Animation provided courtesy of Scientific Animations. To see any graphs, charts, graphics, images, and quotes to which Dr. Sports Nutrition Presentation for Student Athletes PowerPoint with Quiz Format This image presentation is perfect for a minute talk for high school and college students. And since that meta-analysis was published, a new study found the same thing:

100 Fascinating Facts About the Marathon

The first Olympic marathon was held in There were 17 competitors who ran The first winner of the very first Olympic marathon was a Greek named Spiridon Louis. In , Oprah Winfrey finished a marathon Marine Corps in 4 hours and 29 minutes. The Boston Marathon, which started in , is the oldest yearly marathon in the world. One of the most tiring marathon events is held in China, where participants run or rather, climb, the 5, steps along the Great Wall.

In , Stefan Engels Belgium ran a marathon every single day for an entire year and covered a total distance of 15, km. The coldest marathon ever ran was minus 38 degrees C, a feat that belongs to Boris Fyodorov when he ran from Tomtor to Oymyakon, which is believed to be the coldest settlement on Earth. In , during the Boston Marathon, the temperature reached degrees F. The toughest mountainous marathon in the world is the Jungfrau Marathon in Switzerland where runners have to climb close to 6, feet.

One in , will experience a sudden cardiac arrest during a marathon. In a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine, of the The New York marathon had 50, starters, the largest in history. Patrick Finney who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in was unable to walk in but through willpower, therapy, and medications he retrained himself to run again. A few years later, he became the first person with the said disease to finish 50 marathons in all 50 states.

The first ever winner of the Boston Marathon was John McDermott who finished in 2 hours, 55 minutes and 10 seconds —almost 7 minutes faster than the guy in second place. Only one person has ever defended their title in the Boston Marathon more than once, Clarence DeMar, who won the annual event 5 times. John Kelley ran the Boston Marathon more than anyone else. He started 61 times, finished 58 times and even won twice.

In , Rosie Ruiz who was awarded the winner in her division in the Boston Marathon was stripped of her medal after witnesses who saw her watching the race came forward. No evidence could be found to suggest she actually joined the race. With a typical marathon training period of 22 weeks, a recreational runner will have run a little over miles before getting to the start line.

An elite runner, on the other hand, prepares for a marathon logging an average of miles per week. The total distance of a marathon is Ethiopian runner, Abebe Bikila, was a two-time Olympic marathon champion while running barefoot.

The most common injuries experienced by runners preparing for a marathon are: The London Marathon is also known to break or establish world records recognized by the Guinness Book of Records and in , they set 45 new records in the fancy dress or costume categories. According to the American Council of Sports Medicine, runners should drink early and at regular intervals to replace all water lost through sweating.

The Loyola University did some research and found that The biggest marathon events are: In the Olympics, Haitian runner Dieudonne Lamothe became the final finisher 78 th. Human beings are the best long-distance runners on Earth, beating horses and cheetahs. Sir Ranulph Fiennes ran 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents. He did that after a heart attack and bypass surgery. In , Boston Marathon officials had to chase down a female runner who got into the race after being mistaken for a man.

Japanese monks run a marathon each day for a hundred days for 7 consecutive years or commit suicide. The Barkley Marathons technically not a marathon is maybe the toughest running race in the world.

Very few have ever crossed the finish line. Marathon runners are likely to be average or below average height, while sprinters are likely to be tall. Violet Percy was the first woman to set a marathon world record in with a time of 3: Johnny Hayes got the first world record of fastest marathon time in at 2: Amber Miller gave birth hours after finishing the Chicago Marathon, which she finished in 6 hours, 25 minutes and 50 seconds.

Other famous celebrities who ran and finished a marathon are: The southernmost marathon, on the other hand, takes place in Antarctica, with an average temperature of minus 4 degrees F.

Men aged 49 are at higher risk of cardiac arrest during and after a marathon. The most dangerous part of the race in terms of falling ill is usually the last 3 miles. Of the 30 sudden cardiac arrests analyzed between to , it was found that three quarters occurred after the 15 th mile, and half took place between mile 23 and the finish line. When you buy the presentation, you are granted permission to add and delete slides, insert photos of your choice and personalize the information to your needs.

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