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Top Dog Friendly Stores In The US
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David Brown http: Tom Davenport http: If your dog absolutely despises everyone but you touching him, you might want to reconsider taking him to the store. What was meant to be a fun outing with your pooch can quickly turn into a tragedy.

If your dog is mellow and loves meeting new people, setting out for a shopping adventure is easy with these dog-friendly stores in the US. Grab their leash, a bottle of water and some treats and hit the road. Make sure your pet is comfortable being around strange people and things before taking them shopping.

It can be a scary event for them and those they are around in stores. Let them get comfortable before putting them into a situation that could bring new experiences.

He was a really good vet with amazing prices, it was worth the trip! On the way home from the vet, we passed pretty much every major store that you could ever need to shop at.

Pet stores are the most obvious pet-friendly stores in the US. Pretty much every major pet retailer, including PetSmart, PetCo, and Pet Supplies Plus , will allow you to bring your leashed dog into the store. It makes sense because most of these larger retailers also offer grooming and training services, and some even offer veterinarian services.

Smaller local pet stores are also typically dog-friendly, but you might want to call ahead to double check. Very small shops may not have enough room to allow dogs to strut their stuff, so they could ban them entirely or just allow small dogs.

Not only can you grab everything you need to build a new dog house , you can take you dog with you to help pick out the materials. Rarely will you have a problem bringing your dog into a home improvement store unless you do so without them on a leash. While these two home improvement stores are among the most popular that allow dogs, other smaller local shops may also be open to letting Fido browse with you.

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